To the Person Pretending to be Q now - An Ultimatum

Since most of the team of people that did the work for the Q-Op have families or further ambitions and know my threats of exposure and targeting will be followed up Q went silent after my ultimatum at end of May. The Q Op was dead and it's grave was fresh and I was ready to take a rest before launching my live propaganda deconstruction outfit on the inter webs until some entry level piece of shit thought they could use their moderation of the Q board to take the place of the PsyOp they once modded for.

These petulant retards couldn't accept that their Messiah went completely dark, couldn't accept their Messiah deleted his aggregate page after my ultimatum, were seething over the fact their 4th July happening was the latest Q nothing burger, and as soon as they saw Epstein in the news couldn't help themselves from letting a crisis go to waste and attempted to resurrect and monetize "Q" again so they could continue to live in their fantasy world of black and white good and evil dichotomy.

The person presently posting as Q is not the Q team but one of the orbiting retards that the Q team delegated power over the board to police their little modified limited hangout to. Were the Q team still actively posting I'm sure this little toady would never dare assume his master's moniker but in the vacuum left it seems this basement dwelling sperg thought that they could re-open their master Q's very own Boomer Alpaca farm to fleece the livestock from.

This retard has 48 hours from this post to cease and desist or I won't even bother exposing them but skip straight to the final solution. Only 40% of homicides are ever solved and many are ruled as accidental deaths or natural causes to begin with after all.

Apparently this faggot got tired of waiting for Daddy Q to come back so his raucous spergposting began the day after he saw an opportunity in the arrest of Jeffery Epstein who was Donald Trump's neighbor, friend, and sex party companion. Donald Trump literally appointed the guy who gave Jeffery Epstein a sweetheart deal his Secretary of Labor and his Attorney General Barr formerly was a partner for the firm that represented Epstein in his first case. Trump also retained Epstein's chief counselor Alan Dershowitz as his own legal counsel following the death of Roy Cohn and still uses Dershowitz's services to this day.

If you are stupid enough to attempt to use this as an opportunity to rebirth the Q movement under your own tutelage I'm genuinely afraid for you as you are either a colossal retard or a rank opportunist neither of which bode well for your longevity.

When your false prophet didn't come back the day of the Epstein arrest that should have been your sign to go gracefully into that good night but instead you thought you'd reanimate the dying corpse of a dead psyop for what purpose? You are either motivated by greed or delusions of grandeur to think you will not have to pay a price for what you are doing now and that price will cost you more than everything you have.

You realize at most all I have to do is wait another 5 years until your deranged supporters are so agitated from absolute and complete betrayal that I won't even have to life a finger myself just tell them who you are and where you live right? Are you that stupid as to think their won't be consequences for everyone who supported Q when the fuel supply to the Gaslights run out and Kushner is no longer President. What then Qsperg will you tell all the people you continued to manipulate that you too were deceived and try and put the blame on your real master Jared? Maybe but it still won't keep you safe on that day from me or your employers who will want to tie up all lose ends on the Qpsyop before the Kushner presidency is over to prevent any of it from coming back and hurting Ivanka's chances of running as a moderate centrist down the road.

Maybe all the faggot Q you tubers and personalities offered you money if you revived their gay little psyop after I killed it maybe you just thought you could be a namefag and it'd be cool idk I'm not you but I know what will happen to you if you don't cut this shit out now.

I making a list and checking it twice, if you trust the plan you'll get the same treatment the Nazi's used on lice.

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lurk m0ar noobie

Nice essay Mr. Shlomostein

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Just a heads up Purple never posts color shifted screen shots.

If it is you though Purp can you please physically remove person posing as Q now instead of waiting 5 years.

DACA out of many, one
Dragon energy, 3,33 tomorrow 33
Aryan sunrise, soon to awaken
Control the Jews, become free
Another battle, unify the American continent

1501 not year

I love how they think Zig Forums is the Q research site. This might be the biggest newfag in the history of newfags.

Not 2001, Not 1998, but USA to lol online
Raspy breathing behind bush
End 10 of Black Demon King

Entering new horizon,
No rap
Trust the you that the plan believes in.

Ending of Fire Force,

Catch me if you can.
We're all continental Americans


Nice larp, faggot.


Present day, present time, hahahaha

Gurren Lagann reference

Video related


Real 8/pol/acks want amnesty for the DACApedes, (((Q))) doesn't.

Don't pretend to be Purple unless you want to win stupid prizes he said he would deal with Q once an for all over clear net streaming platform.

What are you talking about?
Q is an obvious shame and people who believe it almost entirely rely on that one coincidence with the post times and John McCain’s death. Every other Q “prediction” is easily refutable.
Like that time Q said he’d work something about nuclear weapons into the next Trump SOTU speech and he didn’t, but then months later Trump mentioned them in a random Easter speech and Q took credit. It was obvious that Q asked himself to plant it via another ID and figured it would show up in the SOTU since Trump had said it several times before, but it didn’t and boomers are gullible enough to ignore that it didn’t and treat the Easter speech months later as the fulfillment of his promise.
Anyway, the point is, I have no idea why OP is talking about Q or how he would think some random post he screenshot red that doesn’t look like an ultimatum would have any effect.

Really bad attempt at pretending to be Purple.

Purple never posts color shifted screen shots

Wtf, there’s a Purple now? How dumb are you people? This is faker than pro wrestling.

New York, 9/11
Silverstein, TV show

Don't get inside the DACA train
Free Iran instead

Bang bang bang
Those were burgers in the fryer.

Another 911, call
Now, unify the continent


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Scandal, no one talking

Don't 1492
More like Alexander the great

Taco, #MAGAwithDACA
Por favor


Q level clearance
glow niggers
only post
like this
at midnight
the crow flies






It's funny even when it clearly isn't really Purple just someone who color shifted one of the screenshots he posted the thread still gets flooded with shills and that one stupid faggot who posts in every single thread even involving him.

His last thread had one fagot with 5 or more soxs shitting up most of it. Halfchan is compromised completely best of luck to real Purple when he goes live this month to expose the traitor Trump and destroy the 2020 election with a write in candidacy to send election to house and cause riots in the street.

Fuck you