Give me some ideas. Good ones. I wanna go out with a bang.

Rotchilds, rockefellers, go timothy MCFUCKINGVEIGH on the MOTHERFUCKING FEDERAL RESERVE

Whatever does the most damage to the system, i'm game.

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Sit down and think up your own ideas.

You don't need ideas Mr. FBI, the internet is vast, and bountiful. i.e. fucking google it.

Truck of peace into somewhere fun. Be creative on the ending and the rate of gas expansion. Good luck

Make sure you dont mention us,
oh and




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blow up the credit rating agencies le fight club style

Dont talk about it, just do it.

If you were legit you wouldn't announce it here first you dumb babboon



kek i think that theory has recently bit the dust newfriend


If you were serious you wouldnt post about it on here. You’re either a retard or fbi.

You aren't going to get far without a plan, just saying.

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how are people still reciting this line after big brent?

Woooo another fun day over at Zig Forums!


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Do any of you hurt ruler?
Close to 1 year. At that time, the internet was used nashkata, although they were not involved in the military coup.
Keep your thoughts in mind and prepare yourself quietly physically and spiritually.
A year later, use this site to explore the world of Google via automated Sabostara in the country of New York or San Jose Valley.

He traveled physically to the place and was exploring something. Once you have a regional request, the plan is how to taste at least three times a night.

You can build a Molatov cocktail catapult to launch the Molatov cocktails but the fense secure range.
It is quiet and safe.
More noisy option being tried for one.

Use your head, then you can think how this success.

Put me in the compilation.

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No one cares.

You won't do anything you nigger.

where are you from with that busted-ass engrish?

Because he posted it as he did it. Where’s OPs livestream? Oh right nowhere because he’s larping.

this user gets it


There's a fucking difference between what this thread is doing and announcing it a few moments beforehand when it's already too late to stop it. These pathetic shill attempts where you're purposely conflating things are as transparent as your nose.

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is this meant to be schizo-posting?

You won't do anything you fbinigger

You don’t have an argument. Just leave.

i'll take that as a yes

Subscribe to PewDiePie

and use a fucking Sony Cam! Not that GoPro Shit!

Also target Muslims or Jews.

Just leave. Your narrative was cracked a week ago.

Le larp


Whatever you do don't sit down and plan something intelligent and meticulously toward strategic targets. Calm down and smoke some weed bro. Zig Forums is a board of peace.



Someone posted this comment in the og tarrant thread too. I hope you're some kind of always wrong good luck charm

Read “Hunter” by Dr. William Pierce going under his pen name Andrew Macdonald.

Had Dylann Roof read that instead of the crap he did read perhaps he’d still be out there to this day providing Zig Forums with new and exciting happenings on a regular basis.

Wtf did dylan roof read?

Sage the thread.

Calm down, and think. Plan out what you want to do in life, and shitpost as you go. Smile, take a deep breath and listen to some healing music as you work.


Do a max headroom faggot

jews and their friends leave water and supplies around the border for the poor immigrants crossing the desert. I for one am glad that no evil nazi's have replaced it with a less benign clear liquid.

Good day Officer Burnes. Hows the weather been?

Let em. They're already here. If they want to waste their time and money being redpilled or deciphering schizo posts, more power to them

Light yourself on fire, like those Tibetan monks do. Powerful statement.

Let me give a more serious answer. If you're really that fed up with how things are, why not do something productive to change it? Going out in a blaze of glory is by far the least productive action, from a pragmatic standpoint.

Just gather up and expose yourself and colleagues with objective proof of how you've undermined and betrayed your country and it's people, in the self serving deluded concept of righteous protection of their lives while you've actively been the primary agent complicit in their deaths througg all manner of subversion and deception, ultimately for your own profit and protection.. then publicly neck yourself as the traitor you are with the last shred of dignity you have for redemption.

He's probably directly referencing it.

I mean if one were to look at it objectively the best solution would be organized violenced.
Organized, as in a coordinated, experienced cell group of a couple hundred of /ourguys./
Violence, or at the very least coordinated violence has shown throughout history to be the only way.

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Someone post HONKLER THE FROG. that clown is good for a sore anus.

Only if it spurs action on a wider context, or else its just a terrorist cell that gets shut down and provokes counter-action that puts you further behind than you already were.

The real battle is in the hearts and minds of the people. There is a deep cultural rot, and western white people hate themselves and subconsciously welcome oblivion.

I am a social expert.
He wants to destroy the jewish regime?
So life is destroyed.
Militant group, which is the only way to remove the enemies from your economy as needed.
After all, the state cannot afford war or public non-compliance, if you cannot withdraw from the source of your troops and security forces.
Indeed, the enemies of the Gospel are true even for economic purposes.
Thus Šajššau of the allies of Sartonica and why he tried to keep Caucasian in Germany.
Military Economics.

Is it one of the lone wolves who have destroyed the whole life?
Causes of generalized system misuse.
To do this, you must start to subscribe to E-business points and data. Start in Silicon Valley.
Attack on the Zionist economic center.

One more thing you do is start killing people who hate white children or companies that interact with the regime, which causes significant damage.
For example, 5 barrels of ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder and Nitro-methane can be collected, stolen garbage trucks, and stop Procter & amp; Gamble Wharf in Ohio Cincinnati. Then call your phone, tie it with your primary dynamite and take them to the counter-terrorism, the racial destruction traitors for a very bad day.
Or you killed Proctor's owner & Gamble; David Taylor
I don't know where he lives. But I'm sure you'll find it just enough effort.

Revolution is a spectators sport. The majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning.

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Do this user just cut the powerlines

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The govt has technological force-multipliers that would necessitate a higher proportion of combatants than any historical precedent. Fighting a hot war with the gov't is to play on their terms; this isn't 1776. The cultural battle is where we can feasibly win.

That user should come back and make a step by step idiot proof tutorial of that.

The u.s government even with all it's power cannot win a civil war against an armed populace.
You underestimate just how effective guerrilla warfare is.

Jeez you're dumb

Not an argument, buddy boi.

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Fuck no you gay faggot we got one happening and that was it
Just joking that’d be great if we got another one

Can I just say I really like this new, edgy pol that's emerged since St. Tarrant

Oof get anchored op

Absolutely this!

i2p > Tor > 7 proxies

Chuckie Schumer.


Guys, what the fuck is this?


Powdered aluminum and powdered rust = thermite, which is legal to possess. When ignited, it will cut through metal, such as a bronze statue of a leftist icon, like butter. No particular reason I'm telling you this. I just like chemistry.