#1 PROTIP for faster job application responses:

Tell them you're of Jewish descent.

>gets redpilled about (((them))) along the way (btw Jews need to be open to criticism and Logos; and they need to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah)

>recieves *this* text: files.catbox.moe/ib9s99.jpg

And thus was the first same-day job application response I ever recieved in my life.

Moral to the story: If you want them to notice you more and actually hire you, just tell them you're of Jewish descent while you dazzle them with your exaggerated accomplishments, even if you're not Jewish; in this postmodern clownworld, who are they to question what you claim to identify as?

racial discrimination FTW.

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Oy vey.

Better be corporate, user.

You might be more jewish than you thought.

he's in nursing school, no it isn't corporate

I don't think I need to state what you should do next.

Tight labor market finally reaches the basement dwelling neckbeards. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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everybody knows if you want an easy six figure job all you have to do is make pretend to be a tranny

Sounds like that would especially work in dense gentrified urban settings.

Though as for most places in flyover country, I personally would just stick with Jewish; chances are, you're more likely to find Jews or white boomers who own local businesses who are of the Prager U, (((muh our greatest ally)))TM variety who don't really put up with LGBT bullshit and would be quick & eager to connect with more and more Jews to maximize their connections.

Great that u seem like a decent person and you got a job, but idc,
Y u telling us this.
Honestly i have 0 judiasm in my fam i pretend to be jewish sometimes to get ahead.

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This is literally a jew blogpost by someone barely 18

>(((jews))) should accept Jesus Christ
JC came for his sheep whom are the children of Adam, not the race mixed offspring of Esau and the Cannanite abominations that God told Joshua to exterminate. He didn't come for jews, or pharisees, Edomites, Cannanites, the Rephaim, or any of the many pre-Adamic races mentioned in Scripture as enemies of God. Those faggots are destined for the Lake of Fire because they are not His creation, but race mixed faggotry resultant of the first rebellion muh dick. JC came for the House of Israel, whom are collectively the 12 tribes of Whites scattered across pre-Europe. This is why the epistles were sent to the Romans and other tribes, not to niggers, mongolians, indians, or other shitskin races. God requires blood when you fuck with Him, and JC was the only one who could satisfy that requirement to re-establish the relationship with Him. God hasn't changed and still wants his people to kill non-Whites because they are a mockery to Him.

based cracker barrel confirmed for White supremacy

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Things you can claim without any scrutiny and steal back jobs from our enemies
1. Imma jew
2. Imma latino (many latino are fully european so they cant question it)
3. Imma native american
4. Imma armenian/iranian
5. (Contextually useful) imma commie
6. (Use sparingly) imma faggot

Buddy, you applied to be a dishwasher at Cracker Barrel. This is the either lowest of tier bait or you’re actually retarded.

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