Created a strange project analyzing the daily news cycle

So I watch a lot of US news. Frustrated with the daily churn and outrage, I decided to start keeping a record. As a sort of longitudinal study, I started writing down what I deemed was the major news story each day onto a sticky note. I've been doing this every weekday for over two years. Below is the completed 2017 record compiled into a video for your review:

You're going to remember a lot of these stories. They're going to come back to you. You'll probably be surprised at how much you forgot and how much you remember. Would love to get some people's thoughts on this, so if you're going to watch the video, some things to keep in mind:
- How did these stories affect you?
- How much did they matter?
- Did they overshadow other events taking place?
- Do they still matter?
- Were they constructed?
- Were they over-hyped?
- Were they under-hyped?
- How much power did we give these stories?
- How did these stories affect the way you conversed with your people?
- How did these stories affect your mood?

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Than you for your service. I’ve had the same idea. If you continue this, you should archive/download related articles and clips for posterity.

2018 vid will come out at some point. . .

FWIW I also made a twitter account. The project was sort of inspired by the "tweets from WWII" account that tweets out "on this day in history . . " stories from the war.

Today's sticky note

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Embedded the video.

Best thread in the catalog right now, have a bump.

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Glad you liked it!

buddies told me to throw it on reddit. . .

mixed bag over there

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This is nice, OP.

I was talking to a 70 year old friend about the border shit and the open immigration at great detail and he quietly listened to everything I had to say, then when I'd run out of steam and fell silent he said…."but what about Stormy Daniels".


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My father is a bit more woke, but he's like "what about Iran and China?". It's the most black pilling shit, but thanks to him I know the only viable course of action is fleeing people like himself. Nothing matters when people are like this; when arguing about orange man is more than just memes about a hopeless situation. I would have continued on thinking people were just ignorant and needing to be red pilled were it not for him.


I'm going to have to watch this later today. Finding keywords in the headlines would be useful for a qualitative analysis of the year. Bump for interest.

1 year in the communist revolution of America, while guncucks do nothing.

That's a quality thread if I ever seen one…

white interesting , we already know … the news is fake.

Im guessing that this thread was made by a news org as a survey, and all the positive responses are just people in on it.

quality thread????

what eves, news is fake you and manipulative. Its deep state / corporate propaganda. All of these stories cover up something because all of them are either over hyped or dont tell the full truth. Journalists are only the foot soldiers of the information cartel.

I aint clicking that shit … 3000% shill

Nicely done

Cool idea but having to read your handwriting is like driving around with the e-brake on.

Yet you browse Zig Forums

That is a good idea, I'll check it out.


thx for all the comments everyone.

Whooha! Thanks OP, i probably couldn't handle/do it.

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Found the problem.
Go fuck yourself.

it would be more useful to keep an electronic database and do some descriptive statistics shit on common themes.
sounds like the last thing someone does before going on a murder spree


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Polite sage for dp

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This. The thread is just some journalist fag trying to save his dying rag.


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You post a (((YouTube))) link instead of posting the video here?

this is actually a very good red pill. in a closer to literal sense than the typical 'red pill', since a normal person could watch this video and it would likely have a sort of slow effect, like a pill.

the news media is always hopping from one thing to the next as if there's a lot going on. people forget what was happening just the two weeks before. this is a good video to see past that.

stop paying attention to news and current events. praise Odin instead (and don't mess up your brahmacharya!)

Iron pill comrade

Well done project, friend.
Tasteful choice of music, too.
Great work. Have a bump.

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Get a life you autistic cunt. You wasted an ENTIRE YEAR and didn't figure out it's whatever gets clicks and eyeballs so the jew can sell advertising? MAKING MONEY!!! IS THE ONLY POINT OF ALL THIS.

That's one pissed off kike.

Positive/negative word grouping could really prove media bias.

Hey Thanks

This is fantastic. If anyone is on the fence about trusting jewish owned media, this will clarify.

Today's post

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The communist revolution in America has been ongoing since Hitler lost.

Well at least they are being honest about their darkie pets.