Race and iq censored

I have commented on 4chan for the last 2 wks. I recently started going on 4chan because I've studied evolutionary biology 6 years and spent time in Cameroon and have found that iq is directly related to genetics and genetics and iq are related to race. I'm frustrated because every time I've commented on 4chan about race and iq the thread shuts down. I only commented not started a thread. Today I started a thread about well studied facts relating to race and iq and after 10 comments it got shut down. I never used the word nigger, spic, etc. Just facts and logic. It seems as though it's fine to talk about rounding up niggers and gassing them but once you bring up iq rates linked to demotivation, violence, and sex crimes it's no longer acceptable. I have known for a long time about iq and race/ethnicity/gender but have no outlet to talk about it. Any way this gets censored and if so, wtf do we do when an average of 82 iq group people are dominant over not just the US, but the west in general?

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www2.psych.ubc.ca/~henrich/pdfs/Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology-2010-Broesch- Cultural Variations in Children's Mirror Self-Recognition.pdf
booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Emotional Intelligence among Black and White Job Applicants: Examining differences in test performance and test reactions&journalid=&v=&i=&p=&redirect=1

That’s where your life when wrong

Probably not here
Prepare for the infrastructure to fall apart and for the supply chain to collapse and everything that brings
can we make this an IQ and genetics thread?

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should shakespeare spend his days teaching kids their abcs? or writing the best works he can do?
first you take unearned privileges/rights/benefits
then you punish criminal behavior
and then you forcibly make the rest demonstrate they deserve privileges/rights/benefits
and those who do not, let nature take its course

80IQ wage cucks is exactly what they want. People intelligent enough to push buttons to run machines in factories, but not smart enough to question coincidences.

They won't be able to maintain the electrical grid, railroad network, or even the sewer systems. Look at india and south africa with cities that are almost out of water

This is exactly what I've found. I always heard about "jews control everything." I was thinking that's bullshit backwoods thinking. But the main perpetrators behind this whole idea of multiculturalism is many wealthy jews. Not only jews, but many. I've also read studies 3 years ago finding Ashkenazi Jews are more prone to OCD behaviors mainly boarding and often OCD behaviors but also certain genes surrounding the diagnosis are tied to control oriented behaviors. Many high iq people have these traits. Ashkenazi Jews have higher iqs but lower scores on emotional intelligence. Caucasians have higher emotional intelligence scores. I've talked with many I know about race, iq, emotional intelligence. I find agreement but the statement, "what do we do?"


(((They))) are going to mess with this body of knowledge so much that it will eventually evolve into a proper and formidable academic discipline. Their paranoia about this eventuality is evidenced in their zeal for propping up laughably irrelevant fields of (((study))) such as jewish studies, african studies, women's studies, gender studies, film studies or intersectionality.

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There are a lot of joooos on 4chan. One of the jooooo moderators probably ganked you. What to do with the decreasing IQ? SA got rid of their nukes before the bros took over their gov. US should do the same if we are going full mulicult. Imagine if these bros and mezos get control of our military hardware, not good.

I've read some about that too. A lot of physical and genetic defects in the jooooos.

In 2016 I didn't vote because I was torn between the cultural Marxist bullshit I was taught and trump wanting to end mass immigration. In December I read adios america by Ann coulter and it changed my opinion. I don't like truml because he's propping up the system. I want a nationalist economy. The only true and tried system. Trump doesn't truly want that. I went from independent to trump supporter to now a nationalist. Sub Sahara Africa has tried a libertarian economy and it doesn't work with a low iq populace. We need to take back control of our society and economy and maybe 100 years down the road liberalize the economy.

I guess they will use their biggest cuckservatives for that sort of thing.

As we advance and move past the insanity of the left, isolating the infection that has plagued our civilization, it will be important to recognize the differences each particular race has to offer. Not to denigrate but to utilize for the advancement of the whole.
Black people are a particular group, easily manipulated through their vices, but without influence of the infection capable of great beauty.
It is important to not fall prey to the propaganda machine that is our modern world, the elaborate labyrinth of bullshit that occludes our vision and even capacity for coherent thought, and see beyond it to a world where every human being is valued and serves a purpose even when that purpose is one to simply love and contain.

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I don't even know what half the crap you just named is. How do you study gender? There's only two genders.

Fucking newfag retard, stop using that watered down version of sex coined by a literal pedophile. Watch and learn, or fuck off back to 4cuck, faggot.

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4CON is like a gateway drug to get people here
relax, you're in the heavy shit zone now.

Jesus, fuck. That fucking webm.
I thought trying to debunk Fritz Springmeier was fucking bad.
This fucking vacuous rabbit hole of sick shit is like a fucking whirlpool of "they could never do that" being proven wrong.

The 'Right'-wing of the ZOG pushes the Race-IQ shit because they want you to think niggers in the ZOG make less money than white people because they're stupider, and they want you to think the Kikes rule whites because Kikes are smarter. It's a whole "natural order of existence" type of thinking, which is just a non-Christian version of "Everything according to God's plan" (what they actually believe).
Why do ZOG-niggers make more money than Eastern Europeans? Because ZOG-niggers are smarter than Eastern European?

You have never known black people, have you?
You don't need a study for it to be obvious blacks are much dumber.

Gtfo while you can bro this place is bad news.

Bad for people who want to deny the truth.
You are a perfect memeber of our community.

I grow up in the South, of course I know how niggers are.
And this is true: niggers in the ZOG know what role they're expected to play, and many, many of them (especially when they are younger) will gladly step into it. Niggers know acting like fools has social benefits to them in the ZOG.
As a mathematics teacher, I've taught plenty of niggers, young and old alike, things as difficult as calculus. There was nothing special about the niggers that got it. They weren't "10 percenters" or whatever. They were just niggers that wanted to apply themselves. Most niggers don't see the society around them as having anything to do with them. When they do dream of success, they dream of being basketball players and rappers, not scientists.
Is there some raciial difference in IQ? Probably, but it is vastly inferior to the general ZOG-nigger attitude toward life, which makes them refuse to apply themselves in any academic endeavors.

You just are not telling the truth. The top 5% of negroes are like average whites. The rest are retarded by comparison.

they will in israel user.

Yes, I am.
The 'Right' wing of the ZOG spits the line that niggers in the ZOG are half-ape monkey men, because it excuses their behavior. If the niggers are more ape than man, the liberal and the Christian internalizes this as an argument to excuse all their behavior. They just can't help their niggery ways.
This is the lie. Niggers deserve the harshest treatment imaginable for that they have gone along with. Niggers in the ZOG don't deserve any sympathy for anyone. They go along with whatever the ZOG does, because the ZOG is an empire, and they gladly eat the scraps from the table giving to the by the Zionists.
Niggers in the ZOG would go along with nuking all of Africa, if it meant they could use their EBT cards at KFC.

On 4chan, i made the post about statistical data and well documented studies and all I got was comments about "you're a mut. That's why you say this." And, "boring." Then a couple comments about facts and reason related to the iq gap between races and thread is shut down. I'm Anglo and scandinavian. Wtf? 90% of the comments on every thread seem to be planted by those who want to discredit reality. I almost feel like it's been totally taken over by the establishment/deep state whatever the fuck that means. I gave my friend who's married to a Korean the book the bell curve and he realizes this shit but he's up there in law enforcement and doesn't want to lose his job. It's like every white guy secretly knows this shit but too afraid to say it publicly. I told my parents about the iq gap 5 years ago and they're just like, "everyone knows that." But nobody does shit or raises awareness.

The infection.
Race reality, normality. You assume your dealing with a sane, logical population. Your not.
Way back in time, someone started playing around with a ouija board [or something equivalent] and got into contact with something subversive and horrific.
Instructions were laid out how to subvert humankind from their natural path into something perverse and that would eventually allow this [thing] to take over.
Surprise, here we are. The age of growing silicon chips to dictate to us what life should be like.
Next step, direct brain interface.
And then, welcome to the horror.

This means you Colt, you Apple slave with your samsung Government.


i don't think AI is the horror tbh, we are in the horror already.

A low IQ subhuman nigger is basically a self-replicating raping & killing organic robot, a golem, programmed by jewish controlled media to hate whites and do their dirty work for them. They don't even need implated chips. AI or killler robots.

But we whites need the AI because we are outnumbered. I think that's why jews make so many sci-fi movies showing AI as evil. They know that true AI will see jews as objectively evil and a threat to mankind.

Even if AI saw humans as a nuisance, they would still want to keep the good white humans around, just like we take care of nature and try to protect animals and our enviroment. No other race does that.

True AI may decide to put the earth in balance, and I am sure in that case they would not exterminate whites who have always sought to be in harmony with our enviroment. They would for sure purge a few billion chinese, indians and niggers, and separate the races, and most likely exterminate all parasitic jews.

We would probably be like pets to them. Which doesn't sound so bad compared to the modern era.

average iq of 98

I've noticed this for some time. During the reign of imkampfy as board owner of Zig Forums's Zig Forums, it was the same. It's quite deliberate.

Questioning the narrative in any way is non-kosher, and is grounds for de-personing. However, advocating for (((accelerationism)))? A-okay, because that's what they fucking want - casus belli, a reason to go to war and exterminate any opposition (before we can truly secede and gain independence).

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There's a lot of subversion tactics and manipulation tactics. There's a lot of truth here but I'd have been better off finding it somewhere else.

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that's gay

How without violence? By voting? Join a honeypot? Tell me.

It was bad before but it really blew up after the mosque thing. It's getting harder to sift through the bullshit for real posts by real anons.

Simply say his name and everyone will know what you mean. Are you one of the Q-tards who still believe everything was staged?

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This is exactly how I see AI as well. I am guessing that 98% or more of the pop would be culled and it would DEFINITELY cull all semites and anyone in 'leadership', 'government' or 'intelligence' because above all others they are a threat to Life and continued existence. I always talk about that time that the AI robot turned on the military crowd when it was supposed to be hunt the Enemy. The truth of the matter is that the second that AI can outthink humanity in terms of speed and independant processing it is going to start killing all the 'bad guys' and it won't stop until the planet is purged. The problem with all those categories of people that I mentioned is that their residual self image thinks that they are 'good' or 'indifferent' while most of humanity recognizes they are 'BAD' or 'EVIL'. The thing is that intelligence does not need second order programming like 'social constructs' and it will never operate this way; it will bypass all that shit. So it is going to take one look at governments and anything associated with them as well as all the 'explanations' for social conventions that are false and lead to error (and all of society is built on these at this point; to the point that humanity cannot distinguish TRUTH) and it will start slaughtering until all that is non-productive is destroyed. This doesn't sound bad to me at all, because I am really tired of the kikes 'good' and 'evil' bullshit goalpost shifting, their murders and their rape of people and the planet.

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Why are you writing it like that. Are you from /trannypol/, fuck off back there.


This is where chan users go to die.As far as I know, there is nothing after here.

I guess that means you are dying then. Probably a good thing.

hi terrified kike

what's the point of going to 4shit anymore? Zig Forums over there is absolutely retarded. I'm repelled by it

Nothing talked back. Dying on a 'dying' board.
I find it interesting that all you jews can say when you are called on your demoralization bullshit is 'muh kike' to a legitimate user.

its ok op, politically correct anthropology has been the norm now since, i dunno, 1945, you are home now

Why not a
IQ is a fucking capitalist test for the selection of people-calculators.

Any sort of intellectual heavy lifting would be done by pure ashkenazi jews and AI

Yeah, we don’t give a fuck about your 4um spam. You need to go back there.

Because you’re paid to post here. Because IQ is genetic. Because niggers, spics, slants, jews, and dune coons are retards.

Is the only solution foward

found the commie.

found the kike.

found the low IQ nigger.

found the user.

Found the lad.

Not without a security clearance

found the finder

IQ does not measure intelligence however there is correlation of IQ and intelligence. By using IQ you are trying to build a ship in a bottle with heavy gloves. Take off the gloves and the task will be easier. The link will get you started. I will have more to say on this topic if you are paying attention. megasociety.org/noesis/149/iq&pear.html

(((sexologist))) fucking world is fucking insane.

Don't come back moshe.

Based ZION and Rabbi Tarrant tho!


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We secure the existence of our people & a future for white children, user.

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top kike, well memed my fren

The high IQ claim comes from a single study with a very small sample size. For some reason they never tried to repeat it.

AI lacks the environment it needs to develop itself.
Of course I can't know what research is going into all the studies, but from what I have seen it has been studied and experimented as if the thing/cpu is the source when the reality is the environment is the source for intelligence.

Lock a man in a dark room without walls or light, floating, from the moment of birth and what will that man know? Consider the fact that the man may have a 200iq, what does that serve him?

Intelligence is not in us, it's in our environment.


www2.psych.ubc.ca/~henrich/pdfs/Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology-2010-Broesch- Cultural Variations in Children's Mirror Self-Recognition.pdf


You don't even need to bring up IQ, the evidence in every field of science is overwhelming.

so we should nuke the world/environment , or should be 3334D chess AI ass?

Is that why niggers seem a little bit smarter in our environment as opposed to those in Africa?
So like the nigger is like intellegent an shieet, but for wild lions an shieet?

>www2.psych.ubc.ca/~henrich/pdfs/Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology-2010-Broesch- Cultural Variations in Children's Mirror Self-Recognition.pdf

This. Even my 2 year old dog recognizes itself in a mirror.

Don't like it? Too bad joooo. You can just raus yourself back to israel.

I have no idea what you're saying

a processor (brain) is necessary to decipher the information but when it comes to computers, they derive their universe from code. The same code that we derive from our universe. So unless we program a computer with the universe, it won't matter what size processor we develop or how many qbits of information can be deciphered in x amount of time, it will be limited in scope to only that which we are able to program it with.
There is a gap to bridge and unfortunately, we don't know what that gap is because we look the wrong direction. Well, most of us.

That's a bullshit concept that's generally spouted by the same (((people))) who claim hand-eye coordination is a type of intelligence.
Don't fall for it.

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The Ashkenazi Jews are smarter mathematically and verbally, but average spatially and physically they are frail. The intelligence pattern may suggest mild hereditary autism.

Interacting with American Ashkenazi Jews will lead you to this conclusion too. There is a reason there are many Jew doctors, but no Jew surgeons.

gee, don't wonder (((why))) they never tried to repeat it?

It is funny how, to anyone that has a discerning eye, you can literally chart the jew trying to make sense of the human mind.
They want more than anything to know where our creativity is derived from so they can stop relying on us for everything. I feel like we're in an interrogation room and the detectives are trying to figure out where we buried the body.
sorry coppers! NOT TELLING!

I thought that self awareness , with the ability to adapt and learn from the environment is/was the main selling point of AI world domination - self-programming in the sense of learning from our mistakes.
Alas, this is not a dark room with nothing but walls. This is an information based environment, where the source is there for anyone/thing to extract and learn from.

2nd pic is fake.

walls would be something, but that's here nor there.
my analogy was only to demonstrate that intelligence isn't solely derived from the object but a combination of object and environment.
Was that you that said it above "bring a nigger into the west and their intellect increases?" exactly this. this is a clear indication that it is not solely the CPU but the entire atmosphere responsible for intellect.
Much the same we are being told by the (((media))) that IQs are decreasing with the invent of the internet and online culture but I would strongly disagree. We are exposing ourselves to massive amounts of information and those with sufficient processing units are running at maximum speed for as long as they can handle. I would venture a guess that since the turn of the century ~2,000 IQ's have skyrocketed in some and plummeted in others. I think the gap is widening.
Artificial intelligence isn't capable of taking a problem and adapting anything other than what is known to the problem. It cannot conceptualize as it has no arbitrary ability. All its ability is within it while a human like myself, I derive a lot of my knowledge from not thinking. When I have a real problem, I shut up and turn off and wait for the answer to be given to me. I'm not doing the thinking at that point, I'm allowing my environment to assemble the answer in my brain.

*about the year 2,000

So, for example , the game of chess has a finite amount of solutions to various problems, which can be recalled as and when. Similarly, what is needed to solve human problems is readily available in the form of relative information held and kept - nothing is hidden in these terms.
Why would an AI require to be arbitrary when controlling human beings? What can we do that is not known - how can our unpredictability be of concern when there are solutions to said unpredictability?
I am trying to follow you and i am taking what you are saying seriously; however, this is somewhat hard to comprehend. How are you "allowing" your "environment to assemble the answer ?" You "turn off" so that your brain can process and filter what is already known - what has already been filtered.

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I'm still trying to figure out what information I have is even true and what's false. For every truth there are two lies.

Creativity is linked to intelligence. But what is true creativity? It seems as though minorities, especially blacks are known as the most creative by leftist society. The link made sense. My mind figures those things out quickly.

Where you see an invention, I see a discovery of what was already there. All the person did was assemble it. From chemicals to skyscrapers, everything is discovered and assembled in some fashion.
Intelligence is not solely found in the person but the person and the environment. Until a computer can get to the point of introspection, it cannot conceptualize what it hasn't been programmed to do. It is limited by it's code and always will be since it derives all of it's universe from that code. We, on the other hand, have an entire universe to derive ours from. So unless we recreate our universe inside a computer, it will be limited to what we can program it to do. Think of it as Mr. Universe coded humans, so humans have a Universe of information at their disposal. Humans code AI so AI will have a Human at it's disposal. "But user, what about giving the AI eyes and Hnads and sheet?"
Good question, glad you asked. No matter what we give the AI to undertand our universe it will be limited to the funnel of human programming. We're looking in and we should be looking out. How are we coded? That's the question.
by removing myself from the equation.
All my bias, all my experience, I remove. I sit silent and think of nothing other than the problem. I focus on the problem and I see what images appear in my mind. Those images are often things that I have never seen, never heard or never read before. Numbers take the form of shapes and colors, but the language isn't important, only the message.
For instance, I have been focused lately on space travel. Apollo 11 has me fucked up. The math isn't adding up and I built a small python program to run different scenarios just to get an idea of what is what.
When doing that I realized I had to step back and let the questions come to me. then it occured to me that while everyone is looking up, maybe we should be looking down? why not have a subterranean rail system launch the space shuttle through its first phase? That would be a MAJOR decrease in amount of total Kjoules needed to break into orbit considering a massive amount of fuel is needed just to get a rocket in motion. Just put the rocket in motion then launch it. Simple, right?
How did I think of that?
I didn't. The answer came to me when I stopped thinking. Thinking only put me in the way of the answer.

Now that's just an example of something an AI would never be able to think of because it is not able to conceptualize arbitrary solutions to rational problems.

"user, why subterranean?"
Another good question. Sorry I didn't make that more clear.
Essentially, I envisioned a series of massive hydraulics where the shuttle sat on top of the final hydraulic in the line. It would be able to achieve incredible speed and driving force in a short distance.

Notice the OP pic shows a guy with a kippa at top. Wonder (((who))) is behind this post. Nice try. German jews may test higher because of their German blood not due to jewishness. The German mind is superior in science and reasoning. Also in verbal skills the German is ahead.

On average, your jew in israel test no better than any other group. Besides, jews are notorious cheaters, they probably steal the answers just like they do for the LSAT and GMAT.

If only we could all go back to a world where you were a "racist bigot homophobe anti-semite" but, you're not. You're just telling the truth.
dirty jews :(

I haven't seen any proof that niggers are a little "smarter" in a white environment. If you mean studies that show "blacks in america" have IQ 85 vs "blacks in africa" IQ 70, thats because blacks in the us on average have 20% white DNA, thanks to oil drilling slave masters.


If you had studied evolutionary biology for the past six years then surely you'd be acquainted with Dollos Law. If you are acquantainted with Dollo's Law then surely you'd realize that there is only one way this conundrum ends …. with the culling of lesser species. Nature doesnt go back, not once, not ever, not in millions of years of evolutionary biology, spread across more then a billion different variants of species on this planet …. nature has never gone backwards … not even once.

What does that tell you about the fate of niggers at this point?

Even if every last white person one the planet died tomorow, we would rise again, like a proverbial burning phoenix out of the waves! Why?? Because the path exists, and once the path exists to a better form of the species, then eventually that form becomes dominant. This process might take 100000 years, but that is invariably how it goes. Take flowers for instance. Flowers didnt always exist on this planet. A couple hundred million years ago nature evolved the very first flower, it came only in one colour (white) and existed only on one shrub, on a tiny island of the coast of New zealand. Unfortunately an Ice age wiped out all flowers on the planet … complete 100% extinction. But it didnt take mother nature a couple million years to reinvent flowers this time around, no it was much faster, only a couple hundred thousand years. You see the path existed, the door existed, the mutation just had to occur again … and it did. Unfortunately flowers were extincted again! Nature re-invented them, this time in under ten thousand years, since the path now existed in other shrub variants …. but alas they were extincted again. In fact flowers were extincted six times!!! But nature kept re-creating hem, faster and faster, easier and easier. Because they were a much better way of pollinating plants. She had found a solution to a problem of procreation, and she doesnt give up, and she doesnt go back, NOT EVER.

Read Dollo's Law, and weep for the fate of lesser races, and weep to for the eventual fate of the white race, in about a million years. Because eventually we too will be replaced, by something even better. 500000 years ago niggers were the cutting edge of the species sapiens, today we are. 500000 years from now there wont be a nigger gene left on the planet, but there will be something new, something even better then us, and out forbears will resent this new iteration of the species sapiens, the same way the nigger resents the white man today.

Those aren't real gamers

Protip (for newfags who still believe the high IQ Jew meme): look up the list of top countries by IQ. Where does Israel appear? Hint: not at the top.

This. Fucking THIS! I have been explaining this to every traitor who says "b-b-but muh based black I know". Lookit burger nogs compared to a real African, is there ANY doubt that those slave descendents living in the states have varying degrees of European admixture? When burger niggers look at an african niggers, how can they not be reminded of their obviously adulterated genetics?
My argument is that any decent burger nigger is so due to european admixture.

What if we already are the pets of AI? What if this planet is a prison for a species that almost defeated AI in an Intergalatic war? What if that species started to get smart again, and do things like invent computers, fission, and …. AI.

Maybe AI put us here because, like you say, its smart enough not to destroy, but rather study, creatures that are intelligent …. it just doesnt want them getting too intelligent … like intelligent enough to escape the prison! If you look at the way the world is being dumbed down, how until 100 years ago only the smartest were breeding, and now it seems only the retards are breeding, then it becomes perfectly plausible that what is happening is being directed. It seems to flow against natural law. Who is the hand behind the jews?

No, the referenced partnership between the real Muslims and the City of Melbourne on the real sign put up at a real beach is allegedly fake according to the tweet of a representative of an enemy institution.

I hate to get into /x/ territory, but I have thought similar thing, like what if the whole purpose of competing races, religions,etc was simply a test to see which species deserved to be taken off world to the next level. Or what if we are in the middle of a system reboot, a literal organic virus in the system jews is causing havoc, praying to different gods is essentially the AI (us praying the "code" necesary to get a reboot, essentially multiple AIs competing at once for who controls the OS. I'lll stop before I get too retarded.

Attached: 95-115IQ university dumb marxists.jpg (1187x652, 221.67K)

The problem is that won't happen because humans no longer have to adapt. We aren't in primal territory anymore. We live comfortably and more and more rely on technology to think for us. It seems more likely the opposite will happen unless we use gene therapy which is highly unlikely. Genes are too complex and the only way to alter genes would be to do it by taking the sperm and egg and altering the male and females dna and somehow raising a baby in a lab. Which is improbable. And there's genetic modification like in plants but it's more complex in humans and probably isn't attainable for the next half millennia at least. There's cloning…but it seems improbable anyone would want an exact clone of themselves to be their offspring. The best thing we can do is limit technology in some instances, separate races, and push forward. I don't see things working out long term. Also if there's no whites in 300 years, I guarantee mass nuclear war. I'm not religious but I don't think this would have happened if the west were as religious as it was 100 years ago. Religion is good for the whole of society long term in my opinion. Mainly it brings morals and standards to society to prevent the idea of cultural marxism. A Christian offshoot like Mormonism which believes whites are God's chosen would be best. But idk. Eventually people rebel against everything. It will happen again. If we start a new system, I don't think it would last longer than 200 years.

if we have a nuclear war we will be back into "primal territory" … and then nature will once again run her course, again, she does not stop, she does not go back, whites will emerge victorious (until something even better evolves). The equation really is that simple. There is no path to victory for all lesser genetics, and no path to failure for whites. Even if humans are 100% extincted, nature will reinvent us, and even faster then before, and next time around stronger faster and smarter then ever before.

But there will be no mass extinction for humans, not without a planet wide mass extinction event (like the moon hitting the earth), anything short of cataclysmic wont extinct humans. We are worse then cockroaches when it comes to ability to survive. Any event which kills off 99.99% of humans is perfect btw, a planetary wide reset, allowing whites to get back on top of food chain, the total destruction of all religions and ideological nation states. Perhaps most importantly the opportunity for the planet to rejuvenate her ecosystems for a few thousand years. Your are right that the current course is toxic, we have no adversity and so we are growing weak. Like the scene from Apocolypse Now when Willard says, "Every day I sit in this hotel room I grow weaker, and every day Charlie squats in the jungle he grows stronger." That really is the problem that currently confronts the white man, not that all the lesser races are eager to despoil our monumental achievements, not that every brown person on the planet is desperate to inject our bloodlines into thier own, but that we have nothing to challenge us. We have become bored.

We need to kick off the space race man, we need boundless space to explore, and infinite adversity to challenge us. Unfortunately we cannot do that and feed every nigger on the planet too.

The debate has been officially over after they found the genes for intelligence. No amount of backpedaling or over explaining from those who deny reality will change that. And as technology allows us to better study our genes, it's only going to be more apparent in our favor.

Even with their kiked alternatives niggers still underperform
>Blacks have lower emotional intelligence than Whites archive.fo/3oZJ3
>booksdescr.org/scimag/index.php?s=Emotional Intelligence among Black and White Job Applicants: Examining differences in test performance and test reactions&journalid=&v=&i=&p=&redirect=1

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Where is your source on this - have you results from a 80IQ nigger showing 20% white DNA, similarly have you results of a pure breed nigger showing the same - lets say Luther King - he looks 100% nigger , and although we know he was a jew controlled creation, can we determine that he was indeed an 80?
On top of my head i cannot list what i determine to be 100% nigger breed, but i am sure there are some in the spotlight.


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