Tracy R. Twyman dead after researching Elsagate-related content with Isaac Kappy

I mainly knew her for her translation of an incredibly important book on the Knights Templar written by sandniggerlover Joseph von Hammer.

Found out about her death via esoteric disinfo channel TheHighersideChats which I added to my RSS reader because they were one of the only shows that let Tracy on:
A Statement From Greg Carlwood Regarding The Tragic Loss of Tracy Twyman

This triggered one of her friends to release a dead man's switch video that you can find yourself.

She received death threats after talking about some shit she discovered on youtube.
Some threats came from the owner of Green Leaf Canyon campground.
Here's his youtube channel:

ctrl-f "host is violent":

Here's his website, before Tracy's death:
ctrl-f "find out more"
Illuminati confirmed.
Fun fact: the glownigger article on ed is srsly good

PS: Did I mention that cultist campground is an hour's drive from where K‬appy died and that she told K‬appy about the threats?
PPS: If you go there, why not stop for a slice of pizza?

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Other urls found in this thread:'s_Crusade
archivecaslytosk.onion/xp2Yp mousse

You’re the fag who made the other Eipstein thread with the “buttplug” that turned out to be a soap dispenser tube, aren’t you?

No and I don't usually lurk on Zig Forums but for this to be Zig Forums-compatible I'd have to delve into details about the finders.

I downloaded the books that were linked on /pdfs/ and I have to ask how anyone can read her stuff and not get the impression that she has a mental illness. What value do people find in this woman's work (serious question).

The FBI's behaviour she talked about in the video strongly remind me of what happened when that dude hacked some darknet hitman scam site and discovered that some of the people really did have "accidents" all over the globe.

I never read any of her books, only the one she translated, and the translation was great.
Also the fact she included photographic evidence showing the drawings were not fake.

…but I do agree that the more esoteric aspects of her beliefs are most definitely not based on fact.
I'm sure though Zig Forums can handle that and separate truth from the disinfo that was fed to her.

How about that Arkansas state senator?

Green Leaf Canyon screams mason. Probably one of those shovel killing squads.

Men don't talk but cameras sure do.

archiving this thread since the last one got deleted.

Also, FBI are masons. That Royal Arch Mason thing where you pretty much have to cover for everyone's crimes. Never use them. County sheriffs and US Marshals. Try to link it to a fugitive case so the USM take the lead.

I didn't know that. Do you have an archive of the last one?
Tried to post before but gave up after three different errors here and on /x/.

Which is good, as now I was able to add additional information.

It had just started; had about 20 comments so I hadn't archived it yet. Sorry mate.

go on

meant for>>13506885

maybe try posting this on /x/ ?

Why? This is about as political as it gets. She was literally investigating childmolesting shitskins in our own nation when she was murdered.

Feel free to cross-post but if you read the OP carefully you'll find the connection to Zig Forums favourite counry's state religion.

Nothing new really, but if you look at their members it corroborates the official story of them being quite high-tech, running ISPs in the early days and all that shit.
Here's a relative of Ted Reiss, look at Computing Summary, not sure if he's actually a finder himself but there are more examples:

Sorry I don't have a better example atm.

I don't have any evidence tying the finders to her either but in the end it's all connected anyway.
Her computer got hacked while she was talking to the FBI and she regularly complained about various related issues.

Link the deadman switch video

isn't she also a schizophrenic that talks about communicating with demons?

how did i get that id?

If you were an atheist, I suppose it would appear that way to you.

oh, tor, i see. sorry.


vid related?

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Does anyone have a pdf of this book, Baphomet - The Temple Mystery Unveiled?

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So the pedo cult took her out?
On a side note, that freeman fly dude has always creeped me out. A little too "glowy in the dark" vibe coming off that guy.

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I listen to his stuff. A fair amount of his guests mention (((them))) behind his second hour paywall. I get the glow-vibe too, but he’s definitely providing a platform for alternative views. He just had Tracy on a week or two ago talking about channeling Baphomet and some other pedestrian stuff. She did cite some authors related to gangstalking mkultra research iirc i wanted to check out but havent gotten to.

Is anyone actually surprised (((they))) kill researchers to send a message?

I have never been able to start and finish one of his podcasts. I feel exactly the same way about him. It is his voice or diction, not sure which, but I love TT and am not going to go listen to it because I just don't like that guy.

Could just be his "dude weed, lmoa" cant. I've spent too many years around pot heads.
As for her occult stuff, she seemed to dive right into the deep end of the pool.
Me personally, I wouldn't touch a ouija board if you paid me.

Demons are real!

I think that was a rerun of an early episode but probably still relevant.
I'm watching/listening to various podcasts she did and there is some good stuff in there.
She also mentioned in an older one that when she wrote a book about mind control sex slaves she felt for the first time threatened and that apparently she had stumbled upon something.

…and that she was glad to put that topic away after finishing the book.

So for those who are watching her video, the Kyle guy she is talking about is co-host of THC.

I’m re-listening right now i’ll post again if i hear anything, it would be cool if other anons share anything they find too.

He himself is pretty Cringey. I just like some of his guests
Nothing good can come from such things.

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at ~31 minutes:
Well that sounds like finders.

That reminds me, I need to revisit fallout 2.
There was that mission with a missing child that you could find in a strange place…
Fallout 1 and 2 are full of symbolism, and Deus Ex 1 is also great.

D to dab on the dead tranny

That gay, little pothead gives you fags, glow vibes? Your shit is all fucked up then.

its no surprise, really. they both killed themselves after finding out everything they devoted their lives to was bullshit

Kill yourself you jew fuck.

That thought obviously crossed everyone's minds but it doesn't fit with anything Tracy and Kappy did and said so you'll have to elaborate on the line of thought that led you to believe this is actually the case.

Thank you, usually JIDF calls me antisemite.
You understand the world a lot better than the average Zionist pig.

Nigger OP.
No source. It didn't happen.



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Did you know Notre Dame and al-Aqsa started burning within a few minutes of each other?

I was gonna save that but it already exists. Don't understand a single word though.'s_Crusade
…Where are they now?…

He was one of the first people to really cover the more "out there" conspiracy topics in the internet age, outside of fringe forums and tiny blogs. I mean, he's definitely somewhat of a burned out hippie, but he deserves some credit, and I don't think he's working for ZOG or anything like that.

Now why would a lotion dispenser be lying around some cockroach bath attended by underage girls? Oh yeah, that's right - because that's how they get the blood and semen out of those poor kids' asses once they're done.

Does anyone have a copy of the videos that led to her receiving death threats?
The tangentially Elsagate-related stuff she talked about that were the reason she removed her last month of youtube uploads?

Also, I'm not sure if she did the videos already at the beginning of summer 2018 and the amount of threats and attacks only went nuclear this year.

Requesting Twyman Trip 6 and 7.
Must have been recorded sometime before july 2018.

Tracy was without a doubt the most enlightening occult author I've ever had the pleasure of reading. She's way above the paygrade of the average Zig Forumsack so this thread is a pleasant surprise. I'd thought the intelligent anons left this place.

I don't think such a thing exists yet. She had most of her books available to download on her site before she got spooked and deleted a bunch of stuff. She probably didn't give that one away for free because it's partly someone else's work.

I may have her old Twyman Trips on an old HD. I plan to reupload all of her stuff that I can salvage, but no promises.

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If that book is the translation she did, then search the title in its original language on and you will be rewarded.
It was also up on her website but fucked up the image URLs so you'd need a script to view the pics. Which you do want to see.

greg isn't just afraid, he's a fucking shill

For one, this is about actually real shit. For another,
The BO that took over is a Zig Forums faggot that claims to delete any slightly political content, but only ever deletes anything on the right/third position sides. The /x/tard schizos showing up in the thread doesn't make the topic /x/ material when the chick (((mysteriously died))) while researching pizzagate stuff.

Has a cause of death been revealed yet?

ty for the link

It's probably a better fit for fringe. But you didn't hear that from me.

In general, one weird aspect of this is the campground. It reminds me of Stephen Kings sequel to "The Shining", which involves a campground and the lizardly people who live there and torture psychics to death for their loosh.


well, you have to admit it was likely either suicide, or the 7-shots-to-the-back-of-the-head-then-jump-out-10-story-window sucide

but, i think we all know which of those is more likely, esp with /x/fags

Believe me, there are some honest to goodness Anton Chigurh like hitmen available on the darknet. I met one of these dark as fuck mother fuckers in a local pub one night and played pool with him all night long. I've never heard such a emotionless person as this man in all my life. He was contemplating leaving his chosen career but did not no if he could do so successfully at this point.
He basically told me his life story over 5 hours of playing pool and emptying 6 dollar pitchers of domestic beer. I was really, really, really, convinced and I'm known to call guys out for their bullshit, finding holes in their story. This guys story was water fucking tight. I'm glad the bar was almost empty that night otherwise he would probably never told me about his, frankly, amazingly terrifying life.
The fact that he showed me his custom made gun with silencer stashed in a special holster under his jacket convinced me even more. It's a night I will NEVER forget. I felt like I was in a fucking movie. INTENSE!

Fuck off Greg.

Can you post the pdf for the Baphomet book here?

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If you want to see and know what the Templar knows. It is simple! I will tell you how to see.
First wait tell spring in locations near hot Springs During Easter. Must be in the path of whale migration, Such as Jerusalem, England, France , and many locations in South America thru the west coast line. Very Important !!! Must find the Easter egg. The egg is s psychedelic mushroom grown from the hot springs water during the whale migration.
You are not going to find it so grow it yourself. Use Horse manure with Easter hot spring water. Jesus is the prince of whales and is reborn every Easter.
After you grow you must eat the flesh and drink the tea. Eat to grow big and then drink to become small.
Get on you knees and pray to Mary. Mary is the Dragon.
Cube bend and see.
Why do you think Muslims and Jews worship the Cube.
The last supper has been given so feed yourself to free yourself.
Realize we are the food. Hell is our destination.
Never go to the light when you die. The light is the path to hell.
Run to the dark when you die and be free.
Everything eats, and hell is where your soul will be eaten for millions of years. God is the sun. The sun is our creator and the gardener of our souls.
Seriously think about it how does the sun burn with no fuel?
God eats our souls…

Ok you can;t find the easter egg anymore.

How do you faggots who do this shit not know the only people they specifically take the time to kill off are real journalists and investigators. Plan accordingly, you can't just poke the hornets nest.

Joseph of Arimathea, a respected member of the council, who was also himself looking for the Kingdom of God, took courage and went to Pilate, and asked for the body of Jesus. And Pilate wondered if He were already dead; and summoning the centurion, he asked him whether Jesus was already dead. And when he learned from the centurion that He was dead, he granted the body to Joseph. And he bought a linen shroud, and taking Him down, wrapped Him in the linen shroud, and laid Him in a tomb, which had been hewn out of the rock; and he rolled a stone against the door of the tomb. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses saw where He was laid.

Joseph of Arimathea was the keeper of the Holy Grail.
Please notice in almost all pictures Joseph of Arimathea is holding a pitcher. Pitcher of Mushroom Tea. Eat and drink to see.
Last image is the reputed spot where Jesus Christ was born in the City of Bethlehem Israel. It is an old hot springs in a manger with horses and barn animals.

Knights went to find the holy grail and did.

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As far as I can tell they kill everyone if they have to but they troll, harass and discredit investigators first as long as possible.
If they do ritual killings on humans they either make their own or pick up some normie.

(((They))) could have sued Kappy and probably easily put him in an asylum for the next 30 years if anything he said was wrong.
No legal action was taken by anyone, including pedophile rapist Seth Green who acted like he didn't even know one of his best friends was calling him out for having a bedroom with children's toys behind a secret bookshelf.
When Kappy continued to talk about pedophilia and even made that Epstein song, death was the only way.
I guess though that Kappy would have died sooner if he had gone down any official routes. His method of "leaking to the NSA via the Q-user board" probably didn't get any officials into trouble, unlike Tracy who actually talked to the feds.

Tracy explains the cube and it goes surprisingly well with what ocs101 said.
It's Gnosis, Kaaba comes from Cybele or vice versa.
The cube is also briefly mentioned in that detective thriller short film she recommended (helped produce?):

In one of her shows she talked about the smiley face murderers and seeing such graffity near her house, but so far it doesn't seem like she was found in a river.
However, in her video she talked about that thread on THC forums from last year where genxgemini (fake account of either Jaimie or Kyle) was threatening her. Pic related.

She doesn't fit the usual smiley victims profile so I think this is a red herring, the kind of trolling you see from those groups.

I was contemplating for a while if maybe she killed herself out of fear that otherwise she might get tortured, and possibly even as a false flag to force investigation into those youtube videos she discovered but nobody knows what they are.
But she knows from her interaction with the FBI and afterwards Kappy's death that without public pressure nothing gets investigated ever, and, more importantly,
she would have prepared better and actually released all the evidence on her channel rather than leaving us with this hastily produced summary of events.

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Address still unconfirmed but here's a dox


D.O.B. 05/27/1978

1320 E Bethany Home Rd, UNIT 2
Phoenix, AZ 85014-2049

AKA: Jamie M. Mueller,
Jamie K. Miller, James Miller

Associated Phones

(480) 238-8276 - Wireless
(916) 613-5095 - Wireless
(843) 617-6489 - Wireless
(916) 995-2033 - Wireless
(334) 393-3729 - LandLine
(916) 361-3444 - LandLine
(916) 369-8009 - LandLine
(916) 393-3729 - LandLine


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Owned Businesses


Green Leaf Canyon Campground, LLC
Nevada Domestic Limited-Liability Company

Registered Agent:  United States Corporation Agents, Inc.Filing Date:  May 18, 2017File Number:  E0237522017-0

500 N Rainbow Blvd Ste 300a
Las Vegas, NV 89107


Previous Addresses

- 1111 S Dewey Dr
Williams, AZ 86046-5219
( This is Greenleaf Campground )

He purchased it in 2011:
Armando Perez and Jamie Muller

Has since been sold in 2017

- 50350 Cowens Rd, SLIP 4
Scappoose, OR 97056-4490
- 1539 W 5th St
Tempe, AZ 85281-2428
- 12035 SW Sussex St
Beaverton, OR 97008-5236
- 2180 State Highway 45
Glenn, CA 95943-9650
- 121 El Dorado Way
Vacaville, CA 95687-3411
- 21109 Gary Dr, APT 205
Castro Valley, CA 94546-6128


Joseph Micheal Botsko
Michael S Tindol
Pamela A Tindol
William Eugene Thornton
Jason Michael Edwards
Cheri S Keene
Jenipher Jean Francois
Leevohn V Hall
Lori Gayle Monteforte
Marcus Lee Stevens
Mark A Weaver
Matthew M Keene


Carolyn Sue Miller
Age 68
124 Isle Royale Cir
Vacaville, CA 95687-3433
(707) 592-1204 - Wireless
(707) 446-4065 - LandLine

David Eugene Mueller
4309 Essex Ct
Arlington, TX 76016-3022
[email protected]
[email protected]
(817) 446-4333 - LandLine
(817) 675-9602 - Wireless
(817) 446-0841 - LandLine
(334) 347-1827 - LandLine
(817) 347-1827 - LandLine

Austin D Mueller
Age 25
4309 Essex Ct
Arlington, TX 76016-3022
(817) 446-4333 - LandLine
(817) 675-9602 - Wireless

Christine P Mueller
Age 55
4309 Essex Ct
Arlington, TX 76016-3022
[email protected]
(817) 446-4333 - LandLine
(817) 675-9602 - Wireless
(817) 446-0841 - LandLine
(334) 347-1827 - LandLine

Pamela K Mueller
Age 88
6982 Pine Forest Rd, APT 126
Pensacola, FL 32526-8950

Jody Ray Miller
Age 49
10180 SW Nez Perce Dr
Culver, OR 97734-9793
(541) 815-2453 - Wireless
(503) 829-8674 - LandLine
(503) 231-7827 - LandLine

That seems legit, assuming he didn't enter fake information.
But generally addresses are correct even if the places are rented under fake names.
Helix Jayme Jaimie Kevin Espy Muller…

I looked at the whois records of his domain addresses, and
which reverse resolves to
It's a GoDaddy IP, apparently in Scottsdale/Arizona (so it is unrelated to which uses Amazon servers) and may thus be the address of his server.

Okay, here's what I got:

Twyman Trip 1, Part 2
TT 2, Part 2
TT 3
TT 4, Part 2
TT 5, Part 1
TT 9, Part 1, Segment 1
TT 9, Part 1, Segment 2
TT 10, Part 1
TT 10, Part 2
Twyman Trip: Can of Worms (Unenumerated), Part 1

Minnie's Mousse, Part 1
Minnie's Mousse, Part 2
Minnie's Mousse, Part 3
(There were one or two more parts to this series iirc)

Darren Williams Interview

Three articles. One of which is a full book she never published, that the Minnie's Mousse series is based on.

Where is a good place to upload these? I would do bitchute but they compress video to shit and you really need to read the slides.

Maybe I'm being retarded but nothing comes up when I search Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum. Please link it unless you're being vague on purpose.
No surprise there. These conspiracy shows can be fun but are full of disinfo, and not to be trusted. The one-in-a-million who shares real, deciphered esoteric knowledge gets suicided like Tracy.

Word is she was hanged, but take that with a grain of salt. S. B. Alger is the only worthy source on this and he doesn't know.
A lot of shit Tracy talked about reminded me of him. IT was totally the anal Homunculus. He also writes in 'Boystown' style institutions often.

Anyone who followed Tracy closely would know she didn't really kill herself. She'd been in danger for over a year and in & out of hiding. She wouldn't willingly leave her son at the mercy of such sick people.

Smiley killers are a real trip. Ever since I learned about them, I see references everywhere. The earliest I know of is Watchmen.

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There was also but I think they had their domain hijacked.

There you go, the Minnie shows, etc, also check the top link, very negative opinion of Tracy: mousse

DuckDuckGo also shows the link ;o

I'm not a Zig Forums regular but you can reach me on pyBitmessage if you care:

It's great software for mostly text-based chans and quite anonymous, especially with tor.
The 8ch tor relay is getting DDoS'd, so posting via proxy.

Oh I just noticed the mp3's are someone else reading her book.
In "The Melt episode 5" she sums up much of her minnie research, pretty good, youtube Fxmh46L1b9s

Here's more info, it's a different book but it is fucking awesome, I don't think you need her Mysterium Unveiled afterwards.

Still samefag here.
The Latin original is reprinted in von Hammer's Fundgruben des Orients VI and there's a German part at the end where he addresses the coincidence theorists.
This honestly isn't necessary though because there is more than enough evidence in the Mysterium Revelatum.

I can't remember which file it was so here's a reupload of a good enough version with searchable cleartext.
Ctrl-f "gegenrede" for the German part.

Kappy's medical report is available now, though not public on the internet yet.
If The Phoenix Enigma is to be trusted there are a few major discrepancies between what witnesses reported.
Like, one saw him sitting on that bridge alone and two others reported being two feet away from him before he fell.

Also the security guard at the motel said he can't answer if there is video surveillance in that motel lobby, but that was in another phoenix enigma video.
Not sure why this is relevant as I didn't follow the Kappy side of the story but I guess it is.

In all cases though phoenix provided no evidence to the viewer.

Why did she believe she was talking to Baphomet through a board game?

You'll have to read her books or listen to her talks to understand that.
That's not why she died though, she did the Ouja shit way before.

She's Jewish who gives a fuck

there's an update on burners website

RIP Tracy. She had written some interesting stuff.

Corbett reshared one of his best FLNWO interviews ever and it is quite relevant for understanding some of the people around Tracy.

The link doesn't work.

get tor browser. set security slider to highest level. also install third-party request blocker addon.


No she's not. You sound like one though.

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He creeped me out too initially, but since many conspiracy theorists praised him I (naively) thought it means he's probably legit.
Few facts about him.
>His mom escaped Germany (during WWII?) and was Esther in the Eastern Star Masonic lodge. Or something along those lines. I'm just wondering if she was (((German)))

Followup on this: I still fully intend to upload the videos, but I've unexpectedly lost (decent) access to the internet. I will do so as soon as I can realistically upload a few GB's worth.
If this thread disappears before then, I will post them to the /x/ thread.

Thanks for all the links, dude. I listened to a bit of Sinead and found it amusing that she considers Tracy's acquaintance with Boyd Rice & the gang as a reason for suspicion, meanwhile she's a part of the modern white nationalist movement, which is ultimately inseparable from the object of her suspicion.

Yeah, I used to be a reg here a couple years ago but now it just blows. Only came here to look for pizzagate stuff when I heard Tracy passed.
I might hit you up when circumstances are more auspicious. Not many interesting frens these days.

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That sucks, hope you get it back soon.
If you're on linux, set up rate limiting so you can upload while browsing the interwebs without lag.

Listen to the Pergatorium show that is linked on latest burners post.
If I'm to research this I'll probably need to run a second Tor Browser instance with javascript enabled so I can use youtube the way normal people do. Urgh.

pic related

Attached: moreabouttracy.png (422x587, 297.38K)

Anyone have a PDF of her Baphomet book?

It doesn't seem like anyone does but ITT are a few links to the book on which she based her research.

There is some good stuff on bitchute btw, which is compatible with youtube-dl.

Nothing about her pedo research though, as far as I can tell.


i'll never understand why as a collective that seeks to actually get something done that we can't just prove a major real world lie like sandy hook or 911 and work from there but instead have to have all these indiana jones trannies talking to us about hexagons and then they 'die' so we're supposed to go back thousands of years and fight lizards from alpha draconis instead of just fucking nailing obvious real world fraud

Have you ever tried to actually get autists to do anything that lasted more than a few days?

Actually autists have been investigating the topic that led to her death for several years so yes it is possible.
Gonna post more later, if Zig Forums zio mods remove the thread I'll post on /x/.

Btw lost their facebook account shortly after it was used to archive the qabbalist campground owner's fb pages.
Not sure if coincidence :-/