The Looming War with Iran

Iran War Thread

To any who observe US foreign policy, it appears to be a fait accompli that the US will be at war with Iran fairly soon. By its own admission, the US has been engaged in a "maximum pressure campaign" to effect regime change in Iran. This isn't the first sanctions campaign against Iran, although it is the most comprehensive, and Iran has shown no signs of yielding to the pressure.
The secondary aim of this pressure campaign has been to bait Iran into war. Although this isn't admitted outright, a sanctions campaign was used by FDR to bait Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor. Thus far, Iran has resisted attacking US troops or allies in the region, although it has shown itself capable of long-range precision strikes, and its numerous proxies (over 100 of them) are broadly dispersed in and near areas where US forces operate.

The question here is: what happens next? Can Iran withstand the campaign? Will the US or it's allies go the Gulf of Tonkin route and kick off the war with a false flag? Will Iran and it's proxies attack the US in Iraq or Syria? Will it's proxies retaliate by attacking Israel or the US homeland? Speculate and discuss.

Archives and news links are omitted here as the breadth of the war campaign obviously includes propaganda as well.

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Why Iran now, can someone explain?
Who has the benefit here?

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OP here on my phone. I had to give up the family computer.
Iran has been on the list of "bad countries " since they overthrew the Shah in 1979.
Probably because all other efforts at effecting the political situation in Iran have failed.


that shit gets so fucking boring, as if religion does something mean in the high ranks of the elite

Highly unlikely given Iran's close relations with both Russia and China. If the United States demonstrates clear intention to go to war with Iran then either Russia or China will probably draw up a quick satrap-sorry, "alliance" - agreement and force Iran to sign it.

What's more likely is an escalation of intervention in Syria or reinvestment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(((who))) indeed. Actually, the most likely culprit in this particular scenario would probably be Saudi Arabia. Israel has had a long history of problems with Iran albeit nowhere near the degree of rivalry between the US's "Arab Allies" and Iran.

By and large, Israel has satisfied it's border situation. If someone is going to get rogered for the happy merchants, it's going to be Assad.

Israel for taking out the biggest threat to its regional hegemony
Glow-in-the-darks as revenge for muh geopolitics circa half a century ago
Bankers and oil companies for the investment opportunities the war creates (war debt and opened markets)
the Military Industrial Complex for the chance to sell the United States (and the rest of the world) more weapons it doesn't need
Trump through the Jewish campaign donations and (initially) favorable coverage in the press he'll receive
The Media for creating something to report on for slow news days
The useful idiots on the Left for giving them an opportunity to LARP like it's Vietnam


The short version is that a US invasion of Iran will be Afghanistan 2.0, with Korea level casualties as long as the Iranian state holds out and Vietnam-tier for what little time the occupation lasts. Also, the Mideast will literally explode in civil wars and insurgencies because a Likudnik crusade against Iran will ignite the long-awaited, barely suppressed Sunni-Shia war which turned genocidal in Iraq after the rise of ISIS and is liable to erupt along the length of the Persian Gulf (eastern Saudi and Bahrain in particular) even without Iranian interference.

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Lurk more. If you spent more than five minutes here, you'd know Jews are an ethnic group first, iconoclasts second, rent-seekers third, and a religion last.

It's their money, cohesiveness, and intelligence gathering capability, not their religion, although religion and culture play a role.

uhhh bros, why was the site down

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Israel won a war against the arabs. The arabs still want to destroy Israel.
Every vaguely organised Arab country with an army is seen as threat to Israel's existence.
That's why the Iraq, Libya and Syria have been destroyed. Iran is obviously next, the last independent large Arab, except maybe Egypt but not really.


OP is another heeby-jeeby faggot. No war is going to happen against Iran, as much as OP wants that to happen.

The Arab allies are puppets and are no the source of the enmity against Iran. During the Khashoggi fiasco, Saudi Arabia threatened the US with mending relations with Iran if the US refused to back down on the pressure.


israel wants to occupy lebanon. they have attempted this at least 4 times in the last 40 years. every single time they have been pushed back by hezbollah. hezbollah is supported by iran and supplied by the iranian revolutionary guard. in 2013 it was labled as a terrorist organization for its support of Assad's forces during the Syrian civil war. And this year the iranian revolutionary guard was labled as a terrorist organization for supplying hezbollah. iran is called a "state sponsor of terror" exclusively for its support of hezbollah.


Seb Gorka is so diamonds for this. He's playing [thread theme] to intro his ((America First))) radio show

regime change in Iran would remove that support for hezbollah and make the annexation of the West Bank easier. Netanyahu promised to annex the West Bank during the election. I think Israel is going to go for a final solution with the Palestinians.

This is a key video.

They have to or else they will be outnumbered.

The economic sanctions are crippling atm, 40% of GDP comes from oil, Iran has to do something to survive. Their hand is already being forced.

Quite possibly:

If someone started lobbing shells into your back garden, wouldn't you?

We should really re-frame the discussion into how we can help to stop this bollocks. The populous is distracted with debt, long work hours and slivers of entertainment.

If I could think of something to stop it, I would, only for the lives of my countrymen under arms.
The best we could do is catalog the event, much like what happened with the India/Pakistan flare up.

gulf of tonkin type incident soon.

Fun fact.. the "threat" was revealed to the United States by Mossad….

This whole thing reeks .

Purp - is this your post?

But the CIA are the ones that overthrew the Shah? Jimmy Carter is despised by Iranians because he financially backed the Islamists

Why not the Saudis?
or are they really crypto jews?

Well then you better fucking hope fucking Iran doesn't have fucking nukes. Or we're fucked. And are dicks and are pussies are all going to b all covered in shit.

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I've seen this argument, but it never made any sense, so I dismissed it as disinformation. The Shah was installed by the CIA and a loyal ally of the US. Why would they get rid of him?

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Get out.

there's an Israeli policy document from 1982 that basically set out the last 37 years of warfare in the middle east

US and Israel has wanted to take Iran out for almost a hundred years, if there is any change lately to cause a new strategy it would be Kushner's peace plan and US shale oil. US needs to take Iran's manufacturing capacities out so they can control the price of oil to make their oil profitable, Venezuela is for Saudi Arabia so then can do an IPO of their state owned company.
The US is essentially cutting off Iran and Venezuela stopping them from importing oil and basically killing them via starvation, the hope is they provoke war so they can justify to the world their invasion plans.

Pretty straight forward really.

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there was a far reaching propaganda campaign presented by the brits and yanks portraying the shah as a brutal dictatorship that tortured his own people despite the fact the shah mostly only tortured the islamists threatening the country, there are even interviews with his torturers who are utterly perplexed by the accusations.
he fell out of favour with the west I can't remember the reason I got pretty deep into a rabbit hole of angry iranians throwing documents at each other and vid links on youtube.

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Stop listening to LARPers and start educating yourself on foreign policy. Find the sources of whatever Israel-firster hot takes get printed in whatever you consider a reputable news source and go upwards until you find the policy institutes that churn out analyses of past and current events to attempt predictions of and understand the reasoning behind the domestic and foreign policies of America's enemies. These papers and studies significantly influence future American policy, particularly when the alumni of said institutes get into an administration - there's no better illustration of that than the Project for a New American Century.

You can write every single thing in your pic relateds off immediately when it leans on the bin Laden raid hoax to sell Clinton's "treason". Osama bin Laden was dead at Tora Bora.

This is Trump's way of accelerating, if the war with Iran happens Trump will secure another term. The general public will permanently stop trusting the politicians and they would collectively know it is all the Jews behind it,they would go full minecraft.

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We're not going to war with Iran and I don't even like Iran but even I hope it survives.
The US is just going to increase violent rhetoric about Iran and nothing else. Trump's presidency would be fucked if he invaded Iran.

If the Hillary child trafficing and satanic blood drinking ritual theories turn out to be true I win a £20 bet


I don't think he cares. He might be fucked financially if he doesn't invade Iran. He gets bailed out by Rothschild and his businesses lose money.




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Being a wartime president is the greatest honor a president can earn. And there's no way he will lose to some sandniggers. And because Iran is Shia, most muslim countries won't care enough to oy vey. It's a win-win. This could be the beginning of the race war. I can feel it. This is the one everyone's been waiting for.

False flag -> WAR = Instant 90% approval rating.

This president ran on pulling out of wars in the middle east and the other half hates him like a 2 year-long period

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This isn't the 2000s anymore, user. Draft is obsolete, we drone warriors now.

You spoke too soon:

Just have a look at Bush's approval rating pre and post 9/11

False flags aren't what they once were. We live in the information age and too many people doubt them. They try to bridge the gap with censorship, but even that is getting played out.

My biggest fear is the so-called “Iranian terror cells” in the US. I smell a dirty false flag used to justify further clamping down on the population by the feds, further entrenching of the police state

My bad. I forgot about the democrats. They will never let Trump go to war because then there will be no election.
Anyway, you don't have to be afraid, user. You won't get drafted because there will not be any fucking war and we will never get to see Israel getting nuked by Iran.

Jews want total control over The Silk Road.

On the bright side it'll be cathartic to hear the commies and soyboys that listen and believe the media torn between the obviousness of an Iranian false-flag (compounded by their hatred of Trump) and the media telling them that there was no false-flag and anyone who thinks that there was is basically a Flat-Earther. That and a lot of ZOGbots will die in the war. Too bad about the Iranians though, they're easily the least shit of non-Eastern Asia

If they're jew masters tell Congress they want a war, then congress will give them a war.

You're retarded.

When did this purported Davey Crocket Nuke actually get set off ?

How fucking new.

Read Iraq intelligence document about wahabbi and their royals. You should know this if you lurked.

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>(((who))) indeed. Actually, the most likely culprit in this particular scenario would probably be Saudi Arabia.
Stopped taking you serious there. The Jews are responsible and this entire board knows it. Get the fuck off this board.
Saudis are literal puppets of the Jew

Nigger literally nobody wants a fucking war with Iran except Jews and oligarchs. White men die in wars. Period.


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The Goyim Know

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Vietnam and World War 2 killed so many white men that the 1965 immigration guaranteed a White minority today.
A war with Iran would kill several hundred thousand white men.
Kill yourself turkroach

Trump. Literally. Failed. A. Coup. In. Venezuela.
You are fucking dense.

I wonder how the goyim knowing will affect the war plans. If goyim know in the comments, the military goyim also know.

why can't israel just fight its own damned war?

If the US has military based surround Iran. Crimea is strategically important to Russia because of it being a warm water port and year round accessible. Russia also has access to Caspian Sea. The US would likely try to fight Iran without provoking a military response from Russia who could impose naval dominance in the region.

The US has 1.3 million active duty troops and 800k in reserves.

Iran just has 500k+ active duty personnel. 300k reserves. Here's the kicker. Iran can muster 7-9 million volunteer fighters if they need to. Given the terrain and the industrialization level and military advancements of the Iranians it would be a bad show if a conflict like this took place.
A conflict like this would weaken the United States. We'd probably need to reinstate the draft. Good luck with that. I think at this stage of the game people would refuse to fight if they there were not shitstorm of propaganda to manufacture consensus.

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can't you just recruit all the chollos?

Because your elected representatives are owned by Jew money.


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Because Israel literally owns USA since 1800s at least. The population just wasn't aware of it and still isn't. Israel = USA. When USA sold its soul to satan in 1940s. I consider that to be the ultimate Game Over as far as USA is concerned. Americans too proud to see the truth which will be its demise. Only a handful knows the truth like some who comes here.

It's up to God almighty now what it wants and allows Satan to do. God works through the people.

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Ronald Reagan pulled them out after that, but I'm convinced Zognald will just throw more goys in the shredder.

Who here other than my retarded ass thought we be in war with china before iran.

I stopped thinking this after the first few months of Trump.

Yeah he bombed Assad after 4 months in office. It was apparent then he was a kike pawn. Any holding out for hope was misguided after that


War with China? They have ICBMs and could throw a nuke and kill some elite.

Wars are fought by disposable poor people.

Yet mass rapes and killings by shitskins get ignored and suppressed. You have too much faith in the average retarded that sucks the medias cock. Look at the suppression of Newtown and how that school was a moldy ass crumbling school yet here we are.

What's with the new faggots like this? Why would you sacrifice your own when you have others willing to die for your kike shit?

I wouldn't be so sure the false flag thing hasn't filtered down to the unwashed masses already. Normies use the phrase nowadays.

Why would China and Russia let the US destroy Iran.

Sabotage the war effort from within.

Lurk 200 years before poasting

It wouldn't be a bad thing if the first grenade Joe Snuffy throws is into the Commanding Officer's tent. I imagine it will be "joint" mission with an Israeli commander anyway.

As an accelerationist I am cheering for this:
A) USA loses
B) Massive political strife at home
C) Israel in grave danger

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ZOGbots aren't white. They're trannies, gays, niggers, spics, and flips. Being a ZOGbot is the most dishonorable thing one can be and being a ZOGbot supporter is the second-most dishonorable. Being a kike is a close third. I have to respect that kikes look out for their own evil interests and I have no respect whatsoever for ZOGbots or their enablers.

t. tranny

They are mostly poor and white.

You cease being white once you become a ZOGbot.


checking less obvious repeating numbers

there's no reason why enthusiastic human beings can't use yet another greater israel war as motivation for removing (((the ethnic group))) behind israel from the united states government.

Many of them don't have other opportunities, and are poorly educated. Add in the patriotard propaganda and the non-cash benefits and it's hard to resist.
From personal experience, 1 in 20 or fewer soldiers were there for ideological reasons while most were there because of poverty.
This is good news, because most soldiers would rather throw that grenade in the kike's tent and walk off the battlefield than die for Israel.

Not much we can do except make people aware at how dangerous the situation can get, and hope to spur on massive anti-war protests. However China is the one with the greatest leverage here, followed by Russia. They'll have to make a rather aggressive move to establish a line in the sand. No more sidelines or subtlety this time, a rather blunt message. Personally I think if either of them has a paradigm shifting technological trump card to play, now would be a good time to hint it with some tests.