Has there ever been a more based man walking the earth?

if his son hadnt died from alcohol poisoning in the 13th century they would have conquered all of europe. the europeans werent able to stop them. absolutely based.

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ogedei khan, son of genghis khan. look at that beard. have you ever seen a more based beard than this? i dont think so. maximum based.

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so based. and this is excluding all the women he raped during his conquests.

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just imagine being one of them back in the day. killing your enemies, raping their women and pillaging their villages afterwards. so so so so based. i cant think of anything more based than being a mongol. so fucking based. back when the world was as it was supposed to be, when (((they))) werent in control.

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Christianity raped murdered and destroyed pagan idols. And the arabs, who are the jewish lackeys sliced though Mongol culture and converted the invaders to islam. (((they))) have had nothing challenge them.

I'll what is the sack of baghdaf and the end of the golden age of islam for 500 alex

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They beat Christians. Had Europe been pagan they would have lost.

Mongols living descendants, the Turks are 97% muslim, get suicide bombed constantly, and have Turkish children's body parts littering the street, I think islam is in charge.

The greatest conqueror in history

A kamikazi

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Wrong, user

Pagan Europe lived in tribal wars.

Christian Europe united and left the wars aside to fight in the crusade.

Kys mohammad

They converted tho. Islam didnt conquer the sons of the steppe, it seduced them.

File this nonsense under, "stupid as shit christards believe."

What did he say wrong?

mongols dominated in steppe and open areas. once they got to the forests of britain and germany or the mountains of norway they would have lost

Christian europe fight against each other in devastating wars, and they even fight each other in the crusades (the Northern crusade is about genociding european pagans).

Pagan europeans fight but never to that level of savagery.

Christianity never united Europe

The second the mongols faced armored knights and more importantly actual castles they ate shit.
Also, Europe has to many forests and woods which suck for large horse tribes as there is not enough grazing ground and no real ability to maneuver.

Remember when (((Venetian))) traders gave them maps and intelligence to attack christians in Georgia?

That's why we're here now. Christians have been cucked for too long.

Pagan europe would have won at the edge of Europe. One pagan country could defeat Mongols.


Mongols had more luck than brains. Look at the times and situations when they invaded.

Shit OP and discussion thread.
Work on something better, you mongoloid.

Christian Europe was in a constant state of war against itself.

Christian armies raped, enslaved, and murdered European peasants across the countryside as they warred against other Christian armies.

You mean other ethnic Europeans.

You just have to read some of Salvian from Marseille's "De Gubernatione Dei". Even the Christians themselves admit that the German heathens they call heretics are more pious, moral and virtuous than them. We German never even tolerated loose relation and polygamy.

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Seems like, too bad his sons gave lands to the Turks who became Muslims and invaded Byzantium.

Oh like when the christcucks literally destroyed Constantinople and paved the way for turks and kikes conglomerate. That makes both halves of the Roman empire christcucks destroyed, almost like it was planned by (((someone))

get the fuck out.

Same shit, they're in the creed, and will be punished if they leave.

No its not the same shit. Arabs didnt slice their way through anything mongol or hunnic.

so out of raped enslaved and murdered you only care about one of the three
are all three bad or not

Today there are 16 million descendants of Genghis Khan in Mongolia, India, China, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Oh wait a second that's still going on…

Mongols already got wrecked by Austrians, Poles and Hungarians. Consider that France was THE super power of the time, with the Holy Roman Empire a distant second, various Italian states being able to pose serious threats to both, the English being able to pose a serious threat to the French; and you realise that the Mongols really would not have got very far. Even on open fields there were numerous instances of their cavalry getting absolutely wrecked by Teutonic and Polish knights.

Austria annihilated them on two occasions to the point that the attempted mongol invasions are barely even a foot note in history as it was so completely repulsed. Mamluks annihilated them as well. And they were unable to take ANY European castles despite having the best siege weapons in the world due to what they had gained from China. And again keep in mind that the castles and forests only get bigger the further West you travel, making the Mongols main advantage (overwhelming numbers) a disadvantage due to ease of ambush, no easy paths for large armies to traverse, large and nigh impregnable castles and devastating winters that leave no food (which is especially important for these giant armies, and will also lead to rampant disease killing off those who do not starve).

In an equal battle the Mongols got wrecked, and with overwhelming numbers they would be unable to conquer vastly smaller groups that were holed up in castles. The Mongols certainly have some impressive achievements, but this idea of the 'invincible Mongol' is just a new fantasy of the same variety as the 'invincible ninja/samurai' and 'unbreakable weapon shattering katana'. It's a European fantasy based on foreign cultures that is riddled with mysticism and exaggeration.

European Knights, man for man, were vastly superior to Mongolian heavy cavalry (and contrary to popular belief the Mongol army was not 99% horse archers, lancers were VERY important for them actually winning battles, horse archers are just for skirmishes and harrying supply lines). The longbow was superior to the recurved composite bow. Crossbows were superior to both. Portuguese swordsmanship also proved vastly superior to Samurai swordsmanship, and European swords from the dark ages were superior to katanas. Stop with your fetishisation of the foreign.

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Yes, they did, Turks are 97% muslim so arabs threatened and converted them.

a cunt that pillaged and destroyed everything in its wake , nice try faggot but I wont lower myself to your IQ

but thats the definition of "based". just doing your thing.

What are you on about with this "wrecking" the Mongols?
Your overall points about historical xenophilia are sound, but where are these battles where Europeans wrecked the Mongols?

The word kamikazi comes from the divine wind that sank mongol fleets trying to invade glorious nippon

Literal satanists. Get lost.

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What's your point? War is God, get over it.

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what the fuck are you smoking? everything you have said is literally the opposite of what actually happened in history.
the Hungarian army was the biggest in Europe and the Mongols rolled them. in 1242, Subotai, the great General under Genghis Khan, was one week's march from fucking Paris after defeating the Hungarian and Austrian armies and nothing stood in his way to seize the rest of Europe.

the only reason Europe was spared from becoming a Mongol vassal state is thanks to a sheer accident of history–the Khan died and the military generals in Europe were forced to return to Mongolia to vote for the next Khan. if a butterfly had flapped its wings differently, Europe as we know it never would have existed. there would never have been any Renaissance, Protestant Revolution, Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, Democracy, and Hitler's great grandfather would have been slain by Mongols and his rotting diseased corpse would have been launched from a catapult over the besieged walls of Braunau.

all the i can hope is for a similar accident of history to occur again, and another existential close call to happen, and to wipe out the entire Semite populace of the Middle East in one fell swoop, in a cataclysm which nobody saw coming and which nobody could thwart.

We need to keep the semites around, arabs currently own turks and are slowly burning though their culture with good old islam.

Complete myth. No one in the west had that news from thousands of miles away in the east.

They defended their fortified cities and did a lot of damage. But, easterners are not westerners. Comparing Eastern Europe to Northwest Germanic-Celtic Europe is like saying that if someone conquered Vietnam and Thailand then they would necessarily be able to conquer China and Japan.

it's cool that the mods allow these obvious shill threads