Democracy is the solution

Since our elected officials are corrupt liars lets put immigration policy on the ballot. Perhaps on each state ballot. That's a solution all well meaning people would support.

Read what Americans were told about the 1965 immigration law.

Pic: Same dirty trick used in Europe.

Lets get back to DEMOCRACY.

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It's had its chance and it has been thoroughly corrupted and subverted by kikes. You are not going to vote your way out of this one, white man.

Lurk 10 years before poasting


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What dirty trick? Family unification or chain migration in the 1965 law.

Vid :Sounds great on paper but here;s the reality.

This is our immigration policy, for every refugee immigrant we're told about they can later bring their entire family. They're not counted in any immigration totals presented by the media.

Remember the top goal of immigration is to drive down wages. It drives each persons wages down by thousands a year.

when you have (((reality denying liars))) controlling education, entertainment, news sources, social media, how can anyone make an informed decision?
and that's assuming even if they had every bit of information, fbi statistic, knowledge of rotherham type cases, that they'd understand or care
these people don't understand, and they don't care.
they will vote against you, they will vote to destroy you, they will vote to take over this country

"democracy is just a racial headcount"

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Where the fuck do you think you are.

>when you have (((reality denying liars))) controlling education, entertainment, news sources, social media, how can anyone make an informed decision?

Internet, the media has had a UNPRECEDENTED loss of credibility. Fake news is now a common phrase.

We are in the right, not even the other races support white genocide or the lowering of wages.

How to bring down the house of cards.

Demographics are too fucked for that now. Game over.

Boomers get the rope too


Why are you posting Hitler crap, are you trying to win supporters or are you trying to help implement Euro style hate speech laws. I think the latter, Hitler has absolutely nothing to do with the 1965 immigration law.
Buzz off jack ass

Democracy is shit mainly because the majority of people are lemmings. The constitution explicitly gives congress the power to set immigration law—in simple English—yet the majority of people (such as you) are too retarded to read that. Instead, you fall for the kike lawyers and their pilpul. Just stop. There is no legal or democratic recourse. The only path to progress is bloodshed.


environment → genetics → culture → politics

Therefore, the only solution to the Jewish problem is extermination, that is to say genocide, which the Germans were too nice to do. Those genes are too harmful to everyone else.

There's no such thing unless the press was forced to be unbiased by law and there wasn't money involved in politics.

not really.
with some adjustment, maybe.
but you're 18, you can vote?
no. not only a lot of people are pretty fucking dumb and get easily swayed into things like

stuff like that.
i'd say having a little exam before you get to vote, maybe about the parties programmes… would help and would keep out dumb and lazy people.
and then there is the demographic aspect of it.
one man one vote?
too bad our countries have been flooded with shitty minorities…who are soon to become majorties because they make so many children, who want completely different things than the natives, and generally hate the natives but not their money. in a country with ius soli like the US?
some adjustment in that case would be helpful…
south africa has had at least two major demographic shifts in the last century? does it look good to you?
nope. fuck democracy. if anything because it's bullshit to begin with. plenty of example of elected officials charged with the task of doing "the will of the people" doing not something slightly different, but the complete opposite.
at least feudal serfs were not mocked by their lords by being told that stuff was being done on their behalf.

oh noes!
look if you have to worry about what you have to say because if they hear you, you will not be allowed to say it again. you are already fucked.
second of all, the moment they take away the 1st amendment, the most beautiful, clear, concise, free speech law ever, open rebellion is the only solution.

What ever is on the ballot is allowed to be there. Most of the United States was against WWII before Pearl Harbor. Most of the United States was against WWI before Lusitania. Most of the United States was against the Spanish American war before the Maine.

The masses' feelings can be changed with cheap tricks, therefore "Democracy" is false and in its implementation is only a lie to the people.

They did.

It's illegal to spread certain information.
All data is numerical on the internet, and some numbers are banned.

Maybe very long numbers, but the data is banned nonetheless.

DEMOCRACY is a codeword for a State owned by Jews

You mean like California's prop 187? The people gave the middle finger to illegals through their democratic will but still got fucked over by the undemocratic court system. Same with numerous countries in the EU. They democratically voted against immigrants and rapefugees and look what happened. The EU either made them vote again and again until they got the undemocratic result they wanted or they just ignored democratic will. I could mention wikileaks revealing the entire so called democracy of America is a sham too but that's just rubbing salt in your wounds. There is no democracy, any politicians who says otherwise is absolutely lying because it doesn't exist not in the US or EU. It's all lies.

Localized democracy and tribal councils, like our forefathers had, is a big difference from (((democracy))). At the national level, National Socialism, or any of the ancient European systems of governance, is the only answer.


We need less democracy not more.

Give this a think, frens:

Suffrage needs to be drastically limited.

Only those who earn & contribute get a vote.

You work for gov't,

you contract for gov't,

your biz gets >51% of it's money from gov't,

you get welfare?: You don't get to vote.

If you pay back what was paid to you, you get your vote back.

All internal taxes should be eliminated except for land tax (structures are improvements and are not taxed). Land tax should be applied progressively, with a high minimum threshold (say $500k), and becomes punitive at high levels (say 90% @ >$20M). All land must be held by a natural living person (no trusts or corporations to evade taxes). This eliminates rent-seekers by limiting the control of the only truly scarce resource.

Still not sold on a land tax? Consider this: Half of England is owned by less than 1% of its population

Import tariffs are OK and likely desirable, except on commodities. they should be minimal. Finished goods, tariff the fuck out of 'em. I'm happy to debate this and then vote on it (b/c I don't get my $ from gov't)

Do that, and things fix themselves in a big fuckin' hurry.

Note: All those saying we should take back the vote from niggers, non-land owners, and wymmen STFU, we tried that and failed. We need to restrict suffrage in a way nobody can argue with, and in a way that keeps the fucking whitecucks out.

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Democracy is shit ATM because it was hijacked by alphabet agencies and secrecy. Voters can no long make informed decisions because all viable information about state actions is classified. Voters vote blindly.

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Democracy, as it stands, can't work.
Too many niggers, too many women, too many socialists.
They're corrupt, co-opt, and bend democracy to their liking. They're a people who claim to love and protect it as a fundamental right of people but are using it as an excuse to shutdown people they don't like and when it doesn't go their favor, they attack whoever won the democratic election, like Trump, for most of his tenure. The Democrats are using Democracy to subvert the Republic and implementing one-party rule like in Socialist/Communist/Marxist countries.
If anything, it's Democracy mixed with Capitalism that is killing the US.
That said, I did have a solution to the current Democracy problem based on a combination of National Socialism and the American constitution, but in it Democracy is basically eliminated or stripped down to the bare minimum that allows a Republic to function. I think a Republic with elements of National Socialism works better than an authoritarian model. But regardless, something has to change about the current system of the US.
Democracy doesn't work, a Republic can but with limited Democracy

Die immediately, jew.

Paid shill. Allowed to post here.

Go fuck yourself

Confirmed for ignorant fuck. Democracy doesn't work with uneducated masses, and it doesn't last long anyway as it is always replaced by an oligarchy.

Democracy will always be "hijacked" because that's all it's good for. Every ideology that "isn't true *insert ideology here*" is garbage that can't maintain itself and will always be corrupted by nefarious forces away from a pure idealistic form that only exists in the minds of fools.

kys OP

Anything short of direct democracy is pointless and will have the same failure points. Direct democracy only works on a small scale and as part of a wider culture.
Dictatorship works better on the large scale.

fucking off by 1

I often wonder what would have happened if the brexit referendum had been some kind of immigration referendum instead.

I was actually thinking about this and I figured dictatorships work in the short term to put things back on track, like in the Roman Republic. As a long term governmental model, it's tenuous. I've been keeping an eye on dictatorships like China and I noticed they immediately fall into infighting and coups and struggles for powers between factions that have crippled them. I'm not entirely sure on direct democracy's functions, however, I haven't done much research into it.

A lot of this thread is coloured by how retarded the concept of modern america is. 350 million people, what a joke
If anything the opposite is true. Republics fall into dictatorship all the time. They wouldn't function if not for that. Lincoln and so on.

forgot to reply

A Republic doesn't always fall into dictatorship so as long as a balance of power and law and order are maintained. Countries like China do not have that, China is incredibly unstable and could collapse if the economy or the government fucks up too badly to function. How the Chinese government handles controversies and internal strife is more maintaining the stability of the party over the well being of the Chinese people, and committing cultural genocide and oppression of said people who do not spew the party's lines. Like in Tibet or in the Cultural Revolution, it just simply doesn't work as well. A Republic can stand, it turns to a dictatorship when Democracy is introduced, since Democracy is mob rule and that mob can be easily controlled.
No government, realistically, lasts forever. A Republic becomes a Dictatorship becomes a Monarchy becomes a Republic, often it's more a cycle. I believe, however, the most telling issues involving authoritarianism is rather or not said leader has the interests of the people in heart. That's what I admire about Hitler and his work, he did care for the German people, but the authoritarian model is not one meant to last. Especially with the advent of the internet, it makes it harder to keep under control issues that are harmful to the stability of that authoritarian model. This is why I believe a Republic, with well established rules and balances, can work so as long as it's not either democratic or run by non-white men.