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Saw some Falun Gong shills on Dam Square today. The billboards they had set up were more anti-CCP propaganda than the bullshit front of meditation and spirituality. In that regard it's surprisingly honest, showing what's behind the mask.
Bourgeois freedom stinks, it means these fascists are able to openly preach their poison. We even have a scientology church right infront of the country's largest college. Atleast our southern neighbours banned scientology for being a cult.

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Based Chris has the best ytb channel about China.

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Something interesting happening the last few days. A number of major US, Canadian, Oz newspapers coordinating quite openly against a Chinese company, Huawei, whose main crime seems to be being Chinese. Aggressively policing other outlets against a “PR offensive.” This seems bizarre that this is just accepted as normal behavior.

My own take on him, as much as I don't support China, is that a lot of his points are half-truths or lies by omission. For example, he mentions many times that the CPC is carrying out some kind of oppressive crackdown on Falun Gong just for practicing religion or being organized, however there's so much more to the story. Forgive the cursed source but it has citations at the bottom to first-hand speeches and texts of the group. They believe some weird shit if you look into it, it's not just exercise and meditation.

Prease Respecting Chingchongs

yes, big daddy gubbamint needs to ban more things

i'd actively support a chinese invasion of north america if europeans were guaranteed an antonymous region like the chinese policy toward tibet


民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行
法輪功 FALUN DAFA 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗
胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨
獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 肅清 活摘器官
黑社會 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩

Serious question: Do crypto-jews rule China? And other Asian countries?

Xi Jinping has a very odd look for a Chinaman. Andrew Yang has a Neanderthal vibe going for him.

Get off the computer Timmy, the adults are talking.

I'd support it if I get a qt chinese gf for it all

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or maybe we don't want anything to do with a corrupt people who don't even trust their own government or country's companies

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Get off my board, Zhang

I haven't seen any evidence for that, however they do seem to instead align with the imperialist world order, given their "investment" ventures in Africa and such. Internally, they're developed a terribly pervasive bureaucracy which leads to constant infighting, so I doubt they're controlled by anyone but their own foolishness.

Holy shit, and nothing on Wikipedia or in the news about this, of course.

I can tell you this, you're not going to be mugged walking in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Beijing at 2:30am back to your hotel. If anything, and you've had to much to drink someone is going to make sure you get to your hotel room safely.

can you say the same thing about New York, Dallas, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, or Miami?

so very odd isn't it???

He's a fear mongering schizo but what he says is sometimes true enough. The PRC WILL eat us alive even before Mohammad or Shlomo can. We're literally going back to cardboard over plastics because the PRC stopped playing ball over getting everyone's garbage, and while it's good in the long run, it also means it's bankrupting every western country.

Communist China always hated Soviet Russia because the Soviets were banking on other clique leaders to conquer the place and wouldn't intervene because of their non aggression pact with Japan (until the very end at least). This prompted Mao and his party to seek help from Western (((Millionaires))) and gave them honorary seats in the Communist Party. Chinks are aware of them and have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Nah News Media are always a front for agencies, corporations or governments. If there's some geopolitical strat they're aiming for, you'll be sure that once it's already set in motion the second phase is normalizing everyone into accepting it. Huawei is a shit company and the PRC is clearly lending them a thousand hands and implanting tracking devices, the difference with the other companies is that Chinks always develop their own shit in-house, i.e. getting an app approved on a Huawei device needs first to be disassembled and reassembled by their chink devs to see if it fits with their company policies, the PRC's censorship and if the devs weren't planning on causing harm on Huawei's devices, then it can get through the usual vetting process. This obviously unnerves to no end Western devs who are used to just trusting and being trusted on everything, and Western govts also hate that it's the one place they can't have a backdoor in.

Not really. Urbanized areas in China are better than American's in the policing department only. Every other aspect is worse and it gets progressively worse the more you move away, small towns and villages in China are a shadow of America's.
See I understand where you're trying to get to, but you can't just have a myopic vision for worldly problems and power disputes.

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not sure I would welcome some filthy chink making sure I was safe. I'd rather take my chances with niggers in New York City, Cubans in Miami, Mexicans in SanFran….. or druggies in Seattle. I'm no ChiCom lover

the likely scenario.. a chink who can't see where hes going will plow into the drunk pedestrian, backup on the body to finish the kill and 4.000 other gooks will step over the body as if it werent there.

their social credit score and facial recognition shit is scary

Life Tip - anyone with a couple hundred bucks can search Hong Kong distributors and find some shit that sells for 10-30x's it's wholesale value here in the west. Most chinks use chat apps but the contact email will be posted on their website so the language barrier is rendered moot.
Pro Tip - They have things easily accessible that may be quite difficult for you to find anywhere near you.

I like it, of course the AI algorithm would return all niggers as apes so their social score would be shit tier. You could tell 70% of the niggers you meet straight away to fuck off, you were arrested shoplifting at WalMart last week.

The CCP does not care about what the Falun Gong members believe, remember that the communists also hate christians and muslins. The point is, they don't want another Panthay or Taiping Rebellion when the government weakens and the people "return" to misery.

White guy living in China here. There are so many lies told about this country, and so many things no one will ever tell you, and you won't read on the internet, and even if you did, you wouldn't know what to believe is true unless you came here for yourself. But let me just list some things.
1. This country is actually SOCIALIST. Don't believe the bullshit about it being a capitalist country, they just say that because of how embarrassing it would be to admit that socialism has transformed modern China. Nearly anything important is a SOE (this means State Owned Enterprise). The grocery store I go to is an SOE! Nearly all the beer here is produced by an SOE, all the steel, etc. Even when companies aren't directly an SOE, they are often controlled by the government in other ways (Huawei's founder is a party member).
2. Literally the entire media is owned by the government (no degenerate fags on TV). There is less government control of the internet than you might think. Lots of stuff people watch is Youku only.
3. The people are all hyper-Nationalist. I mean like they see a laowei, and they can't help themselves but to immediately spit in the street at your appearance. They gave the race-mixing laowei nasty looks constantly (I brought a white wife here). Little kids in school will run up to you and say shit like "Japan is the child of China," normal people openly talk about racial things that would make Westerners uncomfortable.
4. The government here is actually afraid of the people. I've watched people literally push and shove police officers, and nothing even happened to them. Try that in NYC, and see what happens to you!
This is communism, and they lied to you guys. Image if America was like China: capitalists would be afraid of getting killed by the party (cause they murder them all the time), the white population would all be ultra-nationalist minded, and the government would actually fear them.

One contradicts the other, can you spot it?

I think this is copypasta, i've seen this before I believe.

No, I've just wrote stuff like this before, and started it off with "White guy living in China here."

Hey faggot , fuck china

Are you joking? Chinks stabs and rob each other like niggers, but since no one there tells the police (chinks hate get involved with govt. corrupt officials) and the media is owned by the state they make look like China is the safest place on earth.

This is actually not true. For how underdeveloped China still is, the crime rate is very, very low. Compare it to any other country with a similar level of development (India, Philippines, etc), and you'll see.
When I first came here, I expected to see a lot more crime, judging from my experiences in America and other countries. There is a lot less of it, and I think it's mostly the overall ideology. Nationalism (and yes, the schools all teach hyper-nationalism to the kids) tends to put the idea in your mind that the people around you are all one big family, and people are less likely to steal from their own family members.

great summary and I agree. The state grabbed FanBingBing off the street for a month and made her pay 140,000,000 in taxes. Never happen in the crooked US.

Fan thought she could run her fucking yap at Cannes, saddle up to the jews, and get away with it. In 5 months it was settled. Ever see justice served like that in the US? Fucking never.

you're living in ignorance. and it's bliss, right?

I've worked with Chinese and it's big brother this, older sister that, little sister this, quite remarkable, whites think every other white is a scumbag, that's how bad social cohesion has broken down in the US

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violent crime among asians is low in general. They will extort businesses if they think the business owner doesn't have powerful connections, and they will relentlessly swindle each other. But, they're not really built for physical violence.

This is a complete and total larp. There's a saying in China that Han are fourth class citizens (foreigners, politicians, and minorities being above the Han majority). They are more nationalist, but they're also being infected with the SJW type of thinking. Homosexuality is perfectly fine in the major cities over there, and transgenderism is growing (there's a notable dyke rock band from Shanghai who's member cross dress and look "butch").

Shanghai is also worth a mention. It's trying to become the Tokyo of China, with all the effeminization and nu-male cuckery that Japan is known for. Grown men lusting over young teenage C-Pop girl bands, just like in Japan. Men and women with ugly tattoos are also becoming more common in Chinese cities.

The LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ/Han male emasculation agenda is underway in China, they just have a little longer to catch up.

BTW, they are conditioned to LOVE jews. Just go to Weibo and check out their response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, blaming whites and Trump for the massacre. Look at their support of Israel. Koreans, Taiwanese, and Japs have some degree of better awareness to the jewish problem than the Chinese.

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There is something called the "deathlist" normal people talk about. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but apparently it is a list of people the average Chinese think needs to die, and of course, they're all capitalists, all viewed as not being sufficiently patriotic.
There is an article you should read called "Friends don't let friends become Chinese billionaires." It's because they statistically die way, way more often than they should, under mysterious circumstances.

Kill yourself gook.

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i can get behind this meme

You are wrong. The trend since the 80s has been away from state owned enterprises. The SOEs were extremely inefficient and had problems with embezzlement. They are hyper-capitalistic and most of their huge mega-corporations are privately owned nowadays. The big difference in China is that the government is more powerful than any of the oligarchs. Even Jack Ma could get thrown in prison and get executed if he got out of line. The same thing would never happen in America with guys like Bill Gates or George Soros.

Also, for anyone that hasn't actually read up on Chinese history: Chinese "communism" in the way that Westerners understand it - ended in 1978 during Deng Xiaoping's market reforms. Basically, China was communist and did all sorts of collectivization during Mao's time, but the country was poor and they endured bad famines. Deng Xiaoping was adamant that China change directions and open up their economy to investment and focus on traditional capitalism and economic growth rather than strange socialist theories. During Mao's time they were doing the same stuff that we are doing today: arguing about who is a "right winger" and throwing them in jail, toppling statues, humiliating "right wing" intellectuals, etc.

Since Deng's time China has focused on two things: economic development and internal stability. Since 1978 they went from a poor country to an economic juggernaut, and they also went from a country that was a victim of British meddling, then Russian meddling, to now a country that has for the most part locked out foreign influence and they have resisted jew-revolutions: Tiananmen didn't work, Tibetan separatism didn't work, muslim separatism didn't work, Falun Gong were useless.

So, China achieved its two goals. Internal stability and economic development.

People should really actually learn Chinese history. we are in the Chinese century right now and it would be a good idea for people to figure out what is going on.

No it isn't, but I don't expect anyone to take what I say on faith. People can make up their own minds.
I had a (Han) student once who did complain about this, in regards to university admissions. But here it is already different: they filter you out at the high school level. If you do bad on the zhongkao (中考), you have to go to a vocational high school, kind of like the Europeans do. So while they do show favoritism to minorities at the big universities, they still have went through a filtering out process as well.
This isn't true at all. The government censors pro-fag groups on WeChat all the time. Even in the most Westernized places like Shanghai (I went there for the first time a few weeks ago, was nice to have Taco Bell for the first time in years), you have people openly disrupting LGBTQ shit. It was in the news recently.
Can you be a faggot in China? Yeah. Can you openly promote your faggot identity? No.
The Chinese know about the Lady Boys in Thailand, and they know the faggot identity is made up, so I think this is partly true. Older people seem disgusted by fags, but don't seem to mind trannies as much. In that way, they're just like the Iranians: you can be a girl, but you can't be a faggot.
Again, this is false. Even the degerate community here generally knows these identities are Western creations, and fight each other over them (the male faggots rule the LGBTQ alphabet soup in the West, but here it tends to be the dyke, which has her own agenda). I could give you some material, but I doubt you'd be interested.
Totally false. They openly talk about Jews controlling Hollywood. I've had it happen in my classes, with no promoting from me!
The only ones I've ever heard express these views are all Chinese Christians that basically worship the West anyway.

I have never heard Chinese talk about jews. most of them are blind to the issue in general. The thing is that Jews have a hard time in places like China because the government locks out foreign influence and the people are incredibly ethnocentric and in-group oriented. Not an easy place for Jews to fit into society and take over.

They respect that Jews are wealthy, educated, and good business people, but I can't see them cucking in the way that whites and (increasingly) Indians do.

Nice, I hope you get a 50 cent bonus from the Community Party, 50cent cuck.

艾,这是另一场南京大屠杀! 把它关掉!

Death to those who support Chinese business.
They can afford to undercut us for the next 100 years while bribing government.
Seriously "middle class" chinks have way more money and don't need to work, they will keep it in their own sub-economy and only use you to teach their children english so they can replace you and drain us.
No such thing as a based insect people.

The only times it has ever been brought up to me is when talking about Hitler (little boys will do this all the time), when talking about Hollywood (most common), or when talking about Israel and Palestine. The only people that have ever expressed pro-Jew ideas all have been Chinese Christians.
This is true. China isn't a ZOG!

Also, this book is by a kike but is actually relatively unbiased and gives a good look post-Xiaoping China.


Chinese literally have best selling books called "Making Money With Jews in America"

China is a fake communist country. It opened its maggots infested legs to the great open market. China is just a retarded dictatorship that is sacrificing thousands of its own inhabitants for its own gain. Wonton soup please

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Just browse the Chinese internet, use translations if you have too. Anti-Jewish/Israel posts are removed or heavily brigaded with pro-jewish shilling.
Israel is shilled as cool because they kill Muslims. Philosemitism is big and it's not limited to Christians.

This is the narrative Western academy generally promotes, but it is false. Anyone interested in seeing it taken apart should read China's Regulatory State: A New Strategy for Globalization by Roselyn Hsueh. In short, intense regulation has mostly replaced direct control by the state, and the economy is still largely in the hands of the government. Literally all the most important industry is government controlled still, many of the non-essential sectors are still SOEs, there is no independent organizing allowed for Chinese capitalists (something even this poster admits).
Again, I don't expect people to take my word on faith. Do some research, maybe even come here yourself. It's not a capitalist country at all, and this is the great secret they hide from people about China. I have some ideas why, but it would take a long time to go into a lot of detail about it, so I'll say it for another day.

Jesus fucking christ, you're supposed to be a mod and yet a fucking day 1 plebbitor usually posts a better OP than this. Really inspires confidence

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We should've sided with the Japanese. Hopefully we'll make up for it now, time to put the Chinese dogs back in their place.

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Would you mind giving us some photographic evidence that you're a (fellow?) white guy actually living in China as you stated? Like show us your hairline or an eye or something with Chinese characters somewhere near you like a sign?

battan death march, sided with the Japanese? you're totally fucking retarded, there was a very real reason 2 nuclear weapons were dropped on Japan, never forget that. The Japanese were total animals.

We don’t have to do much, those chinks accidentally kill themselves more than the average autist. We just gotta focus on the chinks in the west , the east will slowly just eradicate itself

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assuming that it is true that china has massive state owned enterprises, what does it matter? They are still getting rich.

My guess is the book probably redpills Chinese people on the Kike question, tells them Kikes rule America, and how you can make money through knowing this. Do you know the Chinese title? I didn't find anything on it in English.

The Japanese were ferocious on the battle field and cruel to their enemies, that's true. But I'd rather take an opponent who's equal to Europeans in terms of will and technical innovation over Chinese filth any day.

Um, I could. I'm kinda hungry (it's morning over here), and I could go out to get some street food and take a picture of myself and blank out my face. But really, would that change anything?

The Nips are very much MORE committed than Europeans, if we sided with them they would’ve eventually invaded use with their entire population. Keep in mind these Japs had the intention of ruling the world.

Watch out you might get run over or fall in a sinkhole

There's no way in hell the Japanese could successful squash the Whites. They were able to fight Russia and stand toe-to-toe with Britain and America but they're not able to occupy and conquer white lands, only Asian lands. Which is no problem, the Japanese mindset and morality is comparable to Europeans. If their eyes were rounder, they might just be Europeans.

with a cuck boomer kike like this? no, nothing you could do would change anything, they're p[aid to be here.

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Even if they couldn’t manage to ( which i agree ) the casualties would be very high on both sides. The Japanese would rather die than be taken prisoner, and that results in them become isis2.0 and blowing themselves up with a grenade near their european captors

in response to swine flu, a human health bio hazard, perfectly acceptable.

You’re a kike disgrace

Well like I said, it's not the 1940s anymore. They don't have the Bushido mindset, just pride in their people and nationalistic tendencies which we can only hope Europeans can regain.

Imagine that but with kikes, niggers, muslims and dinks

I actually get paid to teach mathematics here. Another thing I've learn is that Chinese people being good at math is a total myth. I've met only two Chinese people who could answer even basic calculus problems, and I've asked hundreds and hundreds of them. Only a single university student has ever answered an integral problem correctly, but he was an electrical engineering major.

that should happen at the Mexico border, but your sensibilities would cause you to Hershey squirt your pants.

It would prove you're at least more authentic than some wumao shill.
Actually, yes, now I very much want you to prove you're Caucasoid in China (white or (((white))) will have yet to be determined…).

He could be, there are a lot of kikes in Asia ruining the reputation of whites over there.

Hey what the fuck are you doing contributing to the fucking chinks ya nigger

Maybe he's the John K. Press of China.

This is actually pretty common in mainland China but only because low level street security in the mainland are openly corrupt and nobody respects them there. Even the regime doesn't respect them so permits this kind of shit but if your beef extends past the local police to the actual regime you will quickly disappear one day without a trace so not sure how much the regime actually fears the population. Every elite Chinaman I talked to there was more than willing to boast to me how the Chinese have always been ruled by some kind of emperor and the people crave to have decisions about government and economy removed from burdening them, thus consistently support dictatorship, so no reason to be scared of the willing.

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Taiwan is legit cause they make badass mountain bikes. Prc is pretty awful all around

you people seem so dumb, the person I know first hand and traveled through China, Tibet into Nepal, then Thailand grew up there because their father was a fighter pilot stationed at Osan Air Base for damn near a lifetime. Certainly not a kike. Sadly a foolish boomer, yes, but perspective wise a straight shooter.

Well, I can't prove how 'white' I am by just showing you my hairline, and I still haven't showered so my hair is kinda messy, but this should at least prove I'm in China.

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You have very black hair “white” man
What is your ethnical background

It's actually brown, and I was born in America.

Are your initials GTH?

Show an eye. Half an eye if you're paranoid.

Blue eyed blonde haired only!!!

Jesus, I can't believe I am doing this…What's next, dick picks?
Anyway, notice my eyes are green. I tried to put the same brochure up to the camera.

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If anything he understates the Chinese threat. Massively.

Okay, you're at least Caucasian.


Or Jewish
Or an American goblinoid

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Too bad you’re not a conquistador, the true men of Europe. Even praised by Hitler for their technological advances. VIVA FRANCO greatest ally to Hitler

Anglocuck detected.

The worst after chinks and borshtniggers. Keep yourself safe pls.>>13071325

Nope. Mischling features abound , wrong eye color funny shaped eye struckture and orbatal features of the eyebrow arch are mixed for sure. Hair color wrong
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Judging by your dyslexia, you have low IQ.

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