National Socialism And Its Larpers

National Socialism And Its Larpers

Just because of historical connotations, it isn't viable. No one wants to be associated with that, even racially aware white people. It's a dead end because a large portion of already racially aware white people will reject it and because the vast majority of white people will reject it.

Trying to appropriate imagery from the Third Reich is a losing strategy, it already has too many historical connotations. Even using the same tactics that worked in the 1930's are not viable today because social media and technology add a whole new dynamic onto everything. There is no political strategy in which a party labeled as a National Socialist party would gain traction among white people, these are the failings of the National Socialist branding.

However, I think a parties focused on traditionalism and nationalism are viable, as you can see in Europe today. Nationalist parties and governments are forming in Europe, one example would be Orban's Hungary and Denmark in which the ruling Danish People's Party advocates for socialism and ethnic nationalism.

The purpose is to advocate for white people, look like normal white people, not being a neo-Nazi no ordinary white person can associate or sympathize with. That's why some the tactics of the controlled media and the left is to smear their opposition as neo-Nazis and terrorists because it is useful and effective. Not only is it useful in trying to delegitimatize legitimate concerns, but they also use these smears as a justification for censorship and the imprisonment of their opposition.

To gain the support of white people, we must appeal to the majority of white people or we will forever be on the fringes. We need well meaning white people to be our inspiration, not bad actors playing into their wild fantasies. We will only succeed if we first defeat the enemy within us.

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The one system that actually worked is historically untenable? You colossal fuckwit. Capitalism has been a total disaster, crawl back to your shelf and mcfucking kill yourself.

Learn to read, okay shill?

>Oy you have to follow our structured (((european))) nationalism

Wasting your time here. This place is full of nothing but LARPers, shills and reddit crossposters who only want an echo chamber.

OP is a faggot
Hail Hitler

It worked because it was something new that addressed the needs of its time. Hitler specifically rejected symbols of the past like the Kaiser. National socialism had none of the negative historical baggage that it now has. But they lost the war they started and that's how they will always be remembered.

Literal cuck. You love being told what to do by strong men.


Confirmed shill thread. Churchill started the war.

All Amerimutts are annoying Larpers. America is the great Satan and Hitlers greatest enemy were not England or even the USSR, but America.

Remember, traitors get the bullet first.


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You outed your self.

Outing your self (((1))) posting kike.


You failed.

And jew walk a lonely road, I'm sure.

If Patrick little wasn't a threat they wouldn't be censoring him. You can't even watch or share any of his videos. Thats if you can even find them in Jewtubes search function.
vid not related

Typical American bullshit, blaming the fat Anglo lets divert any responsibilty from their own nation, turning England into a scapegoat to safe their simple minded world view; just as everything is literary black/white, there is only good/bad to the Americunt.
Accepting Hitlers dishonest offer would have been idiotic and there was no reason to give in after dismantling Czechia.
Hitler "started" the war but everybody knew that it wasnt over yet in 1918. And its a good thing he did, he saved Europe from Stalin and gave those French faggots a well deserved beating. The (((USA))) wouldnt have done shit to stop their Georgian friend.

Grow up kiddies, I'm talking about the perception that most people have of the war. Actually, unless you're no different from the brain-dead masses, the causes of any war are more complex than 'he started it'. But the fact is, it's history and we need to move on. Learn from Hitler but don't ape him. You need to get past your false dichotomy of national socialism or cuckservatism.

I agree with this sentiment, but it is still false that he started the war.

There is no dichotomy there is more like the false dichotomy cuckservatism and liberalism, not national socialism since the ideology is about truth and fighting for the people and to preserve the people.
I think you are disingenuous you are not gonna convince people by saying
Is not convincing anybody this didn't convinced anyone then and is not gonna do it now.

who needs white ppl when you have Q?


The F├╝hrer literally predicted National Socialism would rise again in his final political testament:

"That from the bottom of my heart I express my thanks to you all, is just as self-evident as my wish that you should, because of that, on no account give up the struggle but rather continue it against the enemies of the Fatherland, no matter where, true to the creed of a great Clausewitz. From the sacrifice of our soldiers and from my own unity with them unto death, will in any case spring up in the history of Germany, the seed of a radiant renaissance of the National Socialist movement and thus of the realization of a true community of nations."

We are the fruit of that seed. National Socialism is the only ideology worthy of the Aryan man. Fuck off optics cuck.

Read "who started world war 2" and say that again you kike.

So what? You want to spend the rest of your life arguing about who started a war 80 years ago? The best book on the subject is AJP Taylor's 'The Origins of the Second World War' if you're interested in a bit of objectivity.

It addresses the issues of the time but it wouldn't be as effective now. Capitalism is failing but it's not a total disaster. A total disaster is socialism. National Socialism worked for what it needed to do back then but the internet exists now, you can't simply just take out dissenting opinions anymore. You need to create a fair, working environment.
You won't listen of course, you'll just call me a Jew.


The times right now just aren't hard enough yet. We need full economic collapse and potential civil war to wake people up. We use the term 'wake up' when we really don't quite comprehend it. The vast majority of people simply can't be bothered with such trivialities in their lives. They're too concerned with their children's college fund and mortgage and their 9 to 5 job and their day to day drudgery and bullshit. That is asleep. When all that nonsense is stripped away and the blankets are pulled from over their heads and their dilated eyes begin to throb in the harsh sunlight, that is waking up. When there is no more economy and there are no more mortgages or colleges or money and there is no more job and when people TRULY start looking around at what happened and they try to find solutions to fix it, then they will, at last, see.

Nah would read hitler's war and the world defeated the wrong enemy.

you won't do anything, nigger

That doesnt even make sense.

Absolutely missing the point-tier b8, m8
Elements of it can work now but a full on authoritarian regime like in Nazi Germany is unsustainable because of the internet. The biggest revolution since the industrial one?

So you're still here huh?

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Nice try Moshe but I've done enough reading on the topic. It's helpful for you to keep everyone talking about 1939 instead of how to build a better future.

Do you have any evidence of this?

Lol so much hate in here ­čśé>>13221334

Yeah unfortunatelyÔÇŽ.crabs in ├á bucket

A thread died for this.

Until you reclaim the honor of the German National Socialists, you will never be anything but a "nahtzee".

The demonization of the German National Socialists is the
of the modern political opposition to White advocacy.
If you cannot topple that pillar, you will never achieve an outlet for White advocacy.

This factual statement is built upon your own argument, that people presently have a negative opinion of the German National Socialists during WW2. If you cannot change that, you will never be able to achieve openly supportive mass appeal in the vein of White advocacy.
And if you cannot achieve such, then the White race will cease to exist.

Thems the breaks kiddos.

Talking to yourself is bad form. We've been over this before.

Oh you mean mine I guess

China, which invest billions of dollars to prevent dissent and policing nation. It follows the authoritarian model and there's nothing but infighting between factions, people with different goals and motivations and the complete Orwellian censorship/spying on the internet.

DANKE user

Daily Reminder that the moderation has been alerted to the existence of this thread.

You can monitor their activity at this link.

Granted, moderator accounts are now hidden as of the moderation purge of November 2018, but you can still observe the actions taken, or lack thereof.

Seems they're doing a pretty good job of it.
Yet, their regime stands.

Sounds like you just proved yourself wrong.

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Agreed. However the jews know this, they will not repeat the same mistake from ww2.

A French isnt German and a German inst a Russian, fuck off with this snowmutt shit.

You don't know much about the history of the jews, do you?

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Oh thats cute sport.

Considering all it needs is a good kick in the door and a massive economic recession, which is based on the unbalance trade with the US, it has no rucking way of standing long term without subverting and conquering the entire planet to do so.
Their regime is killing each other on the higher up positions, how do you expect to do fucking anything when you're worried that another faction is going to usurp you?
Why do you think Chinese innovation is basically stealing US technology?
And undermining local government like in Australia?

There are easier ways of destroying that pillar, like pointing out Churchill supported the slogan Keep England White.

I don't know of any political system which regularly survives such threats in historical terms.

And their regime is still standing.

Because that's very Chinese in a cultural context, and has served them well historically.

Why wouldn't you seek to undermine your regional competition?

You don't seem very smart.

Nigger, most people don't know who Churchill is.

Practice extreme prejudice with nazis, make sure you spoil all their women through money, drugs and sex



See also:


Also worth noting:

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Then you're retarded and have no idea how a country works. Not like we should be a slave to the economy.
If you wish to have an unstable regime with factional infighting, then go move there. History has shown that factional infighting causes collapse eventually, it's not even that uncommon in Chinese history.
Because we're not Jews.

What a sloppy job, didn't even break a sweat replying.

So are you a Ballwashing Bucko, or a Mr. Redditur hapa factory?

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Well, evidently, to Hitler ethnics were more important than "race" so eat shit.

What are their views on israel?

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You haven't made an argument to offset what I said, so I'll continue to wait for you to to do so.
Reminder, as to what I said:

Hey mentally ill spammer, I will remind you that Zig Forums is and was never a nazi board, gtfo fuck face.

Highly relevant, as was race. The notion that Hitler had zero racial affinity, had no desire for racial cohesion, is laughable in the utmost.
If you can't argue in good faith, don't argue.

Hey jewish spammer, I thank you for the accusation of mental illness from a semitic viewpoint, and I will now remind you that Zig Forums is now, has always been, and will always be, a National Socialist board.
But I like this new methodology you're testing of "I'm rubber, you're glue". Very novel.

Laughable that you apply this modern American understanding of "race" to a 20th century Bavarian. Its obvious he thought little of Slavs or the French, his understanding of race was way more sophisticated than white/black and the idea of a Pole and a German having a child would have appalled him.
There is no "white race", its just an American LARP.

You haven't made an argument to offset what I said, so I'll continue to wait for you to to do so.

Reminder, as to what I said:




Do you have an argument to make? I can't tell what you're even attempting to imply with your one-sentence shitpost of no contextual relevance.

You are very mistaken if you think you can use half truths or straight out lies to further your political goals. This is what crashed leftism within really months and there is still no bottom in sight, it doesnt matter what fancy theory you come up with when a funny frog and a > are enough to unveil any fallacy.
If you think you can play Propagandaminister you are mistaken and will find yourself in the same hole as the Jews soon enough.

I'm a relatively neutral in regards to both positions here.
So I might as well weigh in.

First of all, OP, this is an irrelevant thread. Not only will your ideas fall on deaf ears but since the enemy will label us Gnatsees no matter what we do, nothing you say will convince them either.
As for the public, well, National Socialism is an ideology. If it doesn't appeal to people, it won't appeal to people and it will die out except for the fringes. Fascism, like communism, was once a popular brand. Not so much anymore.
I don't bother trying to convert people to wordisms. I try to change their ideas and thinking.
And you'll never accomplish that by coming here to insult us. You're acting almost as bad as the "White nationalism is stopping White nationalism" guy except you actually back up your position.
If you phrase your positions a little less aggressively, you'll find that Zig Forums is a remarkably diverse place.

Essentially, your point is; Don't act like a LARPing fool in public. Keep your power level low.

That said, there are a lot emotional non-arguments ITT as expected.

Also, this "Hitler dindu nuffin" nonsense is ridiculous. He did start the war. By definition invading another country is starting a war.
Churchill wasn't the PM in 1939 dumbass
How? By saying "Don't invade this country?"
Wow, holy fucking shit. How dare they. I'll bet that Hitler would have been just A-OK if Yugoslavia invaded Austria. In fact, Hitler's own ally Mussolini did the exact same thing with Austria that Britain did with Poland and Hitler backed down because he was weak. Only later did Mussolini withdraw his protection of Austria.

Don't want an unwinnable war? Don't invade peoples' allies.

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I made an argument that your understanding of race cant be applied to the National Socialist worldview and that what you see as ethnics would be considered race in Germany.
You just made some claims that were beside the point and threw a shitty catchphrase around, so stop playing stupid.

If you are called an idiot, do you then become an idiot?


Already been argued spammer.
This is a natsoc board.

No, you STATED that, you didn't make an argument of it.
And I immediately pointed out to you that such argumentation was blatantly disingenuous and false.

And there is nothing to suggest that to be the case, rather, there is much evidence to suggest that ethnicities would have been viewed as ethnicities and the European people viewed as a racial clade composed of ethnic categories.

That's literally what you did.

I don't have to do anything you dumb fucking monkey, it's all already happening.

With the technology of our times, the jess now have the ability to prop up economies, based on nothing, on literal thin air. It is becoming much harder for economic collapse and reset because of this type of instant electronic manipulation. Artificial inflation and market manipulation have kept the US economy afloat for the last 30 years, where it should have reset to zero, already. It will happen soon, though. Artificial scaffolding can only hold for so long until the tonnage of the inflated system finally tumbles. When it does, it will be glorious.

You do know anons can see through your bs schlomo?

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You point out the fallacies of their position.
Personally, based on the vague definition of National Socialism that most people accept here, I am indeed a staunch National Socialist except for my annoying ability to question our Lord and Savior, Adolf Hitler.
However, if some leftist faggot calls me a Gnat-see, the way I'd usually retort is In your opinion I'm a Nat-sea. You're only saying that because I'm White. "Nazi" is just a racial slur you spew at White people who question White Genocide. You say you are anti-Nazi. What you are is anti-White.
That generally shuts them up by overloading their NPC-brains with positive information.

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Yes, my point was that NO POLITICAL SYSTEM can survive that kind of pressure into perpetuity, AND that ANY AND ALL SYSTEMS will espouse what you've described as contributing to downfall as the consequence of people not being equivalents in vision.

China is still extant though. Probably as a direct consequence of their authoritarian policy positions inhibiting the capacity of this 'factional infighting' to cause too much havoc, unlike whats being seen in the US and other Western countries wherein such infighting has become foundational within the political system, leading inexorably towards demise.

I argue that, in fact, the authoritarian policy positions of many authoritarian states that still exist are primarily what is keeping them in extancy; however, acknowledging that no system of governance could stand up to a military assault of significant power (a strong kick on the door) combined with economic recession.

That's actually the opposite of the case of what I've observed, with authoritarian systems keeping such conditions from exploding out of control as is currently transpiring in the West.

This is an inevitability, merely representing a spectrum of propensity towards such outcomes.


Churchill and the people before were still in on it.
And no he didnt start a war and if were going to come to that logic, poland technically did by having replacing polduski's with a (((puppet))) and loading it up with propaganda and than provoking germany to war despite told many times not to harm the germans.

He didn't though, and you've failed to demonstrate otherwise in any capacity whatsoever.
I never said it did, I said that the European aka 'White' race was viewed as a racial category with ethnicities composing it.
Which was the view of the National Socialists.

The idea that National Socialist Germany claimed or believed that each European ethnicity was its own 'race' is simply faulty, let alone that these ethnicities should demonstrate no solidarity or cohesion in optimal conditions, and I request you demonstrate otherwise with evidence as opposed to mere claim.

I remember seeing, quite recently, a wonderful graphic demonstrating the National Socialist view with regards to ethnicity in Europe. If someone happens to have it available, please post it.

>poland technically did by having replacing polduski's with a (((puppet))) and loading it up with propaganda and than provoking germany to war despite told many times not to harm the germans.
Technically, the UK and France did, by giving the poles the belief they could do it and have support against any incursion against them.
I don't blame the poles nearly as much as the Allies, on the same basis I don't blame the Russians as much as the Jewish Bolsheviks for what transpired in that instance.

Pilsudski died in office.
He was succeeded by some military guy. If that's being a "puppet" then Hitler was a puppet for taking over after Hindenburg died.

Stop talking out of your ass. That makes no sense at all. By that logic, Hitler started the war by taking power in Germany.
Less emotional retorts. More logic please.

I'm so lonely..

Depends on how you go about it I suppose.
Lots of people question certain aspects of what Hitler said or did - its how you go about doing it that dictates the response you'll receive.

I've never seen that route ACTUALLY shut someone up, though I've seen it attempted many times.

Then go out and talk to some pretty girls, pussy.

I advise you take up running. Get in shape. Go running in the park without a shirt on.
That's what I started doing and I have to swat these cunts off with a fucking stick.

I dont have such a thing prepared, so I just have to trust people reading this are educated enough on this subject so they see that you are full of shit.

It generally works for me. They get disoriented. I doubted it would work until I tried it in person. Obviously it doesn't work on the internet but IRL it does if you retort with confidence and laugh at them while doing it. It either sends them into a daze or breaks their PC-fuse and they go nuts.
Both are productive responses as far as I'm concerned.

No, the purpose has always been advocating for National Socialism. Zig Forums has always promoted being fit, articulate, ubermensch representatives of the race and mocked being the stereotypical skinhead shown on tv though reaction to optics-cucking probably makes some feel like it's a good thing so as not to be associated, but first and foremost advocating National Socialism and truth no matter what the normalfags think. Our mutual enemies are still visualizing that we're all dumb rednecks somewhere, and that's the detriment to them, not us, as it gives us an element of surprise and power. To the average person if you are this way and conduct yourself well and advocate NatSoc positions passionately, it makes them think, "Hey maybe those Nazis weren't so bad"

You cannot hope to have white identity without first rehabilitating NatSoc Germany

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No shit pilduski died in office, I am pretty sure somewhere that the uk were using poland as a tool to get the war they wanted.
The moment hitler privatized the central banks (((they))) were not going to let him get away with it.

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Hate to break it to ya bud, but I think they're going to come to a different conclusion.

Perhaps, but I've never witnessed such a thing.

I've seen it tried in person, but all it drew was laughter and immediate dismissal ala "You really ARE a NAZI!". Granted, those I was it applied to were not an optimal stock for such efforts.

Hah, I made that.

based and objective-pilled.

but also gay for dismissing your brothers as having a less nuanced understanding of National Socialism as you do.