Right-wing arguments for homo toleration

I don't usually post on Zig Forums, but I was just curious about the strong anti-homosexual position. Is everyone here anti-gay? If not, is anyone familiar with the one or two far right thinkers who have made arguments in their defense, such as James O'Meara's book "The Homo and the Negro?" (This podcast lists some of the topics: starktruthradio.com/?p=221)

If so, do you think his idea is plausible? His idea is that both the right and the left manipulate politicized homosexuality as part of a grand hegelian divide and conquer dialectic.

I realize probably not since this is a fringe area, but I was just curious if anyone knew of his work or if there was any validity, or if there were any right-wing arguments against extreme anti-gay activism.

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No, fuck off.

Liking butt stuff is one thing, society destroying degeneracy is another. The inability of most retards here to not see a slippery slope in everything is why they remain irrelevant retards.

They are one and the same

O'Meara is a degenerate sodomite himself, so of course he's going to try and justify his perversions, just like Grindr Greg.

Pic related. He's at the bottom in the middle.

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Hirschfeldian Homosexualists were a mistake. State authorization granted to burn all books and related data.

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Out of curiosity, for the anti-gay people, would you be less hostile to homosexuals who agreed to not have anal sex or have anything to do with drag queens, gender-bending, and transgender activism ever again? Or is it more the very concept of having a same-sex attraction and relationship?

Homosexuals are filthy disease vectors with a degenerate, hedonistic lifestyle who have no stake in the future of a society due to the fact that they don’t reproduce. And arguments about “b-but it’s okay behind closed doors!” is Jewy too because what happens in private affects the public.

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Fags: indoctrinate and corrupt the weka into their illnesses mental and venereal.
Have unlimited time to outachievd because they have no burden to carry or time to balance with family.
Have no interest in the future, only in hedonia

Tolerance and liberty have always been right-wing values. But there is a difference between permitting homosexuality and gay love and permitting sodomy and gay marriage.

Anti-homo activists are just the flip side of LGBT crusaders.
In a healthy society no one would care, as the act does not create children.
Sex out of wedlock is a vastly more important issue which deeply affects the health of society.

Elevation of such material considerations to a point of importance can only happen in a society which has already lapsed deeply into materialism.

This is very true homosexuals only make a up a very small percentage of the population they have far too much attention paid to them.

Homosexuals destroy children.

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Less competition for females nya~
Females are naturally bisexual anyway, and I fail to see the problem nya~

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Homos are not a threat to the Aryan sub-species with the exception of the POZ freaks. Niggers, are a threat nya~

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You should keep it that way.

So Sparta was a culture of destroyed children?

Anti-homo was started by kikes, and then ended by kikes so they could combine it with anti-racism to promote their golem niggers. Race is the issue that matters. This is the only real lesson to learn from Zig Forums nya~

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To explain further: in our culture they destroy children.
But our culture is highly aberrant, the state has taken over the role of the family.
Child abuse is encouraged by the jewish government and academy.
You can't say "X is bad because it's bad in our current culture."
Well you can, but it tells you nothing about X.

How? A child up for adoption has already lost the lottery of life anyway nya~

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Feminism and LGBT are meant to divide and conquer the Aryan race. So far the 'right' has fallen for the trap. Race is the issue that should be focused on nya~

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The thing is i don't care if some dudes fuck eachother in the bumbum.
That's their business, but it needs to be in the closet.
Instead it gets promoted as the new cool in honkworld. Because HIV is the gift that must be spread to the masses.

I used to joke , oh well the more guys that fuck eachother the more women left to go around for the rest of us . But well that gets moot considering the amount fembots around.

No i can not see any reason why faggotry must be promoted.

Even if this is true (as it undoubtedly is in some form), what does that have to do with accepting homosexuality?
The homosexual identity is a modern construction of "American" capitalism and Hollywood. Faggots only know how a faggot is supposed to act because Hollywood gave them a template to model their own personalities off of. This is admitted by some of the more intellectual faggots quite openly. See the excellent article The Myth of the Fag Hag and Dirty Secrets of the Gay Male Subculture.
Not only that, but the homosexual identity competes with other types of male sexual perversions. There were no faggots in India, until the British got there and taught that what a faggot even was. Before that, they had something called hidjras, which we would today classify as trannies.
Faggots are politically savvy enough to not say this publicly (some do anyway), but they almost all think trannies are faggots with a mental disorder. They think they're faggots who refuse to accept their faggotry, and decide to pretend to be women instead. They think something similar about bisexual men; they're just faggots who refuse to admit they're faggots. Faggots are usually more open about this one.
The faggot comes to this conclusion because they have an underlying belief that they have faggot DNA, that their faggotry is an innate part of their biology. Nature wouldn't make trannies and bisexual men, so they come to the conclusion that they must be a malformed faggot, or a cowardly one.
I suppose this is all besides the point. Perhaps you're interested in the more strategic questions of opposing faggotry? Should we oppose faggotry on principle?
Some people hate faggots so much, that it will drive them to violence. Since what revolutionary White Nationalism needs more than anything is people willing to commit violence against the State, motivating them with a well-developed anti-faggot line could actually get these types of people on board with violence against the ZOG. It can be used to split people in the throws of religious nonsense, because the ZOG worships faggots and Kikes simultaneously. It's a way to forever troll the supporters of the ZOG.
What does accepting faggots get us? Nothing at all.

I regard much of teh anti-homo stuff as nonsense.

We're anti-faggotry, If you wanna fuck men, that's you business. If you hold a gay pride parade to influence children, you belong in the gas chamber.

Fuck off faggot

Met a spartan lately?

i will not entertain for a single second the notion that faggotry must be advanced, spared, tolerated or included. On what grounds should it be, what does it profit anyone to endure these mentally ill deviants with no impulse control? shall we big tent needle users too, or based niggers? preposterous in the extreme. I'm not one to advocate for destruction of them all in every case, I simply do not care what harm you do your ownself, but we are far past seeing that homosexuality is destructive for a society if not suppressed and forced to the underground or fringe at the least. in a more perfect world all such deviants would self segregate into fag communities with no outside contact until they all die of old age, yet they have proven to be incapable of being anything other than in your face 24/7 demanding worship, something I will tolerate from no one, not even Hitler himself. While feminism is probably a greater direct threat in terms of white birthrates nothing is gained by parading based homos about as having our approval.

I've met a few ugly lesbians that likely would be spinsters if not lesbians, they were not very aggressive or subversive and truly each seemed to hate women; they shared a common thread of being ugly/dumpy awkward girls rejected in formative years by existing female social circles for whatever reason, which then instilled in them a compulsion to dominate and punish the more effeminate girls. They were tolerable in the sense that they never drew my direct ire by championing their "lifestyle" or opposing my sermonizing. These were the girls that try to look like boys and their victims were roastie milfs pretending and trending. Lesbian for a week. I feel no urge to kill them but neither should they and their deviancy be paraded about as if we seek the approval of the godless disease vector demographic.

data mining to craft a nnew disguise i see. begone.

post hoc ergo propter hoc

Assuming bulldykes aren't miserable and drawn to authority jobs where they can do great damage

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If you can console yourself into tolerance or worse acceptance of fags. It's a marker for a dead culture

Like sluts and whores, they’ve always been around, containment is preferable as they can also readily be made an example of as to the dangers of each in a civilized manner. This is how you mitigate the pernicious effects of all three, not by wantonly murdering people for just being what they are.

They are, it’s insane how common this is, they’re always miserable and always use their unearned authority on jobsites to vent their frustration and bully others.

It's always a moving goal post. Pick the most unthinkable shit 10 years ago, and 5 years ago they were pushing it.

"How will gay marriage even affect you?" to entire TV shows dedicated to 10 year old drag queens dancing for middle aged men at gay clubs, and others showcasing how "brave" it is to chemically sterilize preteens then physically castrate them, while the neighborhood moms argue over whether to let her former-son's black boyfriend fuck his colon-wound while she's home.

There is no bright line, it's just normalizing the next fringe thing to push further into horrorville. No different than accepting just one more tax hike while "fair share" is never defined beyond "more than whatever we tricked you into last time".

They're already trying to take kids from parents who won't butcher them because they played dress-up. #LoveHasNoAgeBigot will be a 2024 issue.

This, unironically. It's only gay if you're an prissy fag who takes it up the butt. Nothing wrong with wanting to fuck traps.

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What do you mean by right-wing? If this is right-wing then I'm left-wing!
Bow down to nature, mother-fucker! Don't be a kike!

Trying to control the behavior is a mistake.
The solution is to change society so that the behavior no longer makes sense.
At the moment it makes sense to these men (or they wouldn't do it.)
The same applies to sluts and abortion.
You will never convince women to stop being sluts by appealing to their morality.
You can post 100 "men prefer this [woman wearing traditional dress and standing in a wheat field] vs feminist with hairy armpits".
It will accomplish nothing other than spurring on the behavior which is clearly getting your attention.
The solution to societal level problems, is to change society.
Make single motherhood stop making sense.
Make being a slut stop making sense.
Make fashion homosex and transgenderism stop making sense.

Hey. Zig Forums isn't right wing. We are all anti-faggot though. We are all anti-degeneracy as a rule.

Let's face it, to be gay is to be the ultimate cuck of the very essence of being a man. Imagine going through your whole life never experiencing real love with a woman, never being able to have real sex, and never being able to have children.

I mean really, imagine willfully going through your entire life having a "relationship" with a best friend, going through all those moments and all those circumstances and all those life situations yet all for nothing. It's like you never have really even lived in the first place.

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Sorry. Not my day to watch them. Maybe you can ask your local rabbi to put a team together to supervise your golems.


You are a special flake. Find a rope and a nice spot

Sparta could be better in many ways, you Hollywod retard! I thought that you would say more relevant shit like "and wut abut the romanz and guey greeks???", but in those examples it is clear homossexuality was enticed in the degeneration of their societies.

BTW, this board is "suddenly" filled with sodomites and shills. WTF? This shit glows in the dark so hardly!

Did you arrive here from Reddit? You write like a soccer mom.

As for your "point", it should be obvious that I'm referring to any of those cultures and merely used Sparta as an example.
If you want a contemporary example, look at the middle-east.
Islamic countries practise sodomy as a way to preserve the purity of their women, and give unmarried men a sexual outlet.
Islamic countries still have their women under control, a strong handle on tradition, and are in a vastly better position than the West when it comes to consumerism, materialism and the degeneration we see all around us.
So again, explain how sodomy "destroys children".

In the scheme of problems we face, homosexuality isn't even in the top 100.

go back to /b/, fags

Have you ever heard about eugenics?
I was never found to "make gays straight", I recognize nature makes its share of aberrations. The point is, nature makes a lot of things that it itself destroys shortly after. Recognizing homossexuality as "natural" is not the same as recognize it as healthy. Homossexuality is in direct contradition to the universal tendency to create human life and evolve it (aka, the Sky Father). In my opinion we should detect them in early childhood and apply euthanasia. That would get the couple rid of rising a genetic dead end and open space to healthy aryans.


Lobotomy has its place

The entire right and left are faggots to begin with (liberalism/individual rights).

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I don't mind either blacks or homos. What pol and most natsoc movements fail to understand is that every grievance we have against those groups trace back to the jews. Besides, the black-vs-white fighting is obviously pushed by the jews to we waste time and energy hating each other instead of focusing on the real enemy. Blacks and homos are not naturally subversive, not without help and conditioning of kike-controlled media.

Right, Jack Donovan has wrote about some of this in his book Androphilia, and O'Meara talks about this too.

And you could have a point about using homophobia as a tool for violence and social cohesion.

Basically, the idea of the Homo/Negro thesis is that a certain type of acceptance and tolerance of homosexuals (this doesn't apply to trannies and LGBTQ++ activism, necessarily) can be used to raise cultural creativity and intellectual and aesthetic standards.

OTOH, The militant opposition to homos may have the benefits you claim, but has hidden costs as well, namely the collapse of the above positive attributes. But if it's really true that violence will be the main factor, then opposing them is the logical conclusion.

But I need to do more research.


One thing I wanted to find out is if the Js were less able to subvert European societies before Christianity and state-enforced heterosexuality took root.

Well we have one or two anime posters here so we definitely have homos on this board.

Being, as gays are, unattracted to women, I think this one is par for the course.
Oh no, what a travesty. And just so you know I would willingly forfeit the chance to have kids just to have a single, lifelong friend who loved me

Hmm, call me old fashioned, but I prefer the whole 'freedom and liberty' thing that the Founders envisioned. And your belief that we should abandon natural selection by embracing artificial socially guided selection of humans is among the most totalitarian ideas I have ever encountered, and happens to form one of the ideological bases for the current Hegelian project to form a one world government where the Jewish boot will stomp on your face forever. I would rather embrace ecological humility in line with ecofacism. Letting people sink or swim on the basis of a natural selection for self-sufficiency, strength and intelligence by drastically reducing the welfare nanny state, and letting Nature, which is far wiser than man, select against psychopaths and antisocial personalities,
seems to be a eugenic policy enough, no need to actively invade the privacy of every citizen as the current plutocrats are trying to do.

Ethnic homogeneity is necessary for true philia within a population.

Tolerance for men who are privately affectionate with long time monogamous mates and the suppression of Hollywood faggot culture seems an acceptable policy. But I do believe that marriage is necessarily between men and women because the institution is meant for childrearing. The only reason any other definition of marriage made sense was because marriage became an economic and not a social institution, with special tax benefits, housing rules, medical insurance policies and the like.

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ITT cuckchan refuses to lurk and ruins everything with their cancer all over again

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Not promoting multiculturalism retard, I'm saying that promoting in-fighting while the jewish question hasn't been resolved is counter productive and does nothing but help the jews stay in control. Congratulations for being a kike puppet and promoting their little diversion tactics, retard.

Tolerance of homosexuality has a long-term eugenic effect as effeminate men and butch women will be less likely to reproduce. If those people are forced into sham marriages and have children like I'm the past they will spread their defects will harm the genepool.

I'm half a fag I'm still gonna have kids and shit but honestly will probably end up loving a dude. Fuck it.

I'm not against fags either I'm against it being used as a weapon and all that pride shit.

Most homos aren't fags but all fags are homos.

Its unfortunate.

Let me take a pragmatic stand instead of a prude or puristic one:
Why should our society waste resources on those members of our race that cannot reproduce without the aid of very expensive labour-intensive technology?

I don't know, I think family values social conservatism is on the way out. Once we have artificial wombs and gene editing in a couple decades tech the small percentage of gay married people can have genetic children too. The 1950s are gone and are never coming back.

You are not a fascist.
The people and the state are truly ONE! My idea is not totalitarian nor it ceasses to be, I just stated what would be better to the aryan man and what he should seek.
Those are individualistic nonsense concepts that the saxons used to subvert their norman elite and the jews made it into their tool.

You can't be far-right and pro-faggot simultaneously. Those faggots are larping as far-right to co-opt the swing to fascism.

There is no argument for faggotry in White nations but should be promoted in non-white lands A people cannot survive if they do not reproduce at replacement levels. By definition, homos do not regenerate. Unsatisfied with their own self-destruction, they think of fecaldick disease as a "gift" to endow to others. Faggots define themselves from cummies, thus justifying pedophilia, trans-fuckery, and other forms of unnatural sexuality. Faggotry is weaponized sex as a vector to destroy society.

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I'll admit I'm a fag. I definitely never bought into the left-wing LGBTQ+ agenda. I could try settling down with my trad redpilled b/f. Then again I could bed a wench or two if it would help.

What about the argument that not everyone has to reproduce all the time? I'm pretty sure they'll only be 1-3% of the population. There are other things people who are naturally childless can do to serve the state.

there are none

don't reproduce, there's already too many of you faggots.

Homossexuals are not only sexual degenerates. They are, in general, complete weaklings that serve nothing, or at least are worse off their fellow men.
Pls don't LARP as the based fag to me, just think about one society with a bunch of fags and one without them. What do you think is better?

Humanity isn't here to serve your particular brand of idealism.

In any case, just as you guys are good at redpilling young straight, white men that need to wake up and realize they've been cucked by feminism and marxism, I wonder if some of us could cryptically spread homofascist memes that will have the same effect for the few non-degenerate homo youth.

Like, instead of embracing nofap and avoiding porn in order to find the motivation to get a trad wife and raise strong white childre, if you just have to be gay, at least look into the ideas in Androphilia and this sort of thing:

Then again, maybe we should just drink Hemlock if the evidence shows this would serve the greater good.

I guess we do have some atoning to do for being pawns of (())

The easiest point to make is that importing third world hordes will undo every bit of homo "progress" tolerant whites allowed, and it won't be long until they're getting thrown off buildings in Minnesota and Michigan.

But what's the point in pandering to 2% of the population instead of waking up the productive majority?

You are precisely the sort of 'transhuman' nature hating Hegelian I am speaking of.
Your faith in the inevitability of your cause makes you closed to alternative viewpoints, dangerous to the rest of us and complacent. I hope you realize that creating utopia is a fools errand that is destroying everything that is good about being human.

You clearly haven't read Hegel. He believed, not in a natural view of competition and eternal struggle for life, as national socialists believe, but that the this struggle would eventually end with the establishment of a world state. Competition does not mean a lack of cooperation but trying to do away with suffering is a utopian ideal that would only be accomplished with the extinction of humanity, hence transhumanism. This monstrosity is necessarily totalitarian and evil, requiring unprecedented invasions of privacy, economic parasitism to support such an imperial bureaucracy unheard of and is the foremost cause of the attempt to miscegenate the world into oblivion. Any world state would split apart eventually into ethnic enclaves (i.e. nations) and so they are trying to avoid that by deracinating everyone from history and bloodline.

Any human society that is as close to 'perfect' as we will accomplish will require living with, and not against, nature. Anything else would require extinction to satisfy their impossible standards. That is why I oppose the Jews, because they are forcing their stupid ideas on all whites and if we lose that fight, it's not like Jews will have paradise. Jewish utopia would be so unbelievably hellish and I don't want any part of it. So yes, the problem with the Jews is that they are totalitarian, meaning they will not tolerate any opposition to their plans, and will attempt to impose their will on us at all costs.

Because this is just one of any number of fracture points they have identified by datamining here. The same reason why they start white sharia threads and try and exaggerate national socialism into ETHNOGLOBE where we are literally cartoon neonazis.

You should be doing this regardless of your sexual preference. Using pornography as a vector for implanting nationalist ideals seems highly counterintuitive.

Sigh….The Right reject the concept of homosexuality as identity.

If we allow homosexuality then we must accept non-fertile sex which destroys the basis of sex being sacred and therefore not a commodity to be sold on the free market.

Once sex becomes a free market then abortion and infertility becomes the norms and the society dies.

Open Homosexuality creates parasitic behavioral sink because without natural intercourse the homosexual can't exist but if the homosexual is allow to practice openly then he takes away from the straight ability to develop natural masculinity with other males because the straight male is presented with the faggot "cognitively female" as a valid form of the masculine and because the homosexual is cognitively female and therefore the homosexual repress the process of develop of normal healthy heterosexual and thus corrupts the process of pair bonding with female who are repulsed by the soy-boy and the faggot destroys male female relation by destroying female expectations and masculine drive towards the female. Faggotry compounds in society making the opportunity cost for traditional marriage and pair bonding to high to pay because the excessive sexuality work like inflation taking away from productive sex and compounding all sexuality toward infertile fetishes.

Homosexuality is sexual usury. They are the Jews of sexuality.

This thread is full of FAGS!

I mean, I didn't mean anyone in particular pandering to them. I'll admit it would have to be done by redpilling and internal infiltration within our own ranks. For instance, in some of the bluest, hyper-liberal areas, there aren't many uncucked white heteros and we have to be the new "straight white males" so to speak.

Interesting. Do you have a source for this? I'm not saying it's wrong I want to read more about this. But yeah this is exactly what those two authors I referenced were dealing with, except they were arguing for constructive, organic ways the small % of homo phenoypes could be incorporated into the body politic that don't necessarily destroy archetypal gender roles.

So male homosexuality is genetic, and passed on via the women in the family so as to get around the problem of gay not reproducing. So you could have children with a woman who has the gay gene, and your daughter could carry that gene too, and your son may be gay. This is the most likely explanantion ive heard. And the reasons the gene may be advantageous enough to survive are that the gay brother still invests in his nieces and nephews and thus the gene survives, as well as that on a macro level, homosexuality reduces male on male conflict as the pool of sexual partners for women drops, but you still have enough men in the society to fight for it.

If this is true, there is no reason to hate homosexuals. Although banning the promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion, and banning public displays may be prudent to prevent sexual diseases, culture subversion etc. But the slippery slope argument that homosexuality leads to further degeneracy is a logical fallacy unless it can be proven that it does indeed cause the next step in degeneracy to become more likely.

we can just realise that male+female sex is sacred as reproduction is involved, but male+male sex is not sacred, although not to be promoted

According to some studies, they might have higher verbal IQ on average.

In theory homosexuals could exist symbiotically, it works for some animals and happened a few times in human history, like most sterile "castes" common in eusocial species they're good for risky tasks.

It was almost always adaptive for human groups to suppress homosexuality (incompatible strategies?) and even if they could be brought in there are costs, you need separate instutions that don't harm each other, for example the Sacred Band of Thebes made sense unlike gay marriage or even marriage-like cohabitation.

A big obstacle is that they're not a rare neutral thing anymore, the suppression failed and homosexuality is actively used by technocapital and the left to destroy culture, family, etc.

They're also pushed to become repulsive so they remain loyal and dependant.

My idealism? People have natural aversion to those kind things! "Homophobia" is even more widespread than monogamy around the world! Isn't it nature telling us something?
yeah, because the exception to the rule is what matters

(corpores infames, “those who disgracefully abuse their bodies”) and sink them into swamps. Remains of several such corpses have been found in the peat bogs of Denmark
and northern Germany and are now exhibited in museums. Some had been strangled to
death prior to being sunk in the bogs, while others were apparently drowned alive.
Christianity and find their homophobic outlook confirmed by the Roman Catholic condemnation of homosexuality. Yet the Germans do not adopt the church- inspired
edicts promulgated in 342 and 390 by Christian Roman emperors, who had called for
burning homosexuals at the stake. Instead, the Germans maintain their own legal practices, which rely on oral tradition.


this is the answer to extreme homopropaganda
when whites will return power, homosexualists will get (again) the status of "sick"

Female homosexuality is far more pathogenic in its influence on society than male homosexuality. Most men historically don’t pair off with women much less breed.

Homos have always existed, the main problem is that due to their mental illness, they tend to be the type of people who help the kikes corrupt and destroy a society. Psychopathy and homosexuality are closely related in a sizable sample. If they kept for themselves and supported the cause, they would just be considered ill and no one would bother them as long as they don't promote it in public. As they have been doing for countless centuries before the kikes have convinced them that their illness is something to be proud of and something that should be spread (among white people the most). It's not faggotry that's a problem, but it's potential to be weaponized against the race.

Mostly E. Michael Jones but I also looked at some Curt Doolittle and Dr. Woodley of Mena's research on spiteful mutation.

Basically the you look at Evolutionary development and religious taboos and find the reason is religion is genetic sanitation for the genetic pool via imposing harsh requirements to prevent spiteful mutations from overtaking the population.

It's not that hard. Sacred Traditions are "holy" because they separate the good genes from the bad in terms of choosing for social cooperation and fertility. Most of the religions did the job but some of them couldn't figure out the banning cousin marriage thing that is why ME/India are dogshit now.

My position would probably be called anti-gay, little do they know I'm gay as Christmas, but it's more fun when it's a secret. I don't think we should encourage homosexualituy, or normalise it, it is not normal or desirable behaviour for a healthy society, but my core morals are libertarian so I'd not go so far as legislating against sodomy.

Daily reminder that gays, transgenders and traps are mentally ill.

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If you're going to recreationally embrace esoteric homosexuality, at least try to subvert the gay community from the inside, similar to the symbolic pol operation. If you're going to hook-up with and sleep with another dude, you can at least try leaving him a few redpills while you're at it.

and then when the weirdos turn into peat

"The peatland ecosystem is the most efficient carbon sink on the planet, because peatland plants capture carbon dioxide naturally released from the peat, maintaining an equilibrium." (Practical guide to the restoration of the Peatlands)

Our people are way out of equilibrium, it was foreign ways which denied the bogging of weirdos and look at us now. You have no right of standing in the way of Perchta and if you are a weirdo you will be forced into meeting.

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Tacitus had no such understanding of 'homosexuals' because it is an anachronistic idea. He reports that infamous crimes were punished by burying their bodies in bogs, and one of them may have been anal penetration, although he is vague and so this isn't really clear. That Christian theologians and jurists did not like homosexuality is clear understood as a result of their Judaic roots, namely their devotion to the Hebrew Bible and the epistles of Paul.

This does not explain anything. I mean, just try and read this Dutton paper about 'mutational load'. He describes left handedness and autism as indicators as high mutational load, relying on scripture as a guide to psychology, further reaffirming my skepticism of the unseriousness of that profession. He also lists 'asymmetry' and 'poor general health' as indicators of mutation, which seems far more likely, given that these are overdetermined phenotypes as opposed to autism and left handedness, which are often associated with other positive traits, such as hypersystematizing thought and creativity, respectively. I don't doubt that religion relates to natural selection in important ways, but I wouldn't give it too much weight. The Jews were, until three centuries ago, among the most religiously devoted group in the world and they had serious inbreeding problems that did not at all weed out deleterious mutations, but rather promoted them through a stubborn endogamy.

E Michael Jones, does not, furthermore, deserve nearly the amount of attention he receives given his work. Having read them, I am not terribly impressed, though I am happy he is trying to get guys to stop watching porn and try to lead monogamous family oriented sexual lives. Also I like his Neocon Song.


IMO, part of the idea behind the Negro/Homo thesis, is that homosexuality can be correlated with positive traits. Its strength would depend upon to what degree this premise holds.

Like how a stereotypical gay guy, at least a white one, might have a more developed sense of aesthetics than an average straight white man. So the right will push people with these phenotypes and archetypal qualities to the left by focusing on their most repulsive (to normies) traits, their sexuality, why the left then harnesses these traits for cultural marxism.

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There is no historical basis for homosexuality in the world, there is historically bisexuality in ancient Greece, they weren't homosexual though. Bisexuality should not be tolerated simply because of AIDS in the homosexual community. If AIDS had not existed then bisexuality would be tolerable. Homosexuality should never be tolerated, and unfortunately bisexuality can't be tolerated because of AIDS among homosexuals.

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