Barr faced a onslaught when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, and was scheduled to appear before the House Thursday morning. He cancelled the appearance last night, after a spat over terms of the questioning.
The spin House Democrats want to convey is clear: that Barr is too scared to appear for questioning on his handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and report. Rep. Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House committee, said Wednesday night that Barr was “terrified.”

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what did he mean by this?

Barr didn't show up cuz he's a "chicken".
The Left still can't fucking meme.

Who is Barr? Is this some Goy of Thrones shit?

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How is this legal ???
Was invented by a Scot.
As was Basketball.
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Anything other than killing jews is a waste of time.
Anyone who disagrees is a jew, either racially or by conversion.
Stop wasting time.

That's the simple truth and we shouldn't be afraid to say it.
This slogan will separate the cowards and shills from the free human beings - the people who will sacrifice to make things better for everyone.
It's perfectly well protected by the First Amendment, but it also no doubt gets the attention of the mass surveillance program, maybe causing them to overreact and spread their resources thin.
We can't be afraid to say such things if we are going to have any chance at organizing effectively - we need a single-minded message that can't be negotiated and subverted (like 'the alt right').

Even if you are a coward, you can help those who really will take action by memeing this slogan.

So, how do we know there's no hope in this system?
One very important fact: The jews control the currency completely.
There is no way to pry control from them within the system because they can always print more money and fund a countermeasure.

We have to work hard to earn money and carefully build every effort, while the jew can just conjure money out of thin air and pay useful idiots to come and knock it all down.

Simply put the entire economy is a scam.
Our money is meaningless and worthless, but we treat it as if it's real. This mistake has fundamentally warped our collective psyche and is the root of all the problems we have, such as the popularity of leftist ideology.

If you don't know already, you NEED to understand how the central bank bribes everyone and everything to enact its social engineering goals:
(can anyone provide some better sources explaining central banking?)
and you need to understand exactly how they leverage this power:
(long video, but it describes exactly how they move money around and get things done, watching it and understanding it will probably completely change your life)

Cowards and shills might spam this thread, mods might delete it again and again, but they will never address the proposition directly, because it is their masters' greatest fear - what if we stopped being distracted and immediately focused on the root of the problem?
The jews and their dependent slaves aren't anywhere near ready for that yet.
It's an opportunity that I suggest we pursue.
Despite everything, we can not only survive, but we can win.

To anyone who really would take action immediately: Work hard to be truly ready to do what you know is right.
Make sure you are educated and trained and plan carefully.
Don't become impatient and spend your life on an act that fails to advance the true goal.

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US Congressman (((Cohen))) threatens to put the highest law enforcement official in the US into handcuffs.