Would you kill Alan Turning ?

There's something I don't understand about your hatred for every single gay person despite his achievements.
If for example we exterminated every gay person that ever lived on earth regardless of his achievements or contribution to history and Science, there would be a definite gap in today's scientific breakthroughs and technologies..
One of the most notable examples is Alan Turning, perhaps the founding father of computer science, if somehow we had a brilliant young man like him today who's able to add to our present technology what he added back then, but he was also gay, would you kill him ? you do realize that this is counter productive right ? If you value science then you should accept him.
How do you deal with this ?

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It's a jews praising Einstein for being a thief tier thread and thus you are now HIDDEN.

I don't mean the current state of the west, I mean the NatSoc utopia you're trying to build, in which homosexuals are killed no matter what for degeneracy.
And yes, fags DO have a good contribution to Science

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This entire board is being tossed around like a whore. You don't really think there are groups of people who are paid to make threads like this, do you?

Guys I'm one of you.
I'm just saying this confuses me..
Homosexuality is degeneracy and should be exterminated but at the same time there are some very useful fags out there

The story of Turing reminds me how giant intellect doesnt equal common sense.

He thought it was a sensible idea to call the police on his boyfriend. Who he thought was stealing from him or something. Even though he knew full well being gay would be punished far more severely than stealing.

Sexologists, woman's studies, psychologists, global warming frauds, sociologists, economists, anthropologists, more sexologists and psychotherapists
If I were to put all that jewish marxist shit into brackets properly I would take days typing this reply.

This thread is shit, but I'll bite.
Right now, you are praising a faggot for discovering something that exists whether he finds it or not. That's the problem.

1. You're assuming that if the faggot never discovered it, it would never be discovered. That's stupid and wrong. Most discoveries are made by a plurality of individuals, usually by similar routes, but credit only goes to one person. AG Bell and the telephone is a good example of multiple inventions but a single attribution.

2. Praising faggots only leads to more faggots. By putting the faggot on the pedestal, you only encourage faggotry. Sending the clear message that all faggots will be eliminated, no matter what they do or who they are, drives faggotry far away and robs jews of potential golems.

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This is a really naive way of thinking. Pointing to the extreme exception of someone who has a certain trait, doesn't mean we can't act against that trait. The removal of degeneracy from society far outweighs the benefits one Turing can provide. In a fact being in a well-traditioned society, men of genius are more likely to be led into positions in which they can change the world than in a disordered society.

Faggots typically don't reproduce, so as long as they don't act effeminate and set a bad example to normal males, they can hang around and make themselves useful.
The context also matters. Roman non-military citizens caught taking it in the ass would certainly not be respected or seen as manly, but afaik wouldn't be killed.
On the other hand, legionaries caught in the act would be stoned to death by other soldiers.

Yes, it would help the nazis win.

This is the thing. Nobody went after Turing until he started pushing his gay dramas in to the public eye.
Then they gave him drugs to help him concentrate more on computers than mens bottoms. Sadly not thinking about mens bottoms caused him to kill himself. But the intention was to help him and stop him being a drama queen.

you dont seem to understand its not hatred its disappointment and shame paired with grief about losing brothers and sisters to not making offspring

Nigger the world's first real computer was made by a German under Nazi germany
And even if Alan was a disgusting fag he was still a white man, so being a fag won't change the fact that he had the intellectual capabilities to contribute to Science

Hating individual faggots is largely a waste of time. We have to hate what produces faggots in the first place, and that is ZOG-culture and capitalism.
The faggot-identity has become an existential linchpin of "America." People only understand what a faggot is, and how to be a faggot, because Hollywood constructed the faggot-identity in the first place. This is something even admitted by faggots who are self-conscious of it; see the excellent article The Myth of the Fag Hag and Dirty Secrets of the Gay Male Subculture by Rohin Guha.
Christfags that run conversion therapy outfits aren't interested in curing faggots. They're only interested in parting money from fools at best, or at worst, turning faggots into faggots for Jesus (like the Christian woman).
Revolutionary White Nationalism will stomp out the faggot identity permanently, because it is already possible to determine which male children will grow up to become faggots early on. They will be identified by the school system, and singled out for psychological experimentation.
I myself think it is pretty self-evident that homosexuality is a form of early-onset autogynephilia. The prepubsecent male child hasn't begun to sexually festishize women the way post-pubescent boys do, and so instead comes up with an child's fantasy of what they think makes women horny. This is sexual object is a hyper-masculine male, and so to imagine the feminine state of sexual arousal, they conjure up an image of the hyper-masculine male, which then becomes their own erotic fantasy object. This is a psychological process that can be disrupted in the young male, but it has to be done early on if there is any real chance of success here.
If that fails, revolutionary White Nationalists will simply force would-be faggots to get their dicks chopped off and turned into women early on. There aren't going to be faggots after we destroy that thing called "America," one way or another.

Gays are fine so long as they support agenda of curing gayness. Also so log as they arent pedo degens. So almost none of them.

I'd rather live in 1800 England with no computers but also no niggers and faggets then in modern England with computers and rape gangs and rampant faggotry

Devil's advocate.
Homosexual acts are the purview of Kompromat- before progressing to more iniquity, faggotry is first in line.

Would I kill a hyperintelligent white man who was gaslit into homosexuality?


That was an electromechanical computer that never served a function. Its arguable whether it technically worked at all.

Turing created the concept of the modern programmable computer.
Which was then used to create the first electronic computer (using thermionic valves) which was used to crack the German enigma codes, and later Russian encryption. Colossus worked from 1940 to 1970 in a vital capacity. Which is far longer than most computers run today.

No one in science is indispensable. Behind every great name you know are half a dozen who were going to invent the exact same thing mere months later. The idea that you absolutely need one faggot or all of computer science comes crashing to a halt is absurd

These anons get it. There will probably always be an undercurrent of degeneracy in any given society. It's just how humanity works. However, as long as that degeneracy is socially unacceptable and punished severely, it will stay deep underground and its impact will be extremely limited. This is how the vast majority of human societies worked until we entered clown world in the 20th century. Once we return to such a model, most geniuses will be smart enough to focus on their work instead of flaunting their degeneracy, and so society will be able to benefit from their work while not being harmed by their flaws.

That is very true. Although it doesnt really address my post at all.

Tommy Flowers built colossus. He was never allowed to talk about it due to the official secrets act.
Turing invented the concept, but Flowers put it in to practice. Inventing many of the features and concepts of the modern computer as he went. They did the entire thing in the space of a couple of years, with a war on. Standing in 2 feet of water in their worshop.

Flowers went on to work in the US on stuff like ENIAC. But he was never allowed to tell his story until very recently.

3. He didn't made his achievements because he was a homo. It didn't make his research any better in any circumstance.