Soilders for the race war

1 million+ shitskins flood into our country every year while our women refuse to have children because of (((equal rights))). In 20 years, we will become the minority. What mainstream conservatives fail to realize is that whites are the only people on the fucking planet that don't vote based on their identity. Soon, (((our democracy))) is just going to become a racial headcount where the shitskins vote themselves whitey's stuff. This leaves violence as the only solution to solving our problems because we sure as hell are not solving it at the ballot box.

And we already have a large group that kills shitskins

The Aryan Brotherhood is a white prison gang in the United States with an estimated 15,000–20,000 members. The Aryan Brotherhood makes up an extremely low percentage of the entire US prison population but is responsible for a disproportionately large number of prison murders.==95% of the murdered were shitskins.==

when half of whites believe going extinct is better than being called racist, we can't pick and choose who fights for us. Better to open the prison gates and watch the shitskins die than watch our daughters spread their legs for niggers.

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whites are already the minority in the USA


I'm not american, but in my experience many whites in prison have quite a lot in common with shitskins both mentally and socially. Drugs, relations with minors and/or rape and actual retardation are all pretty common traits with criminals of all races. I want a situation where descent white folk are willing to commit violence on the level of AB, but the actual faggots in there might as well hang with everybody else on DOTR.

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correct. this also makes all cops, military and feds traitors that enforce White genocide.


They claim to be pro-White but will gladly sell drugs to their community and the flesh of our White sisters for money. They intimidate small White businesses for extortion money. They are aligned with Mexican Mafia and in certain cases Black gangs if the situation benefits them.

They have the souls of niggers in the White bodies. I cannot call any of them my brother.

it's just the white gang, they behave the same as other gangs but it's whites-only and they have edgy WN aesthetics to intimidate other nig/spic gangs

No, Whites in the US are a plurality, not a minority.

Yeah, good luck with that.
Right after that you can get the Ben Shapiro types on board.

Says warriors, posts tattoo goon in jail cell.

How does any of that make it ok to drug, pimp, and extort your own people? They need to be used as weapons against the opposition or they need to be put down. Mad dogs have no other purpose than those two.

The Aryan Brotherhood are the niggers of the White race. Many join them only for protection in prison and the members why remain active outside of prison peddle meth, heroin, and cocaine to our own race, further reducing the number of Whites capable of being parents or even functioning humans. Most of them have sub 90 IQ due to being dumb enough to get caught repeated times (tattoos are mostly done in prison so the more you look like a used piece of paper the longer you've been in).

lol, tfw rejected by your fellow white people for being prison scum.

top leaders of the AB are jewish

Prison "neonazis" are simply there to balance out the nigger hatred of all things non-nigger.
They just aren't the Jared Taylor types.

Those "skinheads" are subhuman. You should join them, OP. You'd fit right in.

Tattoos ruin beautiful white skin. Aryan Brotherhood are shit

I know they are the niggers of our race, but just as the kikes use actual niggers to cause violence on their behalf, we will use them to do violence on ours.

Shut up Jew

t. lolbergs that will try teaming up with based niggers when the race war starts

I spent a month in jail, everybody in there was doing that sissy faggot shit and trying to get me to join their homo gangs.

I laughed in their faces.

this thread is fake and gay

And you can be their butt boy.

well, we must form a worldwide
==Aryan Brotherhood== anyway.
Iranians are our brohters aswell, as other aryans. This does not mean we should mix with them. But it means increasing our blood related allies in the fight against the (((enemy of humanity)))

We need aryan solidarity:
1. Wherever aryans are in danger we should take care.

2. Weaken the enemy on all levels possible!

3. Strengthen our forces on all levels possible.

Some videos of the AB. They studied alpha male behaviour, because shitskins only respect power (like jews or women!). So study their manliness and read the books they are reading:




There is a lot to learn on how to be a man, by observing these people. But muscle is only power, when used in conjunction with brain. So use that too:

Aryan Nation Brotherhood (suggested) reading list:

Balthasar Gracian - The art of worldy wisdom (this is pure gold)

Otto Skorzeny - My Commando Operations

The Art of War - Sun Tzu

Beyond Good and Evil - Friedrich Nietzsche

Nicolo Machiavelli - The Prince

The shotcaller - Trailer

It was posted by a girl whom is neither white or graduatd from high school yet.

Seriously, would you rather have your daughter bring Sidney Poitier to dinner or lardback in OP's pic?

Er, will you hold me down for your bull? Not going to lie, hot.

The association of NS with criminals and retards is a very large reason we cant make headway. Jews want us to be associated with niggerbrain criminal underclass. OP is an ADL faggot.


not even once.

Err, what???

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Rather John Earnest

That is something everyone often forgets and it's something that'll get Trump elected again in 2020 and even possibly another Rep President in 2024.

Unlike most of you guys, I'm optimistic about the whole identity politics thing. How can a bunch of parties–what the Dems are–beat an entire party–Reps/Whites that is non-identity based and is for general economic prosperity, freedom etc.? Impossible.

One might add:

Friedrich Nietzsche - The will to power

Read: Balthasar Gracian, Otto Skorzeny and Sun Tzu and you are mentally stronger than 99 percent of all shitskins



you'd have a point if you weren't statistically full of shit

The jews of Hollywood always had that nigger bringing White Women to dinner. Always a jew director too, directing it.

Out of the two, smartass. It's not even a choice. Sir Sidney Poitier every time.

He served in the US military, was knighted and most importantly, is NOT prison scum.

I’m Chinese student but I agree with everything here should I just kms

pretty much all gangs do this, why wouldn't they be any different?

your dream came true, he had children with a kike

Keep the races seperate, kike boi!

We are no civicucks.
The aryan race is all that matters!
If that means, i have to side with criminals from the AB, than so be it.

Niggers are not my enemy, as long as they do not mix with us. But we have to seperate them from us.

go back to r/cuckolds you racemixing pieces of shit

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Everything here is in disagreement. You must be very conflicted. What precisely do you agree with?

Agreed OP.


Or at least stop countersignalling them. They are doing good work when it comes to fighting the shitskin hordes in the streets.

They aren't and I never suggested otherwise, retard. What is causation?

Yeah, but lardback tho?
Obese criminal genes.

You could be honorary Aryans if you fags and the other countries by you didn't support Communism

I don't see anything good there.

I don't recognize that royalty because they betrayed their own people.

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Yeah, but lardback tho?
Obese tattooed criminal unintelligent genes.

kike, user

I’m literally kicked out of my school for making fun of a kike and a Korean fag what do you think.

They are good as foot soldiers, but I get it, you want us to fight with our hands tied behind our backs as your tribe sets every violent prison nigger and spic against us. Also, if they are in prison it's probably because the one thing they weren't larping you fucking retard.

You crackers subconsciously want black dick in your asses so badly. You take after your mothers

hot take

stopped reading there, kys nigger

And also creating an anti Semitic manifesto with a polish fag

And also creating an anti Semitic manifesto with a polish fag

Lmao that gyno

Here we go. I knew the head of the West Coast Aryan Brotherhood before he died back in 2014. I still talk to his son now and then since we grew up together. They are not some "soldiers for the white race" like you claim. What they are is a prison gang. They sell drugs, they rape dudes (making them faggots) and are basically just degenerates hiding behind "MUH WHITE RACE." The younger ones all act and dress like wiggers, and yet they're allowed to call themselves family. THey help run the drugs on the outside while the wiggers on the inside sell drugs to nogs. This thread, and OP, is shit.

This. The kikes are throwing prison niggers at us. We gotta suck up our pride and throw our white prison niggers at them.

I choose our own criminals over foreign ones.

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First and foremost Texas AB's are a separate entity from the Original Aryan Brotherhood. They have way higher numbers even though they only exist in 3-4 states. This is due to their lower standards for membership.
90% of anyone you meet on the outside claiming to be AB is only an affiliate. You can't join unless you commit a murder in prison.
Even affiliates have to preform acts for the brand in order to stay in good graces.
Whole point is AB's and "Nazi" gangs are a very small minority of whites in prison. Most whites simply stick with their own race. Or at most join the local (Pecker)Woods. Which is a much more relaxed and less organized coalition of Whites in a lot of state prisons.
TL;DR stop watching Nat Geo and talking about shit you don't know.

you stopped there, because you are a jew and want all aryans dead, so no surprise here

No, if they are in prison it's because they were running drugs. In the 10 years that I had direct contact with these cunts, all I ever heard from the ones on the outside and the inside was about meth dealing and white-on-white violence. Fuck off with this larping faggotry

Everyone hates white supremacist, that's why you faggots have to discuss your racism here, but ive invaded your safe space abnd I'm never going away!

That's a poor choice of meme

I'd say it's 50/50 with the drugs and white on white violence.
They're certainly not "soldiers for the white race" like you said but EVERYONE comes out of prison racially aware.
Maybe if decent white people reached out to them instead of cuck churches and liberal state programs these people could be of benefit.

No we have to do it cause it's forbidden everywhere else. And we do it irl with friends too, nigger.

lurk long enough and you'll become one of us

You've got a point about outreach. I couldn't manage that because I was just a teenager when I interacted with them, but it's possible that someone could reach out to them. The issue is that they act like niggers so no decent white wants to interact with them. I remember getting invited to a party by the leaders son, and he told me all about how I would enjoy being with my people since we grew up surrounded by nogs and spics. i was hyped, and then we get there and they're all chimping out on each other, doing blow, smoking meth, and just being degenerate shitheads. Although I do credit them with my desire to be a better white man, so there's that.

I'll infiltrate you and screen shot everything. I hate you as much as you hate non whites

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That shouldn't make you want to kys until you hate yourself too, but perhaps you hate too much in general and need to find something worthwhile in life to focus on. (sage for offtopic)

Awww you need a racist safe space. Maybe you'll be safe inside your sister pussy.

Snitches get stitches
is a saying in prison.

This planet is a ZOG prison planet, faggot!
Will check your IP.

Check my ip, please. Im not scared of you faggots.

That much hate. You definitely could belong here. Also you could join Antifa.

What kind of protective custody yard were you on nigger?

You don't join antifa retard. Just like you don't join racism. I'm just an antifascist, it's just how i am. You're just a racist piece of shit. It's just how you're. We are forever enemies

We dont want you subhuman.

anons coming for you

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Don't you have some dick to suck

? How's that a safe space? At least here you can say whatever you want to. I wish it would be the case for all the internet. And you really think we're somehow related to the kkk? Are you a boomer?

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Ive got to fuck your mom later, ironically, so do you.

Antifa is a gang operated by the police.

You have to join, they usually demand you commit some retarded crimes to do so.

You have to earn those tats buddy. That guy has some shitskin notches in his belt for putting in work.

He can keep his nog tats

Who wants to be a gang member?

Who told you that, Alex Jones? Lol yeah, that's how antifa works, please make sure to tell all your friends

Yeah, by stabbing the nigger who owed you drug money and refused to pay.

for sure, those were the guys that chose to continue that life on the outside. There's no hope for some people. I've met my fairshare of those kind of guys too and I can think of maybe one that is currently free/not dead.
There's a lot of guys that go do a single bid and wise up, get a job and start families.
People on the right or whatever you want to call this are missing a great opportunity of acquiring loyal and racially aware individuals to the right path.
This thread is shit. Just keep talking to people and finding like minded white men. Don't be a faggot LARPer with zero gameplan like the morons ITT.

How do you think?

Some of us aren't kiddie retards like yourself

Actually it is a policy that whites cant owe other races for drug money because it will cause a riot. Its called a no debt policy. Tell us more about how you have never been to prison.

It's not safe anymore. I plan on spending a lot of time here on /pol from now on. This is paradise to me, there's endless racist pieces of shit to insult


At least we are honest