Hey guys! What its going on?

Did you now about this guy in the pic? His name's Marc Lépine and he did an amazing job at École Polytechnique in Montreal, 1989. He killed 14 women in a act against femminism and stepped a pace into History. Unfortunately not so many folks knows about him nowadays (yeah, it was a long time ago since the massacre), but now I'm here to remember him and his legacy. I hope that it will not be forgotten one more time.

Praise to Marc Lépine! His tactic is the main answer against the femminist problem.

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I fully believe you're a retard! No femminist can do anything useful to the white people.

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were they white?

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No, they were French.

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How we can see, there's a bunch of bitches on this pic. Lépine was fucking based.

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You dropped this.

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I am related to at least one of those women. Fuck this guy. Killing your own race for a symptom caused by the Semitic Parasites? He is a traitor.

Was Lépine a jew?

Ok, you feel angry just because one of them was a relative of you. That's hipocrisy.

The symptom is caused by the femminists itself. Look what are you speak.

Shabbos or jew, what's the difference?

This man, Alexandre Bissonet, is a true hero.

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I don't know. Should you say that everything is a jew as antifa said about fascists? No, you don't.

Isn't this guy half arab?

His father was an algerian man.

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OUR OUR OUR Knight Commander Breivik proves otherwise!

Kill white women and children, Tarrant will bless

Breivik too

No woman worth having a family goes to college
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How is getting an education a bad thing? You want your children to be raised by a dumb woman?

So much this


even a feminist can bear children you fucking english-impared kike, don't support the killing of white women EVER.

unless it's dotr
which implies the full collapse of society and a chance to plant something in the ashes
otherwise you are just thinning our numbers in the slow decay into oblivion

Yeah you're a nutjob, I'm not gonna support the killing of white women feminist or not. Brenton Tarrant or Charles Martel is a hero not him.
Also what's with the weird space atop your posts?