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Why exactly are Sub-Saharan Africans by and large the least common denominator of ALL races in the world? Is evolution a contributing factor in all of this?

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biology-web.nmsu.edu/~houde/archaic Homo admixture IN Africa.pdf

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They lived in a warm climate were you never had to plan ahead more than 2 days to survive. You didn't need a high IQ or strong impulse control to survive. In fact having a more complex brain that you didn't need would be a waste of energy.

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Living in the north requires you to plan around the fact that for most of the year, many places have a longer period of the year where food doesn't grow than it does. In Africa, the growing season is year round, which requires no long term planning and is therefore not selected for.

Anyone have the screencap of the linguists going to Africa noting how there's no specific past or future tense or words for time units we use in our day to day. And this is across the continent

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50 pages on the issue:

1 page version:


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The question is, what is the closest to humans bipedal creature that can't have offspring with humans?

How far away can they be from us? What is the breaking point in genetic difference? At what point do they no longer get children with humans?

Does that mean niggers will eventually get bleached in western climates due to necessity to plan ahead? Will natural selection bleach everyone in the long term anyway?

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Underdeveloped pre-frontal lobe. They are literal evolutionary throwbacks.

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It's so easy to explain, and yet, everyone in know jumps through flaming fucking hoops to warp their minds away from this simple & succinct explanation that makes absolute sense.. Even if you're not "racist" this makes sense. The thing that pains me the most is when my family starts crying when i bring this up because they are such insane leftists. Really crushes my soul. I hate jews for this.

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1. Sub-Saharan Africans are a mixture of Homo Erectus (ape-men) and modern humans

biology-web.nmsu.edu/~houde/archaic Homo admixture IN Africa.pdf

2. Europeans and Asians have Neanderthal admixture wherease Sub-Saharan Africans don't have any.


You speak about animals as if you dislike them?…

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in other words, low iq shit personality groids weren't culled by nature

there is no evolution without extinction.png
you don't get to be a successful civilization without millennia of legitimate death penalties and leaving failures to die

some people either can't understand or won't understand because doing so would uninsure their own survival
we understand biological mechanisms and natural laws affect all life on earth, observably physiological and behavioral speciation in separated populations, but when we come to human populations all the sciences suddenly no longer apply
it's copernican and darwin all over again, except people knew right away africans 'just came down from the trees'
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All races have taken a clear evolutionary step forward from their archaic versions. Meanwhile, due to their isolation, Blacks have stayed almost the same as they were during the times of the Homo Erectus.

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Heat hinders brain activity for all people, so it would make sense for heat-oriented selection to favor other factors. Whereas winter means that iq is necessary.

Not hard to see why this is.

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