Help me figure out how to discriminate

I want to organize Whites without anti-discrimination laws being able to stop me. Help me try to find a way to create an organization that can legally discriminate arbitrarily. I've looked at cooperatives where sale of shares requires board or shareholder approval, but (((they))) even try to prevent cooperatives from voting on with whom they associate, though some seem to have had some success coming up with excuses, but I don't think they can explicitly discriminate. I've thought about one person privately owning the organization and simply granting access to the rest of the members, but that is too dependent on that one person and would be hard to convince the rest to contribute if it is owned by that one person. Could a trust have discriminatory membership with some type of collective ownership, so the members do have security in their rights but without being able to go against community rules or sell their rights to incompatible people? If none of these will work, is there any other model that will allow people to discriminately organize businesses and own property as a community? (I know Whites tend to be individualistic and love their property rights, but we need to organize communities, and that means we have to be able to enforce ground rules and prevent members from selling to outsiders against the community's wishes, and individual ownership absolutely does not allow this. No one will force you to join) Is there any Western country where this could be done?

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This already exists for some residential building in major cities. You have to interview with the board memebers to get permission to move in. All you have to do is form a trust which owns, let’s say, a subdivision. Each homeowner becomes a member and gets voting rights after some period of time. If they wish to sell, the prospective buyer has to be approved by the trustees. As long as the majority of trustees shares the same vision for the neighborhood, you’ll have whitetopia.

This sounds like the housing cooperative model I was talking about where everyone buys shares in a corporation that owns the property, and the shares grant them the right to occupy a unit without directly owning it, and the entire corporation is managed by the board that does have some power to set ground rules and to restrict the sale of shares, but there are laws that help protect shareholders rights to sell, and even if it's part of the contract, I don't know if it's legal to restrict on racial grounds even if the board or shareholders vote on it. I need to know if they can discriminate on the basis of race specifically or if they would have to hide it and come up with excuses. At least it's a start, but it's far from an impregnable defense.

Would it work differently through a trust? They still have to pay and get some type of ownership rights in return, right? Or is it some type of contract that only grants access without ownership rights in a way that doesn't fall under housing discrimination laws? You're probably not a lawyer, so I don't expect a detailed response, but I'm not either, so any useful information would be appreciated.

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would have to be an irrevocable trust to have any kind of actual legal staying power.

The simplest thing would be to create an organization revolving around an activity niggers wouldn't be interested in, with barriers that niggers can't pass.
Like a club for higher mathematics with a hard entrance test. Or an IQ-test demanding 120+ points administered by a psychologist associated with the organization (so the psychologist can't just lie to get a nigger in).
There aren't terribly many nigs in Mensa, and they just require a 130 IQ. There's also some group that requires a 140 IQ and they definitely don't have niggers.

Could a community pool funds into an irrevocable trust set up to make the entire community the collective beneficiary and trusted community leaders the trustees, so modifications to the terms like bringing in new eligible members or transferring or buying more property could only be done through an entire community (beneficiaries) or maybe trustee vote (so individuals couldn't make changes independently even they would be one of the beneficiaries) in a way that overrules anti-discrimination laws? Could it be majority or 2/3rds voting, or would it have to be unanimous?

I know I'll have to talk to a lawyer eventually, but I want to gather as much information as possible before then.

Okay, but that doesn't exclude Jews, East Asians, some Middle Easterners, some Indians, some high-IQ White liberals, etc. I need something more useful for organizing a White tribe.

Yea you could get a real estate lawyer to tell you what the exact mechanisms are in exchange for a free lunch. It could even be as simple as a deed restriction which establishes an HOA, but I’m pretty sure the trust model is what I’ve seen before. In any case, it’s not breaking new ground and it can be done. Discrimination laws become irrelevant at that point because the trustees are legally entitled to vote how they see fit, no explanation required.
It’s definitely something I’ve wanted to do, having a real estate background. It would be great to develop a residential subdivision with durable low maintenance materials and fixtures and sell them at break-even cost to young white families with or soon to be with children.
Sure there are plenty of neighborhoods which are all or nearly all white, but they’re the priciest properties as a result. You have to spend extra to get safety and good neighbors. This leaves out a lot of new families. A developer could easily end this problem one neighborhood at a time, given adequate funding and smart planning.


Also, in addition to selling at breakeven cost, if you could afford to provide the financing at zero APR, that adds a whole new layer to the benefits of this model. You could give deserving white families a chance that they might not get from the bank, and save them from back breaking usury payments. This would require deeper pockets in the short term.

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It's funny how the US Govt did this for decades and how it's now being done online. Yet, wignats like to cry about identity politics when whites have been doing identity politics for centuries.

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What I am doing is setting up series of challenges, tests, etc, for example math or coding, for jobs or clubs. If there is a chance for a jew to bypass the filter, we (I) do background checks before letting them in.
Then at meetups the group feels united from the 'pain´ bonding passing those tests. Cont. activities are from workplace and chat apps. Deniability comes from the activity itself.

Jews have their own elitist shits and corps, and somehow that doing is ' legal'.

It's funny you say that because I know someone who knows someone who apparently has his own proprietary concrete mixture that supposed to be far cheaper than the standard, and he has apparently come up with a way to establish a zero-energy consistent room temperature of something like 60-80 degrees regardless of the weather, though I don't know the details and haven't talked to him myself. Apparently he's also buying up land and plans to build these houses en masse (he's already built and sold a few), and he says they only cost like 30k to build. I believe he may also be looking to structure the development as a cooperative, but again, I haven't talked to him. It's just weird that you said some of the same things some people I know irl have been saying.

Thanks for the responses, and yea, I'll talk to a lawyer eventually, but it'd be nice to find someone with the same values. Maybe even someone interested in being involved, but I don't have any connections.

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It is a problem at the administration/management level.
As long as you can maintain the rules applied, the group will keep working by those rules.
There must be some ways local law and order let the group be by those rules…

A way of getting around explicitly mentioning undesirables is just to say that the shareholders shall collectively have the right to arbitrate who can be sold a share. Then, the shareholders, acting through the board, can arrange a gentleman's agreement to the effect that only X, Y, Z kinds of people will be sold a share.

A conceivable problem with this implicit model is that you might allow free white persons of good character into your community without them being aware of this gentleman's agreement. Then they might not toe the unofficial party line when it comes to unofficially discriminating against undesirables, and even worse, they might agitate for reform within the group, or appeal to legal forces outside the group. To mitigate this problem, you should make it known to potential community members just what kinds of people the neighborhood wants to be inhabiting there. An invite only approach would be best, as then you wouldn't really need to vet the potential future shareholders before they are offered a share, they would already be 'vetted' before they were invited to join.

These sorts of informal discrimination charters already exist all around this country which preserve the implicitly white character of neighborhoods. When limited to a few hectares, there's no problem. The issue is that a) it's difficult for such a trust to buy out town or county-sized swathes of land on financial and practical grounds and b) when the geographic bounds of your trust grow to the equivalent size of a municipal government (say, e.g., a county government) then the state government may desire to step in and forcibly reclassify your institution as a municipal government because they will recognize that you are trying to get around legal injunctions against free association housing charters by using a private organization as if it were its own local government. Which, in effect, is exactly what this would be. Furthermore, there is Supreme Court precedent for treating land that is formally owned by a corporation as if it were public land for the purposes of arbitrating first amendment cases, when the private land is being used to house a community where people live (e.g. a mining town). If a court case relating to this proposed strategy of getting around housing laws went to the Supreme Court, they might try to apply the Civil Rights Act and similar laws to the corporately held land on the basis of such precedent. Not that they can force a based black family into your community or force you to make available one of your houses to them, but they could tie you up in court till you go bankrupt. And again, if your trust starts operating as if it were a private local government (elections, administrative officials, services like water management, policing etc), the state could just forcibly incorporate your institution through legislation to that effect, making it a public municipal government. Which is what I would do if I were on the other team, rather than going to court over it.

I plan for this to be the legal structure for a community with additional social and cultural layers that will act as barriers to entry before new members get anywhere near a contract, but I want to take precautions.

Anyway, one problem with shareholder voting is that existing shareholders could have a falling out with the community and try to sell their shares to someone completely incompatible, and if the other shareholders vote against it, as you said they could appeal to legal forces to enforce their shareholder's right to sell. I think you can place reasonable restrictions in writing before hand, but the article I read also said that anything that fell under the anti-discrimination laws could not be restricted, but I don't know if that's true.

What if we build a pseudo-government inside a trust or corporation, but instead of organizing it in one location as an easy target, we spread it out thin as a network of exclusive spaces (trust-owned real estate, businesses, etc, accessible only to community members) directly inside cities, so we're less of a consolidated target, and so we have access to the concentrated political, financial, and cultural power in cities. We could use our exclusive spaces in these cities as bases of operations from which to launch an effort to regain wealth and control while remaining more cohesive and organized than a completely decentralized collective that kept everything privately owned.


You're worried about anti-discrimination laws? Let's stop and think about that for a minute….

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Make a cultural center like a "Irish cultural center" or some bull shit as a cover may even be able to get a tax break as a non profit

Good suggestion, how this is still “allowed”

We still somehow have “freedom of association”. You are allowed to associate with whomever you choose. I believe if there is a charge of “discrimination” in a company this is usually more of an internal thing most likely than government, done by Human Resources (probably to avoid courts and bad press).
If it were to go to court it’s a hard charge to prove since you have to prove intent. Defense can just plead ignorance and “I was just hiring best people for the job”. Very difficult to demonstrate malicious intent even existed

Use their own jewed rules and bigotry towards whites right back against them. Judo. They recently ruled that discrimination based on political beliefs is perfectly legal. A restaurant, bar, or other organization can deny service based on a persons political views (or presumably perceived political views.) You live in a crazy world where what someone shoves up their ass is "protected" but how you vote isn't.
Same with taxes: they have a clear and evident "disparate impact" on whites -and since they like to try and use "disparate impact" as a weapon against whites, it ought to be used right back against them.
Why isn't La Raza being sued into the dirt like the Klan for every single murdered American whose death was essentially aided, abetted and instigated by that Mexican hate group?

Use their own fucking rules against them.

I actually did "Fair Housing" training a week ago. There ARE ways around it, you just need something that gives a HUD exception. Religious groups are a good example.

The outstanding issue is "disparate impact", look it up. It's insane, basically saying you can be raycis even while following every other standard if something disproportionately effects another group. If you have policies against criminals, for example, you'll have to relax them to accommodate a black potential tenant. The reasoning is if it's not a violent record, it's fine goy. This is intentionally nebulous but the purpose is very clear. They'll send over agents to determine whether you are discriminating and follow up with an audit. Even putting colored residents in one building exclusively is verboten. The point is that they'll find a way to get you to pay out one way or another. It's state enforced miscegenation.

There are a couple ways around it:
Basically, break up the property ownership. If you operate as a franchise, that's a no go. It'd still be considered under 1 owner. However, if you're able to sell to like-minded individuals to operate as a landlord, you're good to go.
Religious organizations are free from almost all FH initiatives. There's a fair amount of paperwork that has to be done with the IRS because you're transferring from a simple church into a property owning religious organization. Helps to have friends in government. This is why there are so many jew communities segregated from everyone else in New York and NYC.

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It's good in theory but keep in mind the moment that we poke our heads up, HUD, the IRS, and countless prosecutors will smell blood in the water. That's a slam dunk legally. The key term to remember is "disparate impact". The laws are never enforced on nigs or kikes but they'll drop the hammer the moment there is any real influence that gets exerted.

A corporation is difficult to hide behind due to the CRA. A trust can easily be targeted as "Conspiracy". They know they don't actually have to prove anything, their object will be to damage infrastructure and eat away resources.

That being said, look into the Alaskan Indian corporations. They've been running as a tribal piggybank for a while. Some of the precedent set actually spills over into regular (not tribal) law in states with a large firewater population.

man, good luck in this endeavor. Lots of shills always trying to make us feel small and cornered, always trying to push the narrative that we are not vast and diverse (we are) and that we have many allies everywhere. Allies in thought and desire.

But for your own point, I have been reading some stuff on taxes and business, and the author advocates STUDY. More so than anything else. Study of the law, getting some classes and courses to comprehend it better. I think it would be the same for you.

Maybe buy a few books that go on the discrimination aspect of the law? But also look for exceptions, and how the law works in other ways? Maybe scour some of the lawsuits around it to see where people may have escaped. Lots of opportunity to find such means as there is no way in hell that its completely impregnable. Reality is complex, far more complex than the law system and without constant updates, which it doesnt get, in all of its dribble, cracks are going to appear, or are already there. The only thing that one needs to have is a good awareness of the whole system.

The laws of man are arbitrary and ever changing. Keeping up with how to follow them is an exercise in futility.

Following the Natural Laws is easy in this regard: as long as you are being creative, ie: creating something, you can generally do what you want.

You can't discriminate if you provide a service, you can easily create groups that restrict membership based on 'culture' rather than ethnicity. Charities that only help people of a certain ethnicity are probably legal too, if they made them illegal they would have to ban all the 'help LGBT only' or 'help only black kids' charities that already exist.

That's bullshit.
Only in areas where the average yearly temperature is already in that range. That technology is called dirt.