How hard would be to make a 2d scroll game?

Im thinking in a mario bross type game but ambiented in the POL universe with all the archetypical enemies : kikes , their soyboy pets , feminist , alahu akbar exploding all over the place , moloch being defeated in the final stage
And of course the aryan princess giving us the kiss that trasform us in human again .
If some user is interested it doent matter if you are not tech savy , only the will to make it hqppen is valuable.

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Why not learn how to hack instead?

Would be even be alowed to be published in steam?

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Depend how hard you want it to be. If you download unity and spend few dollars on their 2d kits you can do it even know nothing about code.

I was thinking using all the assets already available , making it a paper mario type 2d game .
What limitation would i have to introduce them without knowing nothing about coding?

All you need to chose right game kit for what you want. It will be editor and you will switch bitmaps. Spend some time selecting right game kit and rest would not be that hard. game kit&order_by=relevance&q=2d&q=game&q=kit&rows=42



Thanks , i will look at it and when i have a better idea i will post in v

They made a doom mod Lunar edition. Type doom moonman and check out the gameplay's, they added his quotes from his rap songs

Ignore shills like these two faggots.

If you want to make such game, make it. Shills will call it mossad psyop anyway.

NES, Apple II, and Atari games were written in hex for the 6502 microprocessor.
SNES used the Ricoh 5A22.
You could start by editing ROM files.

Sounds queer.

That guy want easy way how to make 2d game today. NES was hot when i was 3 years old. Now exactly interesting game console today.

How old are you?

17 years old

Maybe chose bit more mature theme than pepe vs kikes and muslims. But it is realy your choice to what you want to do with your time and skills.

I would chose this kit.

Then I suggest:

If you chose goal you can't achive, it is stupid decision. Even creating simple game is hard. I seen lot unfinished projects. Better make it simple. Even more if user is rookie.

Im interested. Can you give a burner email?

The Doom mod is actually fun.

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And if you have played any vidya since then you would know only 8 and 16 bit hold up over time. All the rest are shit and require 3d modeling and texture mapping. Not what user is looking for. Even unityfag is suggesting the 8bit platformer kit and Unity is proprietary shit with actual jewScript. LibGDX is the best libre option, even though Java can be bloated shit, also.
And Blender is a favorite for some if you are into "3d" gaming:


I have speak too soon before knowing if im capable of such a task , i will post a thread again in a couple of days after revising all this material

You know. At first, I was laughing my ass off playin' it with the over stereotypical quotes you get from the anti whites. Then as it got harder with the kikes using high tech weapons and the swarms of nogs surrounding me I was discovering what it was like to be in the shoes of a Boer farmer

user is European. Not African. He can do it. Also, if he does code in Assembly, he is more programmer than average "coder", and his games can be played in emulator by anybody, impossible to censor, and more easily distributed, which is what he wants. Imaging trying to get Anons to update Java or download Steam to play your shitposting game. It is path of less resistance to make game in assembly and compile it for whatever system you want.

Try this tutorial.
This dude will show how to code and using assets.

user will have to do the least coding, if any at all, if he learns how to replace images and text in his favorite game ROM.

I am too. I never finished my first games because i wasn't able to do it. Tech experienced guys love to talk about code and shit. But moust creative kids are not not tech guys who are able to write anything. Anyway Unity is technology used on various comericial games. There will be other people to help him and if he need. I would not bother to run emulator for mario game with pepe head.

You think these purple haired feminist "indie developers" know any coding in any language?
They just use construction kits (as we used to call them, probably have a different name these days).
Use a construction kit.
Why reinvent the wheel?

Construction kit exmple.
Make it for C64 and also get oldschool credit.

Not very hard with the shit available today, which can range from you doing no code at all, to doing simplified spastic tier coding.
Or you could just learn to code and do it, which wouldn't be all that hard, once you understand what you're doing.
However, why would you waste time on a game, video games are dying, and that is a good thing. Leave the time-sink and brainwasher to the non-white filth. Let them waste their youth's time learning nothing of import, rather than ours doing so.
The only thing worse than porn to our people, is vidya

So your idea is better do nothing than make some game for fun? Video games will not die before you die. Don't worry about that. Porn and vidya are not realy problem. Problem is that jews own everything and run this world.

Whole thread is about it. I wanted to make something with this kit. Basicly more serious and less obvious Angry Goy.

It's so easy a retarded can do it.

I like Godot engine, open source and has feature parity with unity, but without. Licensing model cause it's free.

It uses its own scripting language called GDscript, which is basically python with some tweaks.

Also can use c++ and c#.

It took me 45 minutes to make a block I can move around and knock over other blocks.

Nah. Most people think shit is hard when it is not. "Creatives" can be "coders" and often are, especially in gaming.
Because you have decided it isn't worth the effort. But you think having to play Unity games online or having the Unity player is less effort. Lel.

No, I would rather you did something useful with your time and energy, rather than creating things that keep our people lazy and distracted. If you are creating this to be catered towards non-whites, then atleast it serves some useful purpose.
Ok, I bet you just want to grill for god's sake.
Wouldn't it be better to spend your time and energy on doing something about that instead?
I find it funny that you complain about the kike, when you in the same post defend the kike (by proxy, as gaming, porn and all that shit are products of him)
If you want to fight the kike, take off your shackles and fight; stop playing the part of the pathetic addict resentful of his dealer.

My harsh words aren't meant to shit on you user, but it would be a shame to waste your potential on something that is counter productive to what - I assume we all - fight for.
And learning to code can be very useful, even if you learn through making a game.

A game for kids can sculpt their pov on the world, especially if done correctly. Keke Bros. is not going to be that game but user might have better idea he isn't sharing.


Sounds way faster and better than writing an OpenGL or Vulkan Engine from scratch. This way you can concentrate on the content instead of coding the backend. Unless you like to put yourself to the agony of getting kinky with Vector Buffer objects, Texture Buffer objects, Shaders etc etc.

wew fucked that up

Like what? Do you think some random 17 years old user will change world. What is wrong about him spending some free time on making game? Reality there is nothing we can do. 99,9% of us are useles and will never do anything important in their whole lifes.

How do actualy fight jews? Tell me. Only guy i seen fighting jews so far was Adolf. You are part of their system and you can't escape it.

Je mi u prdele jestly si mi věříš že sem evropan ty americká držko.

Why would anybody would play modded mario today? Yes. Coding is hard. Not everybody have brain to do it. I worked on lot of games. Moust of these companies are done and their games were flops. Because they wanted to do more than they should.

Troll thread

If you want to do it easy way

Since the late 1990's, games have been very "diverse" and violent and the narrative has for the most part been very cucked also.
Yet many here on Zig Forums have grown up with video games, and many still consume it heavily.
I think you're putting too much power in beep boops on a screen. The biggest effect it has, is that it wastes your time, time you as a child or young adult could spend learning useful and practical things. The mental subversion shit in video games is a meme.

If he learns to code, then it's actually not bad at all.

But user if he learns to code for making games. He won't have time to shitpost anymore. He will be trapped for eternity in the binary dimension.

No you retard, they used assemblers, they weren't manually typing in the opcodes.

KYS brainlet.

I play Mario 2 mod during Yule.
It doesn't have to be a mod, the point is that the game is actually playable by more people with less effort and it holds up graphically 25 years from now.
So you are Turk.

I am sure modded NES games are realy booming today. Even more after biggest ROM sited are banned. Worst part of it, even if user manage to do it, he will only learn useles technology.

If you was even little bit smart you would translate my text.

I don't see the problem.

Oi user what are you talking about, did you ever wrote assembly code? If you did, you would know to avoid assembly like the plague nowadays. Except for rare occasion you have to unwind a stack.

These are Trukish spellings of Europe, who was a Sandnigger from the Levant. A true European should know these things.

i have a better idea
MitM the next fortnite live concert and replace their footage/audio/whatever the fuck they do with shocking pewdiepie scenes


Ohh. So east europe is not european anymore.

Although I admit you have a point. But you shouldn't tell him to start reinventing the wheel.

Unless you are sadomasochist. user are you a one?

Only for Southeast Europe, like Southern Slavics, whose language has been perverted by Turkic languages, does that spelling exist. "Europe" isn't even the actual name of our homeland. "Europe" is modern label.

No I tried the Untiy route and died of cancer. Same with jewScript except I got aids. Assembly is just more simple for me but I use Hex in deign context so it is familiar. The only difficulty was sprites because they are compiled from multiple 8x8 squares and designing them was a true effort post.

I can be in Germany in 2 hours by car. And yes you are right that fucking muslims tried to take over Europe many times. Maybe that is why east Europe hate them much more than West Europe.

Assembly for NES:


Please invade and take over Germany.
Post pics itt.

Interesting in its own right. But what is the merit of learning to program obsolete technology?

It's not written "in hex" though. Hex is just a convenient notation for the 8bit opcode that a human can read. This is what an assembly program looks like, and how a human would program such a processor.

None. But this obscure user will pretend it is good idea to write game in 30 year old language.

A sane person joined the fray, Hail user whoever you are.

too hard for you as you have to ask.

You say that as though it's a bad thing. How old do you think C is? C++ is pushing 30 these days, and LISP was invented in the 1950s.

As for the 6502, it's quite interesting, especially since it's still simple enough that a skilled engineer can design one from scratch, and program it to an FPGA The addressing modes are a bitch though, take it from me. Modern day processors by comparison are exponentially complex, to the point that very few on the development team will understand the entire design.

It is very hard to make a game.

Check out that unity. I think it has lots of stuff integrated in it to make a platformer game, like collision detection, gravity etc…

*more complex.
The point I'm making, is that with just an FPGA, an user can make his own working processor without relying on an (((Intel))) architecture.

Ok man, I have programmed MCU's for hardware projects in assembly.
If you need Taylor series in assembly for auto correlation tempo detection let me know.

I worked in this fat nerd company. Learning how to make game for NES is worst way how to make 2D game ever. You do same job in few hours i unity or spend years trying to do same but worst job to make some ROM.

That is realy intersting. But we are talking about jow 17 years user without any experience could make simple 2D mario like game.

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And I'd agree that he should definitely use all the tools he has to make that easier on him. Just as a 6502 fag back in the day would use the assembler rather than punch cards. If he wants to get deeper into computer engineering, there's some interesting things to learn in the "old arts".

There will always be some resentment from oldfags who hate to see "lesser" programmers achieve things which were considered difficult in their day, but that's true of all things. Euler would probably call me a faggot for using Mathematica so much.

Yeah, I agree with Unity recommendation and if he has the content more or less set. He could start exploring the coding aspects from there.

I just noticed, the fat nerd actually doesn't have cuck-face. If he invested some time at the gym, he could mould himself into a good Aryan.

Dude. This is his good Aryan form after gym. I know him before he looked like extras from Vikings.