How do I get involved in politics?

I'm a student from the uk and I want to get involved in politics, not simply as a means to make money but to uncompromisingly fight for my views, especially on neglected topics that the news media isn't interested in covering. What kind of steps can I take to do this?

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Just give up now if you have to ask and aren’t rich.

Unless you're going to start writing books and yelling the streets, you're done for, anyone who has gone the electoralism route only ends up getting fucked literally and figuratively.

Join some sort of organization

learn how to make molotov cocktails


Since nobody seems to answer your question, maybe you should join a political party (labour, maybe?). And before anyone bemoans about "muh bourgeois democracy", unless we go mainstream, we're not going anywhere with out little circlejerk.

I'm an amerilard, so I'm not familiar enough with UK politics to say whether or not this applies, but I can only imagine it does:

Unlike the much higher profile national/regional elections, local and civic elections are often very severely neglected in terms of voter turnout. As such, in many areas, even meager or no campaigning, a gregarious and charismatic individual can literally sweep an election with just their personal acquaintances/friends/family/etc (100-300 individuals).

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Depends on tendency. The only ones I know offhand that are cool are the Solidarity Federation, which is an anarchist labor org.

Join your local labour party and join a union. I would also recommend the Co-operative Party too as they have strong clout in labour party policy but they don't offer student discount on membership, just "low income" at £2 a month.

Momentum are an independent group within Labour that you should also join for £5 a year (low income rate), they represent everyone left of the Blairite "centrists" and actually are in better touch with campaigning on behalf of labour than labour itself as labour has still too many right wing saboteurs diverting resources to Blairite strongholds to the detriment of marginal leftists at the last election who won with Momentum's organising despite the sabotage.

You can join Labour for £3 a year as a student but you get the same privileges as any other member including voting power on who runs your local party, voting power towards the Labour Party Executive Council, as well as having involvement in policy formation (happening right now) and the leadership contests when they come.

Apparently the NUS is a legit union that campaigns and lobbies on behalf of students (I couldn't tell to be honest when I was a member, but I was a care free liberal without praxis then), so join them too and make sure you attend meetings, you'll likely be among influential and future wealthy liberals there who you could inoculate with pro-working class theory. The NUS isn't even affiliated with Labour like other unions are which is a damn shame, given that students stand to benefit from Labour policy and were obviously sold out by Labour by Blair because they didn't have any say within the party.



just remember its all about everythings exchange value in the era of the spectacle

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This is true though, LARPer

be a liberal
be a sycophant
be a careerist sack of shit

Je reste irrité en étant exilé de l'environnement de gauche pour mes défenses de la sexualité. Les orientations sexuelles ne sont pas étroitement liées aux opinions politiques. Les défenses des arts dérangeants ne sont pas des défenses de réalités obscènes. Les défenses de la légalisation de la prostitution ne sont pas les défenses de l'abus de prostituées. La gauche a oublié un instant la distinction entre fiction et réalité et a ensuite commencé à punir ceux qui s'en souvenaient encore. Ils ont prétendu avoir puni ceux qui ne faisaient pas la distinction entre fiction et réalité, mais au mieux ils ont puni leur propre péché chez d'autres. C'était très désagréable. J'espère que les choses vont mieux maintenant. J'espère que je pourrai un jour pouvoir revenir. Personne ne veut admettre ce qui s'est passé. Personne ne veut s'excuser pour avoir menti.

Néanmoins, je reste un allié philosophe pour la gauche, même si je dois agir en exil. La chose la plus fascinante dans ce monde est la recherche de la vérité. La vérité est une cause plus importante que la manipulation charismatique. Je crois qu'il y a quelque chose de vrai dans la pensée de la gauche. Les gens qui ont menti sur leurs défenses de l'expérimentation sexuelle m'ont purgé - ainsi soit-il! Les inquisiteurs ont remporté une victoire. L'arc de l'histoire reste clair. L'inquisition ne gagnera pas pour toujours. Les gens vont apprendre même s'ils n'apprennent pas à présenter des excuses.

Je pense que l'islam se répand parce que la gauche a demandé à tout le monde d'avoir des masques parfaits, mais le gauchisme n'a pas fourni de masques parfaits. L'islam fournit des masques parfaits. Les gens étudient ce qui leur permet de se débrouiller seuls, même si c'est affreux.

(This is how you get involved!)

step 1: drink bleach

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You aren't wrong tbh

Unironically this.

There are many truths or points of revelation that you will go through in life. One is that the system as it is now is designed to be corrupt. Even doing everything legally and by the book and playing the game will result in a corrupt leadership.

You have to tear down the system, and remake it. The way the country is divide in voting districts, who is allowed to be a politician, how the parliament/congress is organized and powers, how judges are appointed, how the laws are written and practiced, etc, etc.

1. So. The best thing anyone can do is to organize ideologically.
2. Come up with a basic and concrete system for the country.
3. Gain enough off the population are not recognize the parliament, judges, etc and stop paying any form of tax.

Your numbers are large enough that any forms of retribution wouldn't be enough to scare people to fall back in line. Then you start your own gov. The old ones collapses. or you become strong enough to fight a civil war and win.



This is probably the best advice.
From personal experience all I can say is just stay away from Trot orgs. Nothing against Trots but all their orgs are just larpers who want your money so that they don't fade into obscurity.

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