I'm making a cartoon series for my fam on Zig Forums

Well , we always discuss the importance of taking the culture back and using our abilities to advance ideas that reinforce traditional values and portray leftism as something to be mocked.

Last year I decided to to begin an animated cartoon series. I had to learn a lot of software and improvise a lot to get these done but I'm starting to get the process down. I completed the third episode yesterday and now I want to share it with you all.

I'd appreciate hearing what you think SUCKS about it so I can make improvements as I am beginning a new episode soon and want to make it something my kinfolk can be proud of.

I think you'll find the cartoon addresses some of our greatest political concerns while avoiding any obvious rhetoric that would get me banned from YT.

I'll be checking in to take your abuse and answer any questions aspiring 'animators' may have about software, etc.

I'm also taking requests. This is your cartoon, Zig Forums. Tell me what topics you think need to be dealt with and help steer this where it needs to go. I love all you faggots and want to thank you for all the red pills over the years. Even though this place is now fully infested maybe we can still do some useful things.

Here's the link to the latest episode I just finished today. Enjoy.


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Looks like shit.

You posted the same thread on cuckchan. You have to go back.

I can make better on my phone. Learn to draw.

Are you the ironpill guy again?


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Link the rest of your shit in a new thread OP.

Make it go to the open tv and we will be intersted on it.

Actually bretty good bud keep doing it

Straight out of Baron Trump's imagination lol.

Not my style or taste OP, but I value your effort. You obviously have talent and drive so don't stop working hard.

At least post the video here instead of linking to jewtube.

no one cares

"Let's give them free food"
I laughed

it's 22 minutes.

honestly the range of voice actors, as well the familiar sound of two of them makes this thing glow.

You seem like a kike.

Needs to more over the top ironpilled of GTFO. Watch some Murdoch Murdoch and get back to us.

The art is not bad.

I'm very aware of MM

Honest critique, revisit the 12 principles of animation and work on your phonemes. Otherwise, there have been many shitty shows on Adult Swim that your work already looks better than, so you're halfway there. It just needs some touching up in a number of places. The voice acting isn't great, so you're going to be heckled there a bit, and the sound design needs work. For one, the music sounds too much like 70's fantast filler music, it's also a bit too loud and the sound effects too soft. You could do with a bit more sound effects as well, but not unnecessary ones of course. Just like, general movement and physical contact noises. If you intend to take this seriously, which I assume you are, those are my suggestions. Also, godspeed, user.

Okay, so watching it a little more, the voice acting isn't as bad as I initially thought, but the music definitely sounds dated. There's also constant drops in quality, most notably that pixilated iron cross and the picture cut-ins. Is there a reason for things like that occuring? Also, what audience is this for? If you want to truly win the culture war, it honsetly starts with children, as that's where the marxist indoctrination starts these days.

All of the music is directly ripped off from the 80's masters of the universe cartoon. I'm doing this solo and have a lot of hats to wear, music composer, sadly is not one I have time for. If I can find better stuff I'll use it. I actually LOVE the music haha, But yes sound effects are something I usually think of as an afterthought.

It's censored. There was a bad symbol on it I decided to conceal for practical reasons.

There are 300 names on the credits of the Simpsons. This is a one man operation. You have to understand it as a scrappy zine-like ordeal.
Nothing I do gets more than one pass before moving on to the next of 1000 tasks. I want to make more than one cartoon in my lifetime.

It's not. It's just what happens when I make a cartoon. I'm ok with some people liking it and some people thinking it's shit.

I appreciate your feedback. Last time I got a lot of complaints about the acting and I got that straightened out a little this time. Next time I'll keep a sharper eye on audio levels and SFX. Thank you.

Kill yourself nigger.

What softwares are you using? Also, my critique aside, I do wish you good luck on this endeavor. It must be quite the undertaking.

Been following this for a while. Keep going OP, we need more creatives in our movement.

Just from looking at it, I would guess you're using Clipstudio with the Poser tie in and probably Blender. I wouldn't touch Adobe myself.

I stand by my previous comments. If you can, set up a different machine for audio and do some actual mastering. Piping it through analog for the music and voiceovers should be done digitally over an optic cable.The animation can look like crap, but the audio will destroy interest.

If you're feeling rushed, then slow down your production speed. Take more time to create it. If you want interest you need to release a decently polished end product. Quit using copyrighted audio, that's how Youtube can justify shutting you down. Don't let them shut you down.

Drawing: Clip Studio Paint
Animation: Moho 12
3D: Daz
Editing: Movavi

Okay, I wasn't far off. They use the same style of engines.

How much experience did you have when you started? That tit bounce is almost perfect.

I drew comic books for close to 20 years. I'm new to animation.

I'm impressed you guessed Clip Studio

Though I agree with what says regarding the audio, the animation is extremely important as well. If you allow it to look like crap as he says you can, what's the point of having it be a visual medium, let alone animation, in the first place? There's a reason there are so many shitty short lived Adult Swim shows. As I've stated, your work already looks better than that garbage, but don't sell yourself short, because you can definitely do better. Again, revisit the 12 principles of animation. They are basic industry standard rules that if you don't know will get you laughed out of any serious studio. Though, I'm sure you already realize most, if not all, of this stuff.

I have experience with the software. Despite the license agreement, which doesn't even pass the sniff test in the US, it's great software.

I created the first and so far only Kek comic strip with it, even posted it here. I will create more as time permits.

Which books did you work on?

No wonder I was getting a He-Man vibe from this. As for my .02, I thought the story conflicted with the message said in certain points. Such as how were the men able to coherently talk to the women about too much mercy when they're covered in low IQ mud goo? How did the women do a 180 in their views after escaping the dimension? Some of it could perhaps use fleshing out. Also, is the voice for murdoch chan in this?

Thank you. As time goes by I'll have more and more assets to recycle. I don't throw much out.
I think each episode shows improvement. Bear in mind I didn't even know how to use this software a year ago. I have no intention of associating with any established studio or network. I make a living outside of animation and there would be no point to doing any of this if I didn't control every creative aspect of it.

Believe me I'm aware of masterful animation when I see it, that's not ever going to be me. I wouldn't even call myself an animator. I'm a cheater, but it's out of necessity because I'm going it solo with no budget. I'm glad I could hire actors this time. I

So people can see the thing I made.

Self published. I took it off the internet because my name was attached to it.

I'd consider ZOAR a pastiche of HeMan.

HA! I thought of this too. Shekinah said the goo makes the IQ drop by thirty points. Lets just consider that the men were genius level to begin with.

I think they kind of didn't. They didn't act aggressively towards anyone or demonstrate 'might'. It was definately a Deus Ex Machina situation with the lamb and that's weak writing.
To me these characters are archetypes so it's hard for me to make them learn or change things about themselves, they mostly just demonstrate principles. These are Women. They are acting like Women and with the men out of commission they basically had to submit to the dominant forces and perish in the process. IM NOT A GOOD WRITER BUT IM TRYING

i hope you are prepared to have your vids shoah'd by copyright laws.

I have a bee gees song in my first episode. I guess their algo recognized it and now any money the video makes goes to EMI records. I kind of expect to get kicked off there eventually. Actually I'd be a little disappointed if I didn't

If you do get removed, contact cheekyvideos. He will probably host your stuff.

Good writer or no, will always support an original content creator Zig Forumsack. Keep up the hard work

The brunette is the broad from Murdoch Murdoch, isn't it?

What are your thoughts on Hitler?

Of the problems you can fix feasibly with a one man show I'd advise you to focus on pacing. There were a few montage scenes of this episode that could have been shorter but also cut for more drama. You need to cut faster to add impact to the imagery, but you also used some fades to black where I think a cut or "smash" to black would have been more effective. You might want to study some movie trailers for timing to maximize impact.

Something to think about with writing that will also impact your pacing: if dialogue, or events don't seem absolutely necessary cut them. Kill your darlings, or at least mercilessly trim them. You've got some good jokes in this episode that are surrounded by filler content. If you cut down on the filler you can focus on making those jokes have maximum impact. For example, the "you don't understand the jewish struggle" montage scene could be seriously cut (all of the montage scenes could be cut down) and still have the same comedic value.

All in all for one person this is impressive, and I think the music is actually a perfect fit for the campy he-man vibe. Though I would say the obvious 3d rendered models is working against that vibe, I'm wondering if some filter or alternate rendering style could work around this, but honestly it's an internet show and this is a very solid beginning.

Also when you find yourself writing some cut and paste phrase like "taking candy from a baby" and you aren't going to make a joke out of it. "Taking shekels from the goyim" etc. you're missing a huge opportunity and making some serious cringe. Though, given the tone, cringe doesn't seem entirely out of place

Well done user. Maybe as a challenge for yourself try to make the same amount of jokes and plot into a shorter episode?

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Nope, but a bunch of people think they sound the same. MC has a sassier voice.

I'm told he was a bad man but they never mention what he did wrong.

This is gold, thank you!
I do wrack my brain thinking about how I can make it snappier. Editing for film is something I never once thought of in my life. I'm aiming for 10 minute episodes but shit always ends up too long. I also felt like the montage scenes as well as the 'meta thorax' scene were a drag. I think I overestimate how long it takes for the viewer to register a shot and think I ought to linger.

Rendering: I keep refining it. I found that adding drawn or animated hair to the rendered models makes them more lively. Sadly, I'm stuck with them because frame by frame animation, which I much prefer, means I'd be producing exactly 10 seconds of footage a week and that won't work.

I see these as just stock phrases of 80's villians. They say FOOL! about 10 times. Yeah I probably overuse that stuff. IF I CANT HAVE IT NO ONE WILL.

Shorter episode is definitely on the agenda. MUST EDIT IT DOWN! You'd be surprised how much I did cut from the final edit. It would have been about 3 min longer with way more horrible unfunny jokes.

I get that logic, now let me unpack mine.

I think stock phrases would be effective as jokes if making fun of cartoon tropes was your main focus. The problem I see is that subverting those stereotypes doesn't seem to be the punchline of your show. The jokes are Zig Forums humor and 80's cartoon is more of a theme which adds a level of dissociative fantasy where anything can happen but the viewer can also look past what doesn't seem perfectly executed.

A good comparison would be Sealab 2021. The plots were loosely based around the original cartoon but the tone was entirely different, and if there was a stereotype it was immediately called out. The call out in that instance would be the joke not the stock line. The only stereotypical aspects of that show I can think of were pushed to the extreme so that they became jokes.

I watched half of one episode so take this with as many grains of salt as you need, but this could be a good opportunity to think about your audience. Are we watching for Zig Forums humor or 80's cartoon humor? or is it some mixture of both, because I would think it's predominantly Zig Forums with little sprinkles of cartoon nostalgia.

how are they talking in space tho

You're right.

I watched it and personally I didn't care for it, as for visuals and voice acting I like it a lot however I just felt it was very stale and not very humorous. It kind of felt repetitive. I recommend watching some red pilled guys who do humor on YouTube
just off the top of my head:
gets hit for being rude and crude but I really like the early stuff
a teenager who's witty that one game popular on /tg/. hes witty and says a lot hyperbole which allows him to get away with saying redpills (probably not worth your time TBH)
A game reviewer dude who names the jew and is popular. I think all you need is to watch one or two videos to get the feel for him. some of his stuff is banned but he now has a website. genuinely funny
They are MLPfags but have 'dark humor' that's well written and semi political in nature. over all I there is a lot to learn if you can stand watching it (which I can unfortunately). their not pony stuff is shit as they couldn't understand their own formula.

thats all I can think of right now good luck m8

Thanks user.

oh shoot
there also A Fox in Space which is chan humor but is made by one guy and has the same aesthetic

there is also Karl the Deranged who the definition of autism. he made a two part series called Warhammer: Ravandils Quest which is worth a look.

there's also TAKE BACK OUR FUTURE- A Message from the Alt Right which was one time thing by these guys called two dads

Ok nooow thats it from me

Take back Our Future was pretty legendary

any attempt at more content and broader reach are always good, doesnt seem terrible at least, but practice more man!