The radical plan to change how Harvard teaches economics

Harvard Economics 101…

Gregory Mankiw's class -
The idea is to impart a basic theory that things like minimum wages might hurt more than help. A best seller, Mankiw’s introduction to economics has set the tone not just at Harvard but for how Econ 101 is taught across the country.

Raj Chetty's class -
Focuses on the roots and consequences of economic and racial inequality. There’s little discussion of supply and demand curves, only a set of empirical papers. Of the 12 papers students are required to read, 11 were released in 2010 or after.

Economics is about be conformed into radical Marxist indoctrination… Just saying…

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Economics has long been veering Marxist because Marx provided an entire theory of history based on economics, whereas capitalist economics could only provide reactions to these ideas.

Marxism isn't just communism, but a theory of history.
Spengler was the ultimate anti-marx, not rothbard or mises. Once you root your entire understanding of society in economics, something akin to Marxism is inevitable.

Remember when the leafs wanted feminist trade?

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Mankiw is a (((neoliberal))) (((keynesian))) faggot. Raj Chetty is straight up a autist nigger retard.

Rothbard and Mises are part of the Gentile Mengerian Austrian School of economics, which completely refuted (((marxism))). Eugen Bohm Bawerk for example wrote a book destroying marx for what he was.

Economics isn't a science so I'm not surprised. Even the prizes for economics don't make sense. Constantly given to paradoxically opposed theories and theorists.

Capitalism existed before Marx was born and his entire weak Hegelian thesis was based on his reaction to capitalism and a laughable material understanding of history no real historian takes seriously.

>[Jews] have in them deep-rooted instincts that are antagonistic and therefore repulsive to the European, and their presence among us is a living example of the insurmountable difficulties that exist in merging race characteristics, in making cats love dogs

And near the end of his life, Keynes rejected his own theories because 1) he knew it would be abused by kikes for evil 2) he actually learned maths knowing it's a mathematically impossible unsustainable system.

Very poorly. Great example of a Harvard student's expectation of quality: e.g., very low. No wonder your Industrial Dsign graduates are fucking failures compared to community colleges or art schools. Even Devry and Art Institute produces greater critical thinkers than your shit school, and all those kids are druggies.

It's literally just a foreign tribe who's butthurt about imperialism, and wants to be leeches by convincing whites to stop acting in their collective interest.

Marx ignored central economic problem.

In 1801 in Paris Volta gave a demonstration of his battery’s generation of electric current before Napoleon, who made Volta a count and a senator of the kingdom of Lombardy. The Austrian emperor Francis I made him director of the philosophical faculty at the University of Padua in 1815. The volt, a unit of the electromotive force that drives current, was named in his honour in 1881.

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Neoliberal vs Marxist. Two sides of the same shekel. You are implying that a model that's being replaced by Marxism was any better than Marxism, which is not true, at least long term. It's equally harmful.


Thanks for sharing buddy, but what does it have to do with Economics?

Wait, might you be abstractualizing the world as it was before the Proletariat revolutions? The people of Lombardy literally became Volta's property just because he performed a magic trick for Napoleon?

Of course, a literate genius must have been more rare than a freaking unicorn back then… and from what Humanity has learned about DNA and intelligence… maybe good old Volta actually deserved to be nobility…

At the same time, we should have sympathy for the Lanbardy serfs/slaves, but did those illiterate 90 I.Q. fucks really care who ruled over them? If you tries to explain that they were slaves, they would probably call you a witch and burn you…

Regardless… they were Human beings… but they will never advance without extremely harsh circumstances for centuries… maybe even multiple millennia…

Just a mere 100 years later, modern eugenics and Utopian megalomania nearly destroyed the world… Now, the majority of Humanity is devolving into some sort of domesticate 80-90 I.Q. slave species…

The real question is… have the Modern Elites actually earned their position as our lords and masters, or are they also just 80-90 I.Q. savages who rule through murder and subjugation? Are the current ruling elites actually stupid?

We can debate economics all day and get no where… Although, what no intelligent person would deny is that the majority of the civilized world is ruled over by a tiny, fringe, minority of ultra wealthy pseudo-nobility.

The real questions pertaining to economics should be about the style of economics… it should be about who rules over the economy. It doesn't matter what kind of economy we have if imbeciles are running our system, and it doesn't matter if the people running our system are competent either if they are wicked. Absolute power corrupts either way, and stupid and corrupt is just as bad as competent and corrupt.

Then again, we can't actually have a rational discussion if we can't even agree whether or not there even are ruling elites in the modern era… There certainly were 200 years ago. There certainly were 100 years ago.

What would have happened to all of the ruling elites for them to not exist today? Who the fuck are they? Why don't our political discussions ever involve them? If it is the Jews… which fucking ones? If it is just wealthy ass holes… who? Who the fuck are they? Why isn't there a list?

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All the roads lead to "Jerusalem"

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Then why is Jerusalem such a shit hole?

Minimum wages actually work fine as long as you have trade tariffs that discourage businesses from shipping overseas. Idiotic white traitors should have been helping out the white working class, now we are stuck with retarded social justice shit instead.

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Because reddit.
Because reddit.

redirects to the premium page

isn't the torygraph quite pro israhell?

found a couple talks from an austrian economist
your oppinion?


The domestic hiring market does more damage than the trade deficit. Trump abolishing affirmative action laws and HR departments would do more for white men who've dropped out of the labor force than Tump's tariffs ever will.


Marx runs on his own retarded version of exploitation - of which he says is inherent in the capitalist system. EVERYTHING is based on this idea of groupthink A vs groupthink B: Imperialism, Industry, Banking, etc. all run on this idea of exploitation of the prole vs the cappie.
So if you get rid of capitalism, you get rid of exploitation.
The problem is, historically speaking, it's fucking wrong. "Exploitation," as Marx would define such (and has done in the communist manifesto) has existed before even capitalism existed.
Moreover it also existed in soviet russia, mao china, etc.
So when the retarded lefties talk about how capitalism is founded on evil meanie imperialism, they're fucking retarded and conveniently forget about the imperialism of the commie faggots. But of course they would, because their imperialism is actually "freedom".
So either exploitation is independent of capitalism, and marx is wrong and has the wrong definition.
Or exploitation doesn't exist, and marx is still wrong.

Better the Labor Theory of Value than preaching that capitalism is a natural law of reality because of imaginary things called utils, which you're not allowed to assign numerical (cardinal) values to, only to rank, because it breaks the Pavlovian fantasy of liberal capitalists.

oh look another retarded commie who utterly fails to opportunity cost.
this dumbfuck actually thinks prices are determined by utils.

Economics is ultimately not a science.

The Labor Theory of Value is older than Marx.
They had to change Neoclassical economics to only allow ranking utils, because if you assigned them a numerical value, the whole house of cards would collapse.
'Utils' explain nothing except the fantasy of ZOG-lings. The Labor Theory of Value explains why the capitalists in that thing called "America" had to import millions of niggers into "America," because they couldn't make the Europeans do the work, even for sky-high wages compared to what was available in Europe.
It's also explains why the capitalists import spick labor into "America," after the niggers were freed and then themselves refused to do the work, just like the Europeans before them.
This dumb fuck things a bunch of Kikes sit in a room and decide prices based on imaginary graphs about information they can't possibly possess. Supply and demand curves exist in economic textbooks, meant for retards to believe in. They don't exist in reality, where prices are set according to the costs of labor and materials.

Literally all of that verbal diarrhea you just spewed is fucking wrong.
Prices are determined by opportunity cost.
You could be the most retarded person in the goddamn world (most commies are), and you would still be forced to operate within your budget set, and your retarded choices will have no effect on how the law of supply and demand function. These laws function based on basic arithmetic.

Wrong. Economists use game theory to make comparative relations between utility.
Wrong. Again, your imperialism garbage is just that - garbage. They were slaves because they had zero opportunity to be nothing else BUT slaves. It was mercantilism that caused it.
Again, you are a retard who doesn't know how opportunity cost works. I'm surprised though. Most of you faggots turn to "That's not communism" pretty retardedly quickly.

Nobody gives a shit about economics now, they won't in the future. It doesn't matter.

This is a National Socialist forum, ZOG-faggot. Capitalists forced integration with niggers on the White Nation, because they wanted a lower price for labor than European immigrants were gonna give them.
They had the opportunity to import niggers to do manual labor at a lower cost than Europeans, and the capitalists took it! This is why capitalism means you don't have a Nation.
Prices are determined by a capitalist after they look at their cost of labor and cost of materials. "Opportunity cost" is figment of the imagination, made to make idiotic Neoclassical economics say that capitalism produces the best possible world for everyone, cause forced integration with niggers and spicks is a great thing!
There is no such thing. Reality doesn't work the way ZOG-o-nomics professors say it does. There are no supply and demand curves in real life. There are no boardrooms full of people in suits setting down and looking a Power Point Presentations containing graphs and making decisions about the prices of the shit they're hawking. This is a fantasy, believed in by retards like yourself, who believe that thing called "America" is the greatest thing in the world, because they love niggers and Kikes.
Except it isn't wrong at all, and anyone can Google it for themselves if they want to know this dirty little secret of ZOG-o-nomics.
lol, look how hilariously stupid this ZOG-faggot is!
They were slaves because the tribes of niggers they belong to either sold their asses into slavery for some minor offense, or (more often) because a neighboring nigger tribe captured their asses and took them to the market for Kikes to purchase, who then sold in to capitalists back in "America," who had no problem forcing other Europeans to live side-by-side with niggers, as long it benefited them.
Neoclassical economics is a religion taught to stupid whites, to make them think they live in the best possible world of all worlds. Because slavery to Kikes and forced integration with niggers is just so great, don'tcha know!

And patently wrong. Marx was an armchair anthropologist and every theory he cooked up was proven wrong in the following century by actual anthropologists who discovered there was no magical communal society prior to the agricultural revolution.

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The ruling elite don't give a fuck about what is fact and what is fiction…

They only give a fuck about their totalitarian power.

Ah, it's this same East ZOG faggot again.

Tell me how does USSR have a nation when you have jews living in it, as well as niggers and tartars.

They achieve that by having a monopoly on violence.

Ideology matters jackshit.


They are controlled opposition, just like your baste muslim allies.

Even motherfucking Iran cries racism when their muslim pets get mistreated.

The thing about Marxism is that it does a lot of explaining about how the economy works, but the real end goal of science and the crowning achievement of any theory is prediction. Marx predicted that capitalism would collapse due to overproduction. It didn't, it hasn't and doubtful that it ever will. But people who believe Marx also believe in things like climate change studies saying the coastal cities will flood in 30 years, only for them not to, but still believe in it anyways and call skeptics dumb. Which is rather ironic.

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You got that right, the culture of America really does not resemble Canada aside from New England/the North.
Yes, even Hitler agrees.

There is no Marxist economy.

This is why every times it's put into action, it reverts to state corporation then private corporations, then now CEOs being politicians. Only dumbfuck reds think it's baste because they say it's "Marxism-Leninism".

Also, a fact dumb commie refuse to admit:

Japan is a capitalist, ZOG-state puppet government post 1945, yet it has the HARDEST immigration, even harder than USSR & China, and has a smaller nigger population than China despite its free market economy.

As always, the enemy is racial and cultural, not economic.

Even so, the Majority of cowardly idiots will always bend over when accused of racism.

You're going to find a strategy that works better. You need to find an effective method of manipulating the idiots.

The Fact is that your enemy will lie, cheat, and steal. There is no greater shame than defeat. You can't expect the general population to magically gain 50 I.Q. points…

You can lead a horse to water…
You can't polish a turd…

So the plan should be to make the word racism powerless.

Yes, I'm racist and it's natural to be racist.

That's all there is to it.

And communists fear racism even more than capitalists, whatever that means.


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Capitalism is a phantom invented by Socialist to justify their bullshit.

The word is about, there's something evolving,
Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving…
They say the next big thing is here,
That the revolution's near,
But to me it seems quite clear
That's it's all just a little bit of history repeating.
The newspapers shout a new style is growing,
But it don't know if it's coming or going,
There is fashion, there is fad
Some is good, some is bad
And the joke rather sad,
That it's all just a little bit of History repeating.
And I've seen it before
And I'll see it again
Yes I've seen it before
Just little bits of history repeating
Some people don't dance, if they don't know who's singing,
Why ask your head, it's your hips that are swinging?
"Life's for us to enjoy
Woman, man, girl and boy,
Feel the pain, feel the joy"
Aside set the little bits of history repeating
Just little bits of history repeating
And I've seen it before
And I'l see it again
Yes I've seen it before
Just little bits of history repeating

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a modern day race war a dialectics

Don't over estimate the idiots… You will literally just be proving the Leftists right as they take over completely…

The Church used to burn evil bitch feminist abortionist cunts; during the dark ages.

Leftists will not take power as long as they listen to the jews.

Only jews will hold power in a jew world.

Marx was a Jew and was fully funded by jewish bankers go read Bakunin's critique

It should be remembered that Keynes retreated from his views with time and became stridently anti-jew.

Closes door
Breaks off key in cylinder
Turns on gas
Takes pants off
Puts on head
Ppl start to get stressed

But that's wrong retard. Prices are determined by the subjective desires of consumers as well as the cost of production.