The oppression of the child

Children with no doubt don’t enjoy the same rights and privelages then adults does this makes them a oppressed group in society they get a lot of authoritarianism and bullshit without ever having much of a say in things
this oppression and discrimination we call Pedophobia and it’s something we Communist should fight because we are supposed to liberate everyone from oppression including children
that why Communist should support

+The abolition of minimum voting age

+Democracy inside the education system

+The abolition of the family structure and replacement with democratic communes

+abolition of agist laws regarding capability or consent where the government grands either in place of the child

Children are made out by the Pedophobic society as stupid and incapable while children are smarter and more clever then society wants to believe and they deserve just as much freedom and democracy then the adult does why wouldn’t they who are we to decide if they are worthy of freedom anyway when the child hasn’t done a crime

With this we Communist should liberate the child as much as we liberate woman after all they the future better get them get used to full democracy anyway if you want a Communist future
because Communism needs a generation of people who have known freedom all thier life’s
It will make Communism when established common sense
and we should be anyway the biggest freedom fighters there is and fight for everyone including our sons and daughters.

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inb4 >100 replies in four hours

OP, go ask your parents' permission to use the internet.

Fuck your falseflag bait thread.

The most we can do for your kind, if you're actually serious about this, is free loli sex dolls under communism. Paedophilia is a mental disease and should be medically/psychologically treated accordingly.

Hang on when did Zig Forums turn anti free love? I thought enough people in this board were outspoken enough to support it.

Ehhh… Tone it down guy. Just a bit.

Please, OP, not another >150 vacuous replies, we just had one.

Mods, you can stop this, you can make a cyclical and bumplock all these shit liberal bait threads.

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This isn't even about Pedo's it's about kids.


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This isn't bait text spammer just picked the wrong time to spam a writing about giving children the right to consent under anarchism or whatever. Freelove etc.

I'll grant it isn't one-liner pasta, and could in theory be salvaged with enormous amounts of effortposting and self-restraint, but OP is unquestionably a masterbaiter.

Op has been spamming texts off the Anarchist Library for a month or so now, if he is a masterbaiter he took the time out to establish himself before tripping.

You guys actually believe I did more then that Pedo threat?

Did you mean the thread from yesterday?

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Are you a mod, or are you just guessing based on avatarfaggotry? Because OP's pic doesn't look quite the same as those threads, though it does look more similar to (a pretty decent thread) I guess.

I am not I'm just guessing, but why would anyone openly have a vendetta against text spammer and impersonate him?
Then again he does usually post around 12pm pst.

I think there's a much simpler explanation

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Shit you're right it's not him that text didn't exist before this post.

Oh yeah a good thread indeed you know I feel good my .thread being compared with that
It’s better then getting shit.

It's not me you imbecile


Euro style pedos (as in people who prey on pre-pubescent children) get the bullet too.

Okay, I take it back. This thread has been at least a little amusing.

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Your opinion is literally invalid

t. pedo

Christcoms are the most neutral people on the board 50% bad and 50% good half of the time, but when they post something good it's good, this is one of those times.

Is this now Zig Forums's lol thread?

It’s better then that shitshow of midnight

Why people would bring Christianity into Communism is beyond me although personally I don’t consider them Communist anyway

Something something Christian principles align with communism something something.

What even is Euro-style Pedo?

Is this is somesort of third worldist nonsense?

In America it is fashionable to call men who pursue 16-17 year olds "pedophiles" instead of just "creeps."

The proper term is hebeniggers.

Aren’t these used interchangeably?

nothing wrong with that

Indeed it’s typical Angelo moralfagging

Technically no. Hebephilia is sexual attraction to people aged 13-18. Ehebephilia is attraction to people 9-12, pedophilia is under 9.

Oh good now this thread is really going to dive off the deep end with you here.

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I was more talking about the average American

Creep is different from pedo.

Indeed but most people don’t think that way

No for Americans they do. If I get caught squatting in the locker room of say, my college and everyone on the girl basketball team is over 18, they're going to call me a creep. It's interchangeable for perverted things in general.

True but for most people Pedo is a creep by definition while indeed not everyone called a creep is a Pedo

Also why is the subject now Pedo why not on the actual Pedo thread?

I've asked a somewhat similar question here before and couldn't really get a clear answer or discussion going. When we have finally achieved fully automated luxury communism, is everyone to be enfranchised in the system? Should a six-year-old really have an equal vote to adults on their education system? Should senile old people be allowed to exert decision-making? What about the mentally impaired? Surely there must be some limit to responsible enfranchisement. And if that is so, how can we be careful to prevent it from becoming a slippery slope backwards to undemocratic systems?

"Child liberation" threads are always stealth pedo threads.

I actually wanted to talk about democracy for children instead AoC abolition but we are here anyway…

We can't say now what people will want to do when they are finally able to steer policy.

I think we should just let everyone vote democracy under Communism is probably very different then Liberal democracy anyway and even under Liberal democracy we should just let children vote because the biggest idiots aren’t them but the adults that vote Conservative also abolition of voting age is very good for The Left because the youth is our support base and very good to make people get used to Democracy on very young age.