Open borders for Israel

Open borders for Israel

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no borders no nations stop the deportations

Israel is pretty much the model state for fascists, the only problem fascists have with Israel is that it's not them.


Meanwhile, in the real world, where Nazis and their anachronistic mindset are completely irrelevant to national and global politics, the overwhelming majority of political and military backing for Israel comes from right winger Christian fundies, and opposition to Israel comes from libs, and this has been the case since day 1.

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Nice try /r/socialism but the libs are just as bad.
Remember goy all nations come before Israel.

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Israel might be fascist but it's the historically progressive alternative compared to a backwards muslim state.

Gas yourself fash.

I wish the entire middle east were nuked tbh. We would get rid of fashies and backwards retards in one blow.

Israel and their allies have been doing everything in their power to keep these muslim states backwards, it is clearly in no manner a progressive force in the middle east, you god damn fucking retard.

When will Muslims stop blaming the Israel bogeyman for their retarded backwards regimes?

Fucking this. Israel, Britain, and the U.S. have gone out of their way to keep the Middle East destabilized. There is nothing productive about what they do there.

Yeah, those are more about Britain and the U.S..

The US is at least directly responsible for Iran, after overthrowing their leader and installing a puppet decades ago.

Where are the proofz billy?

And yet when the Shah was overthrown the majority opted not for even a weak libtard democracy but for a clerical theocratic state upholding sharia. Gee it's almost like the moozlambs place a higher priority on their religion than for socialism.

Iran, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan were all quite progressive countries before western meddling, and I did say Israel and their allies. Israel is the western imperialists vanguard in the middle east, it is their foothold in the region.
We have a hundred examples of countries subject to imperialism turning towards fundamentalism and militarism. And we have a hundred examples of the CIA supporting fundamentalist movements to counter nationalist/anti-colonialist movements that were buddying up with the USSR and/or seeking economic independence.
We also know that Israel has been funding Hamas because they prefer to fight Islamic fundamentalists over PLO.

Israel is a tiny wedge, filling more of a lightning rod role to distract from the region's woes. The west's imperialist foothold in the region is unquestionably the gulf states (especially the Saudis), with its tentacles openly sunken deep into the political and cultural structure of the entire MENA region, gargantuan amounts of money pouring from them into extremist groups and establishment structures alike, and unflinching alignment with imperialist agendas.

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Their current government is, at least.

t. Mossad

Yet another bait thread.

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Of all the fascistic, theocratic, capitalist states, why is it Israel, a small and relatively mild one, the one people care most about?

That makes absolutely no sense. Israel doesn't want to be surrounded by a billion backward and antisemitic muslims.

Jesus fucking christ this thread, I haven't seen so many sionistas in awhile

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Yes they do, that is how imperialism and genocide has been justified for centuries.

idrib saroukh al qassami

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There's 15 million jews and 1.5 billion - a hundred times as many - muslims in the world. Who's the one facing genocide?

Ah yes the poor Israelis totally stand alone against the hordes of evil muslims. It's not like they have the backing of the most powerful country in the world.

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The usa litetally gives money to palestinians, pakistanis, saudis and other muslims too. But let me guess, when americans fund muslims, they're fucking them over, but when americans fund jews, they're just doing the jews' bidding.


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As it turns out, this is not a war between muslims and jews and whites, but a war of imperialism. As our comrade here pointed out, Saudia Arabia (and Pakistan) is fully alligned with imperialist agendas, and as I pointed out here Israel has been funding Hamas to keep PLO from becoming the primary opposition force in Palestine.
But let me guess, your mom is gay?

Bottom line: america bad, israel bad, am I leftist yet?

Ecks dee.

Now this is shitposting.

Where is the proofs. The same people who push that meme will tell you the same thing about Hezbollah. Hamas is allied to communist PFLP and DFLP and maintains the struggle, while Fatah basically surrendered to the "two state solution" years ago. To be the primary opposition force in Palestine, the force actually has to fight the Zionists and not kowtow to them.

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typical retarded tankie

America needs cleansed from the Earth before scientific socialism can triumph. The nuclear clouds will announce the red dawn of socialism. ==FUCK AMERICA==

The American establishment is truly our greatest ally

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The article linked in there talks about allowing Qatar continue to fund Hamas, not the Zionists themselves funding Hamas. Meanwhile they directly hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to the PA every year.
The PA isn't exactly helping with the reconciliation process when they carry out "security co-operation" with Zionist forces, while demanding that armed groups in Gaza hand over their weapons. Netanyahu himself said that one of his conditions for a Palestinian puppet state is one which is disarmed and has free reign for IDF and Shin Bet.

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Alright, but my point still stands. Israel has an interest in keeping their neighbours underdeveloped. And the article links to another article about how Israel helped create Hamas towards that end.

good Sassenach


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Apparently you don't know what the word fascist means.





Enlighten me.

All of this except Israel and the constitution




Israel bad, America good.

Now you're confused