Trump Hate/Vent Thread

This thread is a place for Anons to be critical about Trump.

I'm a 70 year-old veteran and my health, it ain't too good. During Trumps campaign, things were blazing. The (((Alt-Right))) had a worldwide movement going. Suffice to say, things were looking promising. Welp, now all my hope is gone. I will die watching my country die from being drowned in foreign scum. My only prayer now is that my children continue on the white race and my descendants make it out the other side in one piece. All I can say regarding the general political situation right now is fuck Trump. He's nothing but a con-artist and he fucked forever the former greatest nation on earth. And for what? Shekels? I hope that fucking Kike gets what is coming to him. We all know he deserves it.

Embed is a red pill on (((TRUMP))).

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trump sucks just as much jewish cock as any other president in the past 100 years has

No, he is easily the most over the top in the nation's history. It's so blatant and desperate it makes me think their position is more tenuous than assumed.

I'm not sure. I think he may be using Nikola Tesla's secret tech to suck Kike cock in multiple dimensions at once.

that's a good thing

He sucks way more.
He sucks as much as jewish dick as he were a jew

Only if you youngins have the guts to pick up your God-given arms and blast some fucking kikes. At this rate, I have more hope for Australians.

I actually wish that Hillary was elected in 2016. Sure it was fun to watch all the hillshits have mental breakdowns when she lost, but the right was ready to go to war if she won. Now we'll have to endure eight years of Biden or whoever just to build up enough steam, while the demographics keep tipping in the enemy's favor.

People's excpectations are very high. There was bound to be disappointment with Trump. Even if his intentions are pure 14/88, he has the entire deep state, the media, and half the country after his ass 24/7.

What could he do even if he wanted to? And of course he is less than perfect anyway. trump's biggest achillies heel is he doesn't understand how far things have already progressed. His solutions might have been on-target 20 or 30 years ago. Slap 20% tarrifs on China? Sounds great, but US factories don't just spring up like magic…it takes time. And are connor and Madysyn with degrees in medieval lesbian puppetry studies willing (or even able) to work lug-wrench assembly lines? Then there are all the unintended consequences, like farmers now being unable to sell soy beans to China or US technologists getting cut off from necessary Chinese rare-earth metals.

A wall? I'm all for it, but its not happening due to massive resistence. The best solution might to deploy troops and treat it like an invasion, which it is, which means doing you-know-what. But nobody has the stomach for anything stronger than tear gas that close to home.

Remember Eisenhauer's parting speech and warning about "the military industrual complex"? Remember Kennedy's strange and vague "vast conspiracy" theory speech shortly before he died – some call it "the speech that got him killed"?

This is all beyond one man. It is a civilizational isssue.

PS: The economy is in the midst of cratering – nobody can say how bad it will get, but the "good times" (which were never all that great for most people anyway) are over for a few years at mininum. This means we will probably get Biden in 2020, and things will not be any better to say the least.

Moron. His capaign was almost entirely funded by Zionist Jews. You are a fucking pseudo-intellectual, nitwit. And your post is nothing more than a quick attempt to look deep thinking and piercing for head pats. Fuck off, loser.

Yeah, Trump was elected so he would start a war with Iran as democrats became too much pro-Muslim.

I am never voting for anyone again. But why shit this place up when there are a billion other places to whine?

OK, let's agree he is 110% Zionist. Are you areguing the opposition to his measures is "all part of his plan?"

Your entire post was horsehit because you don't know who Trump is. There are dozens of MSM articles and articles in Jewish rags highlighting exactly who Trumps donors were. They were all billionaire Zionists.

It's beyond clear that Trump was not our side from the beginning. You're clearly less intelligent than you think you are.

Trump can't wage a proper war with Iran. The U.S. doesn't have enough troops to do it properly. They could do a one and done bombing, but what would that achieve?

Fact: There are more people now than since Obama

Fact: What matters is what he really meant. Read between the lines, just like Brenton's manifesto

Fact: The wall was an esoteric metaphor for the bonds we built along the border

Fact: He's not flooding anything

Fact: Wars are a natural part of life, only soyboys don't want to fight in a war. Remember Brenton's sacrifice, if it means killing mudslime mohameds, then so be it. Only subhumans die against shitskins

Fact: His family is Aryan, proven by his children's phenotypes… you can tell how redpilled and racially superior they are by the shape of their nose #RaceRealism

Fact: He funded himself, that's just jew propaganda like Brenton being a handled asset or Breivik being a Masonic kike

Fact: They are white Americans

Fact: 2020 is coming!

Fact: higher immigration rates than obama
What did a cuckservative boomer zionist with a jewish family and donors and cabinet really mean? Hmmmmmmm.
Q-tard tier.
Except the USA with greasy beaners.
Real chads want to fight a war for Jews huh? Kek.
His children are not white. Most of them.
Kill yourself.

All whites should voluntarily emigrate to countries less hostile to them; see how long Zogmerica lasts without all the ebil white males. If the US wants to be a kike slave, they can find other golems to attempt to do their bidding. Then, when the country inevitably collapses under the weight of negro and spic stupidity, the white American expatriates can reclaim their birthright and finally have a white ethnostate.

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Grumpf has already converted his American dollars to Shekels. Most of the Dem and Rep congress have. Soon as America is toast they're all moving to Israel. I think that much is obvious. That's why Israel is the tech center of the world now.

He desperately tries to provoke this through
They even had Saudis/their own forces shooting up one of their ships in order to blame this on Iran, there even was a video leaked who show how this was a false flag.

Then we have

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Trump does

Hahahahaha ok

Hey Don u go in insult me presidanté. Trumpy bee taking dumpee on muzzy evil doers. Both based and redpilled 100% kek.

Faggot stormtardöes.

hello. im only talking to real people here with this question
regardless of what you feel for trump, does anyone believe OP. like seriously

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Fuck off beaner, you're afraid and just trying to cope

That's alot of cocks

No, gave himself away with the wording "suffice to say"

so all of Zig Forums threw a victory party on the election night despite knowing trump was pro israel
and then all of Zig Forums randomly selectively refused to vote for the people trump said were disloyal while securing him gains in the senate, even though they KNEW he was still pro israel!
god damn we sure got swindled….twice now! no more voting for me eh?

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damage control

No but I felt like shitposting


lul do you even realize this is all your fault? Unless you're a German vet.

Listen, I'm telling you, Golan heights, Syria, Iran. It's all 58d chess. Art of the deal 'n shit. You plebs just don't get it. Magaswag 2k19

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Good. You deserve it, cumskin.

Jews are superior to Hapas.

I'm in it to win it, happas for the supreme Court.

Jews are superior to the pile of shit that I just flushed down the toilet, I'll give them that.

Whoa bud, don't talk about shit like that.

Why the fuck do you have to lie about who you are faggot

((( )))
Hispanics are white, don't D&C our noble race

You have 99% of the internet to complain about him in that would happily signal boost you. Go there.

Hey to make you feel better we are gonna sage. To make you feel better I’ll give birth to 13 babies one day I’ll make you proud like how I would make my great grandpa proud. He wanted my mom to join the military she didn’t go. But on the other hand I don’t wanna support kikery by being a meat shield, that’s not what I stand for. Maybe I’ll join and then the moment I suspect I’m being deployed I’m gonna get pregnant and then continue to get pregnant for the next 10 years. Good plan?


Orange man GOOD

TRUMP 2020

I have never voted because it's obvious that none of the candidates would ever represent any of my views about anything. I watched the 2016 election and almost voted, and when Trump won I felt left out, but after he did nothing but Q bullshit for the last few years I said fuck it and converted to Judaism. It's obvious that Satan is the real god of this planet and it's obvious that Satan favors the Jews. The real God, which supposedly dwells in all our hearts, well Christians don't even know that God, they call it Lucifer, so by following a false external god, even the Christians are worshipping Satan. But I know the true God made this fucked up Satanic world and let Satan rule it, so as I see it making peace with Satan is the only way to make peace with God.
If it were up to me I'd bring back another flood and this time the waters would never receed. But since I have to live in Satanworld full of Satanjews I'm joining the Satanjews because at least they know the difference between a slave and a man. Men rule. Slaves obey. Jews rule. Goyim obey. Fuck it man. I love Satan. I love Jews. But I love the true God most of all, and wish he would stop fucking us over by letting Satan run shit.

You're more right than you know.

You can never go back user. The moment you posted here your fate was sealed.

Go back where? You are already in hell. You aren't going to be rescued by an external being. Jesus didn't kill Satan, in fact Jesus let the Jews kill him. So if you want to be holy let Satan kill you. Surrender to death. Jesus healed the ear of the soldier who arrested him. Jesus's God lived in his own heart. The real God lives in all our hearts. But Satan runs the planet. Jesus said My kingdom is not this world but the other. The Bible says "The god of this world blinds mens hearts so they cannot see the truth of Jesus Christ". I'm not afraid of anything because God's Word lives in my heart. But you all still live in Satanland just as God made you to. You will learn the hard way that this is how it is. The only real devil is your own desire. As long as a Jew can trick you into desire, you deserve it for not listening to God. You are not better than me. I've learned more than you.

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Trump could cum all over your face and you'd still beg him for four more years. You're not fooling anyone faggot.

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I am mad that Trump keeps the locations of wall top-secret to better fool invaders so that they can't get around them until he closes the gaps. I realize it it for national security but if he would just tell us where some of the wall is we can show those doubters he built so many thousands of miles already.