Conspiracy theory about some death camps in World War 2?

I learned in school some history about world war 1 and 2, plus a little about the bolsheviks and Chinese, what the teacher called a "great leap forward."

My teacher doesn't seem to be an outright Hillary Clinton supporter, and mentioned that according to a small minority of people, there were prison camps in Germany that were set up all over the country at great expense to round up and exterminate all the Jews in the entire world, then send the corpses or ashes to Palestine or something.

So, looking online, I found what they call a holocaust? My teacher also touched on the gigantic mass murders perpetrated by the communists in China, Cambodia, Russia, Laos, Vietnam, Rwanda, Rhodesia and evidently now in South Africa.

I talked to some people about it and I'm wondering about this "holocaust." What IS an actual holocaust? Did that word exist before this big conspiracy theory about a country in the middle of a costly war going to the trouble of building elaborate prisons with brothels, hospitals, swimming pools, etc, so they could incinerate or murder their enemies there?

What is a holocaust? I heard about this site, that it is not a big Democrat playground like the rest of the internet, even my formerly-favorite online games where it has evidently become illegal to be male, straight or white.

So, I looked up some stuff online, and there were some grainy photographs which I cross-referenced and noticed they were used all over the place for different stuff, including this conspiracy theory that the Germans went to the trouble to create James Bond Villain-level executions for people that they could have just shot in the street and forgotten.

Has anyone here actually WITNESSED this? Does anyone here know anyone who has? I know there are a few survivors of Pearl Harbor that recount the story, and lots of video and photos of it, but this theory I can't seem to find enough evidence to actually back it up.

Also, I found out it's like a death penalty in Germany to question this theory, or whatever, and that almost all European countries are somehow taxes to pay "reparations" for something there isn't even firm evidence ever happened.

Can anyone provide any hard evidence that this happened? Don't bother coming at me with any denials, etc. I want to use this to research only hard evidence that is verified by more than one source. Not anecdotal "evidence."

I guess I'm asking if anyone can find some actual, hard, photographic, video evidence that specifically shows what is being claimed happened.

So far, on the internet, I have found none. Are the Germans actively censoring the videos of them doing these atrocities to protect the memory of their ancestors? So far, as I've said, if this were a criminal case (another area I like to look at) it wouldn't get past a grand jury, being entirely a "he said she said" as far as I can tell so far.

If this conspiracy theory is real, where is the actual evidence? We have evidence of Pearl Harbor sitting on the bottom of the harbor. The Liberty Bell. Heck, we even have lots of photos and videos of UFO's. Where is the evidence?

Also, is "Holodomor" another word for "holocaust?"

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Are you saying they didn't kill enough Kikes?

I take that as a yes.

Er, what was that?

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I have basically no idea what it is your thread is about having read it twice now. Work on writing user. You just wrote a massive word salad.


My teacher told me that ridicule, hostility, and dismissal are proof in themselves that whoever you are talking to has no proof whatsoever.

So. There is no proof that anyone can offer.

This is a great site but a bit autistic. You should have started your journey on 4chan Zig Forums and worked your way up to here. And no the Germans aren't censoring anything. Holodomor loosely translates to "mass murder by starvation" in Russian.

Figure you can read this and go from there.

The US also put jews in internment camps during WWII.

You should listen to this. You might be a little green on the Zig Forums stuff, but it's too late if you are here.

When I was in middle school we did not learn much about the holocaust. We learned about the the bolshevik movement and much of what happened leading into ww2 and the holocaust was essentially 'and there were some bad camps'. We were taught more about Japan and the dropping of fat man and little boy than we were about what went on in germany at the end of the war. Holocaust information was for the most part provided by outside sources. We watched Schindler's list in a class once, the teacher placed no signifigance on the movie and did not try to frame it in any context, 'Here's the movie, watch it, go to your next period.'. No homework.
In high school I had a chinese teacher. History was the front during the war, evil Russians fighting evil Nazi's, Good Allies getting the evil Nazi's, oh and I think there were some camps. Whenever we learned about the camps there was heavy signifigance on the fact that people like gypsies, political prisoners, homosexuals, etc, were sent along and made a large portion of the populations.
I was very surprised when people because upset at my lack of knowledge or concern over the holocaust. People worship that damn thing.

yeah dude i only just heard of this holocaust thing last thursday too

You are very fast, and your sarcasm does not mean I am not being honest here, little friend.

So, the actual EVIDENCE points out that this is, in fact, a conspiracy theory.

The contradicting documentation, the mounds of corpses from other sources, everything, I mean, it's obvious someone was desperate for this to be true.

Eisenhower basically starved to death 1 million german prisoners (called 'disarmed enemy forces' to avoid taking care of them thanks to the Geneva Convention) in POW camps. Never even got a complain about it.

So, a holocaust is burnt offering.


And there has been NO evidence in favor of it ever having happened, but mounds of evidence that it was all entirely faked, in direct contradiction of the evidence that it never happened.

So, why is it illegal to mention anything that patently proves that it was false?

Simple. It is simple to know who rules over you. See who you are not allowed to criticize.

I challenge the people who believe in the holocaust to prove it, here, once and for all. Pur your evidence forth here where you do not control the conversation.

See how it holds up to scrutiny. I dare you.

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looks like his teacher said under the hood that holohoax is BS, commies exterminated tons of people and that's seriously fucked business, then encouraged pupils to connect to Zig Forums before committing suicide by impaling himself onto a rusty roman gladius

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