Christian Identity Thread

I've been thinking about Christian Identity and how it could be a suitable religion/ideology for our cause. Because it is derived from Christianity, a religion many white people follow, it may be easier to sell to the masses.

Here is the description from (((Wikipedia))):

Christian Identity (also known as Identity Christianity) is a racist, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist interpretation of Christianity which holds that only Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Nordic, Aryan people and those of kindred blood are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and hence the descendants of the ancient Israelites.

Christian Identity is not an organized religion, nor is it connected with specific Christian denominations; instead, it is independently practiced by individuals, independent congregations, and some prison gangs. Its theology promotes a racial interpretation of Christianity. Christian Identity beliefs were primarily developed and promoted by authors who regarded Europeans as the "chosen people" and Jews as the cursed offspring of Cain, the "serpent hybrid" or serpent seed (a belief known as the two-seedline doctrine). White supremacist sects and gangs later adopted many of these teachings.

Christian Identity holds that all non-whites (people not of wholly European descent) will either be exterminated or enslaved in order to serve the white race in the new Heavenly Kingdom on Earth under the reign of Jesus Christ. Its doctrine states that only "Adamic" (white people) can achieve salvation and paradise. Many adherents are Millennialist.

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Shill-less first post.

so…not chistianity at all? its more like white judaism

You guys just keep getting better and better at shitting out a wall of text that doesn’t mean anything in attempts to get crossboard warfare because not even /int/ can be arsed anymore

Reported and saged

There is nothing the Jews hate more than the followers of the Messiah, neo paganism is a result of the alienation from society and represends the fringe mislead ideas of people who were robbed of their heritage, who have no home and wander the intellectual world for an identity, thus its exactly what pol stands against und therefore neo paganism is Jewish shilling.

Abrahamist pissing contests over which is truly the rightful heir to the promise between Abraham and YHWH does not equal categorical rejection of jewish theology and mindset.

There has been no religion that has been a greater ally of the jew than the Christian faith.

1. Thats not true, Islam is their greatest golem
2. "Christian faith" is a diverse and far reaching topic, reducing two millenia of history and millions of followers to a few select cases were some faggot priest saved the kikes from annihilation is typcial shill rethorics.

Christianity is unseperatable from Europe because it forms the basis of Europe itself. The pagan gods were abandoned by their own followers and Odin, Thor or Perun havent been relevant for a thousand years now and any "worship" of them is just meaningless LARP for asocial undesirables like Varg.

Monitoring this thread. CI is actually not that implausible and can be interpreted as having some scriptural base. Not even coming from some anglo-masonic angle here, the Germans also had their aryo-christian mythologies. Lanz von Liebenfels comes to mind - a real mindfuck!

Then how do you explain the ancient hatred that the jews have always had for Christians?

Judaism and Islam both middle eastern pedo death cults

Nice try, yid.
You will NEVER convince Aryans to deny the Blood Memory you've spent 2000 years trying destroy.
You're so fucking pathetic to actually believe this shit works around here.
You're going to die, nigger.

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No one believes your bullshit, Schlomo.
It took 2000 years of violent oppression, and you still haven't killed the original beliefs.
Fuck you. You're going to die for what you've done, and are doing to my People.

The word kike was born on Ellis Island when there were Jewish migrants who were also illiterate (or could not use Latin alphabet letters). When asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary "X", the Jewish immigrants would refuse, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity. Instead, they drew a circle as the signature on the entry-forms. The Yiddish word for "circle" is kikel (pronounced KY - kel), and for "little circle", kikeleh. Before long the immigration inspectors were calling anyone who signed with an 'O' instead of an 'X' a kikel or kikeleh or kikee or, finally and succinctly, kike.

Jews are defined by their hatred of Christianity just as much as they are defined by their hatred of white Europeans.

Look at these pathetic larpers.

You have nothing in common with the old pagans. You think different, you live different, you speak different and your entire traceable family line was christian. You are just a mislead little victim of Jewish Balkanisation and now you look for salvation in past idols.

This is all well and good but youve missed the most important point. The celtic R1b y chromosome IS the serpent seed.

R1b is the house of David and the line of the pharaohs. This line originates from the star sirius. Maternal mtdna haplogroup H refers to the goddess Isis, or our maternal line from Sirius B.

Jesus is from the house of david, and thus came to complete the law and redeem the people of israel. He came as a reptilian, to teach those of us with reptilian genetics how to conquer our father the devil.

This is why the jews circumcise and maintain a maternal line. The circumcision psychically aligns them with the fatherline they DONT ACTUALLY COME FROM, and maternal lineage is necessary because their maternal line carries the reptilian genetics, whereas both pat and mat lines carry those genes in celts (generally speaking).

Like the jews, nordics only have the serpent bloodline maternally, hence why the serpent religions have been more successful at brainwashing them (see crusades, national socialism, catholicism).

Nice strawman. You don't know shit but your lame projections.
Your bullshit will never stick, you pathetic fucking parasite.
You're going to die at the hand of an angry Aryan, justified in removing your infectious words from our world.
…tick tock, niggerkike.

Mysterium Fasces was not CI you gnostic faggot.

That is, except for the Levite tribe. The levite tribe of jews iw the only one that holds paternal lineage, and of course, that lineage belongs to y chromosome haplogroup R.

Jews are haplogroup J and G for the most part, and Nordics are haplogroup I. If you pay attentiom, youll notice that phylogenetically, the fatherlines of Jews and Nords are actually related, whereas nobody can track a common ancestor between those y chromosomes and the "celtic" R1b, which is really the house of david or the y chromosome of the annunaki, and thus Abraham.

Egyptians are Hamites. Israelites are semites or "SHEM"-ites. Completely different line of people, genius.
No, he came to die in our stead of the judgment against sinners.

THe dispersed Israelites are who Jesus died for along with whatever remnant in Israel decides to repent (etymologically re-"think" as in the latin word "pensar" which means to think) and believe on Christ for eternal salvation.

Also consider that the only people with red hair are europeans, Esau was covered in red hair, and he is the twin brother of Jacob who became the patriarch Israel who fathered the 12 tribes of Israel, only 3 of which (Judah, Benjamin, and Levi) have undergone the second temple period whereas the 10 scattered tribes in Assyrian jurisdiction was never fulfilled.

Hence the concern with the Christ-rejecting Jews persecuting Paul for preaching the gospel.

Get fucked traitor, once things become serious there wont be any room for your games.

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So you're saying my Scottish ass is a serpent demon?

No, he doesn't even know what a fucking egyptian is.

All of you will hang with the kikes you love.

Put down your hacked up bible and go look at the human genome project. Judaism comes from akhenaten. Akhenaten was r1b. Genius.

Yes thats exactly what im saying. But the promise of Christ was IN the serpent seed from the beginning.

I think this is why the illuminati beleives jesus will return as an anglo saxon…because he already came to the celts.

Whatever you say, Abrahamite friend. It's your cooked up religion, not mine!

Take a look at Tolkien when considering all this. Numinor was atlantis, and all the semi elven races are really Rh negative and fallen angel genetics analogies (hobbits are irish, muslims are orcs, etc.)

Oh look, it posted Hitler. It must be one of us then.
I stand by my Blood Memory, and my Volk who still hold space for these beliefs, and I'M the traitor?!
Fuck off, nigger.
Go suck Jeebus H. Kike on a Stick's cock for the heebs, faggot.
We're done with that desert cult slave bullshit around here.
You lose, kike. You're going to die.

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Dont take my word for it. Explain why egyptian genetics are pure irish.

You do know what INRI stands for, right Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum. Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews. Why do you worship A FUCKING KIKE? Why do you larp as descendants of demonic Israelites and of kikes like Abraham? Why do you yearn to swing from a noose, traitor?

Someone is ticking all of the boxes. That someone is a mod trying to boost Zig Forums back to the top of the board list after /v/ took over with E3 activity.

Yeah you Christians should definitely get on this. A racially aware Christianity would actually be popular, instead of bleeding people like the current iteration.

Words words words

Yes, your "Volk" (look guys, he uses German!) isnt pagan and hasnt got anything to do with paganism. You are just making this nonsense up in your little head because you dont have a people, so you hold on to some obscurity of the past.
Pathetic schizo larper.

What's wrong with Egypt? Still angry because of the Exodus fantasy book?

I'm familiar with tolkien and I have a B.S. in molecular biology. I don't accept radiocarbon dating as authoritative. I think Isaac Newton's chronology of ancient kingdoms is more authoritative since he's referencing Greek olympiads to date kings. Almost all kingdoms, whether they be chaldean (babylonian), persian, egyptian, and chinese over-exaggerate their antiquities to appear older than what they really are.

What is the correlation between the R1b haplogroup with the rhesus glycoprotein? I'm Irish/norwegian and I'm A+.

Its a pseudo-jewish cult for useful idiots.

christcuck identity is just judaism for nazis

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Christinsanity has never been european and never will be. It has never been a bedrock from which we europeans are made and it has never helped us.

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You are really dense, arent you? Way to just ignore almost two thousand years of christian dominance, the Europe the Romans or Greeks knew is a different Europe from today for fucks sake, you have nothing to do with these idols you posted, except the more and more obscure influences it holds over our current times.

Yeah? And what will you be saying if Islam had dominance over Europe for two thousand years? Would it suddenly become the bedrock of Europe too?

More projection, you lost shit skin? My personal lineage can be traced back nearly 1600 years, you retarded nigger.
You don't even know who your father is.
Christianity is the bane of the Aryan race, and no matter how hard you LARP it, your kike slave belief system will NEVER catch ever again amongst my Volk, you pathetic faggot!
Just keep on hating yourself, and trying to spread your misery to your Superiors.
You'll never be White, bitch.

Yes, thats exactly what it would be just like its the foundation of Arab society after 1300 years.
What a dumb question

Look at this mutt, and how many of your ancestors were druids in contrast to priests? Fucktard.

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You're trying way too hard, nigger.
You obviously haven't done the required lurking for two years here.
You will NEVER convince National Socialist Aryans to fall for your kiked bullshit EVER AGAIN, NIGGER!

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BASED European Islam! Just let the Muslims take over Europe, and in two thousand years, they'll be European too!

Most of them, you strawmanning faggot. Keep your projections to yourself, kike.
My Ginger family has ALWAYS been highly "racist". My Green Eyed Ancestors ALWAYS kept to the Old Ways, you LARPing kike nigger!
You're so fucking weak, and jealous of those of us that held to the Blood and Soil.
Traitors like you get the rope before enemies, faggot.
Keep trying to sell your fucking dreg bullshit around these parts, though. It's highly entertaining watching you believe you know what you're talking about, and that you have any influence here. Especially when you're so condescending and egotistical about it, you useless nigger. Denying you just for being a fucking asshole is more fun than acknowledging any of your kiked points.
Fuck off, christfag.

I knew you would say that, and you call ME a kike?
Yes, they would be Europeans if Martell lost, only that Europe would be a different place and European would mean something else. I dont know what shrooms you have been eating, but you should stop drinking your authentic pagan forest potions and get your head clear, because I think you dont have any idea what two thousand years means, you fucking schizo.

Answer my question faggot, you arent pagan and you will never be.

Lol at some Celt thinking he is of the masterrace.

I remember attending a christcuck church when I was young. They placed a lot of emphasis on loving your enemy and turning the other cheek. Predictaby, all the straight white men left and it descended into miscegenation, niggerfaggotcuckoldry, narcotics use, etc. They never addressed that Jesus only committed one act of violence in his entire life… with a bull whip… against a bunch of ([{international financiers}]). As a result, I totally cannot understand the whole "muh pharisee/saducee Paul/Saul was the 13th apostle who totally didn't subvert and destroy Rome with multicultural christcuckery at all we swear goys! Oy vey European paganism/Asatru is the real enemy my fellow born again judeochristians. Now let a godly nigger fuck your wife and daughters while ignoring the 9/11 dancing Israelis and giving billions of dollars to Israel. Remember the 6 bajillion you evil nazi scum."

Research John the Baptist, the essenes, Rosslyn chapel, Odin/Jesus similarities, the book of Enoch, Isaiah, etc and you will discover alot of Pagan/Christian intersectionality. Just watch Blessed To Teach and styxhexenhammer666 and ancient aliens, all on youtube. Christians and pagans have been backstabbing each other since Charlemagne. No more. I refuse to continue the self destructive cycle of taking bait and getting kiked.

Now… how do we abolish the usurious federal reserve system without sparking WWIII?

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Two thousand years is a blink of an eye compared to the many hundreds of thousands of years we've been around, Mr. Abrahamite.

Its like one third of recorded history, no big deal.

But I am the one using strawmans.

You mean slavery, genocide, treason, betrayal, trechery and lies?

Yes cucktianity did all that because the holy kike told them to destroy anything aryan as it is the jews mortal enemy.

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Just ignore everything that is contrary to what I am saying goyims, I am totally not a kike btw.

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There's a reason you parasites have spent the last 6000 years trying to shit on Ginger Nephilim, faggot.
We all know now. Even though you spent your entire existence trying desperately to hide the truth, and our History from the world. The Blood will ALWAYS remember, you fucking kike vermin. You aren't going to put the toothpaste back in the tube, yid. And now your paranoid and deathly afraid of what is coming.
You done fucked up, and woke the Sleeping Viking, bitch.
You're just going to fade out when my six fingered hands wrap tightly around your frail, fragile, demon, twig neck.
I am the Superior Bloodline, yid.
You know this.
It's why you're here, shaking.
We're coming, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
The Balance is well over due.

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Nice European architecture. Care to post non-White Christian churches while you're at it?

sage and report this cringy israelite shit

Are you even able to grasp how fucking retarded you look to this board of HIGHLY EDUCATED, and WELL INFORMED ANONS, dipshit?
You really suck at this. Tell your boss to fire you, nigger.

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It's called positive christianity, hitler beat you to it.

Go worship your filthy kike "(((god)))"

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Fuck you, you irrational idiot, I gradually started to hate them.

This is just degeneration of our times you fuckwit, I guess the Romans were nothing but a bunch of degenerate brutes because 5th century Rome was a degenerate pleb hell.
Thats your logic, thats how deluded you are, schizo.

Take your pills

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What ive seen is that R1b tends to correlate geographically with Rh neg. Yeah same irish descent A+ here but my dad is A-

That's all you have left, kike nigger?
Yeah, it's time for you to go now, and never come back, faggot.
Go suck nigger toes for (((jeebus))), christfag. We're done with your Desert Slave Cult around here.

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Is larping as polster gotten to this stage? Are you some garbled up faggot kid from some roastie spirit cooker? Did your roastie mother collect used condoms she found in the dumpster and slammed that in her ass to shit you, you fucking degenerate faggot? Get the fuck out of Zig Forums and you fucking know where you came from.

I couldn't even be bothered to get to the end of that nigger jabber. You played yourself out, nigger. You have nothing left.
This place is infected with this nonsense. None of you faggots are going to stop what's coming with your bullshit, empty words, and tired kike tricks.

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Shitting down on roasties' groomed 4channer faggot kids is a full time job. Get the fuck out.

More nigger jabber for me to ignore?
Stop wasting this thread with your bullshit, nigger.

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I like watching jews argue over christianity as if it's a race or something. It's almost as if they just hate white people who happen to be christian rather than christianity itself.

I don't disagree with using christian identity as I've been watching christians I know get sucked into debating whether or not jews are really "jews" or just demonic khazarian imposters (which a good start to upgrading to dumping villagers into lava flows in minecraft tbh). I'm not really going to stop it, I'm just going to keep working them away from universalism.

Look at the website to see what true Norwegians and Danes believe about Christianity. Our Norwegian ancestors came across Europe and Asia to dwell in the North lands after being taken captive by Assyrians from their homeland of Israel. Kikes are not semites but fakes as Jesus said in Rev 2:9 and 3:9.

Spotted the new migrant from 4chan.

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Doesn't sound very Christian at all.
Galatians 3:28


Once a jewish pedo cult, always a jewish pedo cult.

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Study the word Gentile in the New Testament. In greek it is usually plural "Ethnes" or nations. Now match that word with Genesis 35:11 "And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins;" That company of nations are the gentiles of the NT and are genetically Israelites. They are the nations or Europe and related people.

>>>Zig Forums you jew fuck

Wrong ID, user?

There are soooooo many white christcucks amirite?


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Spiritual Semites are not welcome here.
>>>Zig Forums

Thanks, user.

Christianism gives me pish!
Christians have alaways beem weak minded idiots that are unable to comprehend deeper nature. Since I was a kid they alaways bothered me with their cuck vision of world while trying to convince me to adopt it.
I like the stoic aspect of interal strugle it may ignite in someone trying to build a personal relationship with God, but, nerverthless, it still individualistic (it's not a religion to worship the volk) and still, in many ways, renounces strugle and conflict in the world as "(((Jehova))) is above any aspect of nature, it's all his plan". It just banalizes the concepts of eternity and greatness to such a level… This was totally created by ridiculous kikes!
My family comes from a catholic background, now almost everyone doesn't practice it anymore and I've grown to associate this jewish doctrine to weakness.


Christian Identity is not Christ cucked. We identity the Kikes as the enemy of mankind. They are masquerading as the Israelites of the Bible when they are actually the Canaanites which Israelites were commanded to destroy. They wormed their way into the tribe of Judah when Judah married one of them. Genesis 38. Although Canaanites were never to be part of Israel, they ended up in control by the days of the Romans (who also were Israelites - Romans 4:1), fancy that. They were the ones who crucified Jesus the Messiah. Afterward they became the persecutor of Christians and everything Christian until today - see their Talmud.

Hi /intl/ spammer. How have you been moarpheus?

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Obviously the suggestion that modern mainstream xtianity (protestantism, catholicism etc.) is in any way aryan or can be adopted under an NS worldview is laughable, however much of the knee jerk against CI comes from people who don't have any understanding of the history and spirituality of the aryan people.
It is undeniable that the ancient hebrews (Israelites) were in fact aryan (paleo hebrew was a runic language - moreover the correct pronunciation of YHWH in paleo hebrew was Jove, which corresponds with the Hellenic/Roman Jupiter = aryan sky father). These are NOT what we now call jews who are in fact the descendants of Esau, not Cain, who mixed with the canaanites and earthly beasts - the same Idumean "Jews" that persecuted Jesus Christ. Not only does this make christianity in its purest form an aryan religion, but it also embodies the eternal struggle of the aryan and the jew/Ialdabaoth.
There is then therefore a strong argument to be made for an arioperennialist worldview centered around an adapted Christian Identity; being the only surviving aryan religion that hasn't been in the hands of brown people for the last several millennia (however this may mean re examining and possibly revising the bible and possibly re introducing ancient hebrew texts e.g. the Book of Enoch).

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Go worship rabbi Yashua and Yahweh somewhere else you filthy FBI agent boomer dinosaur cuck niggerlover.

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CI is no different than Judaism.
CI just wants to turn the white race into the new jews.

You heretics will know nothing but destruction if you continue to not repent twords God

Why not keep the thread on subject. I am Christian Identity and can answer most any question. I have been Identity since 1994, and it took from 1978 when I first heard of it to convert from being a fundamental Christian. No going back since switching to Identity.

You replied to the wrong post.

Yes, we know.

you subscribe to radiocarbon dating, huh?

Many in Identity think they are the new "Jews" and want to follow the Law of Moses. Hebrews Chapter 8 makes it plain that the new covenant under Messiah Jesus superseded the Law of Moses, which has ended. We are now under the Law of Christ. That it why Jews hate us.

jews dont hate you because of your religion, jews hate you because youa re not a jew
It is not a religious conflict, it is an ethnic conflict.
Jews also attack white atheists, white buddhists, white pagans.
jews hate europeans, that they are christian has nothing to do with it.

All radioactive dating is flawed. It is based on unscientific assumptions. Read what Dr. Brown has written about it : Most identity Christians are quasi evolutionists and believe in a local flood. The text of Genesis does not allow for a local flood. A local flood would not accomplish God's purpose in killing everything that breaths, and would make the making of an Ark nonsensical when all Noah had to do was migrate away from the flood location.

Jews aren't Christian. But I'm sure your Rabbi already taught you that.

You're right Jews don't hate us because of our religion. They hate us because of who they are - Canaanites, and who we are, God's true Israel!

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(((Abel))) was a kike who tried to sacrifice Aryan Cain to his devil-god but got killed in self-defense. Just like Jews always try to ritually sacrifice whites but occasionally get pogrom'd because of that, naming those rulers as "satanic" The whole story is an allegory about a (((dog's favorite son))) getting rekt by a goy, earning those who strike the kike a mark which liberates their soul from the clown world.


I agree with what William Finck says at "when you see a rabbi there has already been a crime! I do not agree, however, with his modal monarchianism.

Why is it so true though?

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Where'd he go to anyway? I miss his content
Same for Nat

Stop advertizing your kikeinsanity

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