Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure said on Friday that conservatives have not lived up to their vocalized support for...

Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure said on Friday that conservatives have not lived up to their vocalized support for arming residents in urban communities, specifically African-Americans.
The left has done a much better job of PR, of convincing urban America that you're racist, so they don't trust you. If they don't trust you, and you need a liaison, and you're not finding liaisons that are trustworthy, that have done what they said they're going to do for urban America, then you're just saying the same things, and then saying 'no, we're not, no, we're not,' " he said.

Black Guns Matter is a pro-gun advocacy organization dedicated to informing urban communities and minorities about the Second Amendment.

While mass shootings have made headlines in recent years, U.S. cities like Chicago deal with gun violence on a daily basis.

Thursday marked a victory for gun control activists after the House approved legislation that would extend the review period for background checks on firearm purchases. The legislation stands little chance in the GOP-controlled Senate.

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How do you plan to do anything if you refuse to vote, refuse to be politically active, and refuse to arm yourself? You accelerationist Jews and all your brethren are nothing more than suicide advocates.

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What the fuck do you mean by this phrase? Voting doesn't do shit, you can't run for political office without being extremely rich, being PC (like Trump), and effectively being corrupt and compromised. So it's either help the enemy or become the enemy, that's what you mean by being "politically active" unless you mean civil war, which is politics by other means.

That is because they are all one family of people user…meaning that they are actually related by blood. If you aren't in 'the club' (aka that particular family) you aren't going anywhere at all. You have to be a blood relation to get any measure of control at all.

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I'll address this personally rather than anonymously/statistically/categorically:

As soon as something honest, striking, and true enough to compel me to start vanquishing invaders and traitors manifests I will comply. I know that many well armed and well intentioned people feel the same way. The only variable in play is the magnitude of "spark" required.

Take this back to your masters, juden. Let them know that you merely need to slow the progress of your plans so that we goyim won't catch on. It won't matter. Warfare is a gamble. Either you survive again or you don't. The edge is now ours, however. The disadvantaged plebs may now communicate with one another. We see you.

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Niggers have enough guns. Seriously. Why are all these shootings taking place in Black neighborhoods?
As soon as I opened this thread, I thought to myself that this was a jew tactic to arm the niggers, make them look bad, and then take away everyone's 2nd amendment rights. That's what this is. a jew-op.

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A right is not something that others 'should' provide for you.

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