Palestinian rights groups call non-binding resolution 'misguided' and 'very troubling'.

Representatives Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, left, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, both freshman Democrats and the first two Muslim women in Congress, have been the House’s most vocal backers of the boycott Israel movement.

The United States House of Representatives approved a resolution on Tuesday condemning the Global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS), in a move Palestinian rights groups called "misguided".

The House resolution, a non-binding expression of congressional sentiment, won bipartisan support with a 398-17 vote.

Supporters of the bill argued the BDS movement is harmful because it seeks to delegitimise Israel and is incompatible with support for a two-state solution.

But opponents say that even though the resolution is non-binding, "it still very troubling".

"They are misguided with this resolution. Americans have a right to protest," said Abed Ayoub, the national policy director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

"BDS itself is working to end the oppression of Palestinians and what Israel does to allow that to happen. It is pushing for Israel to comply with international law. So there is nothing wrong with the BDS movement," Ayoub told Al Jazeera. "The issue here is the aggressions and the policies put forward by Israel and how we are turning a blind eye on those as a nation. There should be resolutions against the occupation, against the checkpoints and other human rights violations Israel is perpetrating on Palestinians."

The BDS movement was launched in 2005 by Palestinians to generate international pressure on Israel to respect Palestinian human rights. Supporters say the effort draws from the anti-apartheid campaign in South Africa in the 1980s and the earlier African American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s.

But by selecting Israel for criticism and blaming it for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, advocates of the anti-BDS resolution claimed the movement is anti-Semitic and should be rejected.

"BDS's mission is to delegitimise Israel regardless of its policies and to undercut and deny the Jewish people the opportunity for self-determination," said Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler.

The House bill acknowledges the First Amendment rights of BDS supporters to express their views through boycotts even as it seeks to condemn the movement.

Republicans urged Democrats to pass legislation already approved by the Senate that would "put some teeth" into the resolution by allowing state and local governments to punish BDS supporters - individuals and companies - by cancelling business contracts.

But House Democrats have voiced concerns that the Senate bill goes too far under the US Constitution by authorising the government to penalise free speech otherwise guaranteed by the First Amendment. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not allowed the Senate bill to come to a vote.

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Posts Shitler to defend the Jews.

Steer clear of all of this if you are White. Don't buy israeli products, but don't ever spend a second of your time on a bootlip trying to slander NS Germany.

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State bought me a shit ticket through Israel, and I had the pleasure of getting detained for an hour and a half while they peppered me with inane questions about every Arab I had ever met. (A long fucking list, and I took great pleasure in describing in great detail the intricacies of bedouin livestock.)
Afterwards, I paid $19 (in shekels) for a combo meal.

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They are really afraid of BDS huh.

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)

Hitler is their get out of jail free card. Stupid Stormmaggot.

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With Trump making it obvious the hold that zionists have on the government, it is time to redpill the normies you know in real life also. They'll be ripe for the redpills now. Back BDS, shitpost among the lefties but also carefully slip them redpills. Make it impossible for AIPAC to court DNC stooges without backlash from their base.

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As if this wasn't the whole point of the BDS movement. Justification to shut down speech against them for the next phase of their extermination plan.

When they pass laws prohibiting antisemitism, thats when the real fun starts

The BDS movement is controlled opposition since they support the dual-state solution.

It's weird that Zig Forums criticizes the cuck right, but immediately fall for the cuck left.

Most people don't realize that BDS is in favor of a "two-state" solution and those that support BDS can easily be convinced that Israel has no right to any of Palestine's land.

So they don't know what they are supporting?

Wrong? That's what the dual state position is for, because leftists don't want all jews genocided.

Nuke Israel

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Doubt it. I've seen jews absolutely seethe to BDS's name. They see it has the potential to redpill the normies on their kikery and they fear the organization because of its appeal among the left. That's why they are passing fucking laws in cucked states to ban BDS from schools/unis.


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Lot of jews support BDS because it's their plan B.

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That's pretty much what BDS is since they shill the dual state solution.

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