I want to kill myself

Both parents dead within 5 months of each other. No meaning to life. Work dead end job. See I'm just a meaningless pawn in a game. Don't care, just an empty hole ahead. No real immediate family. Wandering through life.

My dad died unexpectedly, we were supposed to go skiing. I was supposed to make him proud and he died never seeing me succeed. My mom died afterwards, again, unexpectedly from an infection, and I never made her proud. I wanted to give to them back for how they raised me. They gave me life, but I turned up a loser, I was supposed to be someone, not just a 9 to 5er.

They died and I have them nothing back to honor them.

WTF. Fuck this gay Earth.

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Tell me more my friend. What not to do with my life.

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No don’t do it

You know you can look up the address of many places online.

Godspeed, space monkey.

Kill yourself now and you spit on not only their graves but every second of their life they spent raising you. Honor them now user. Your family still loves you, and they are wait for you to return to them and tell them of your glory. Don't disappoint them.

You have three options.

Die a meaningless death.

Die a valiant death.

Overcome and become the hero you wanted them to see.

There is no 4th option. Choose.

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I have disappointed my parents since I was a child, and I have no complaints about my life, in fact, I rather enjoy it. Everybody dies, but not everyone lives the good life of a self-respecting individual who takes responsibility for their actions and lets the universe fuck shit up as it sees fits and does not whine about it.

You honored your mother and father by not bringing them shame. You may have fucked up here and there, but you aren't a fuck up.
I highly doubt they were ashamed of you.
Honestly find a wife and have some kids. You can honor them further by extending their bloodlines.
But your wife (the mother of your children) must be of your own race.
There are still ways to honor your parents, user.

hang in there buddy

I know you're in a dark place. I've been there myself. I just put my head down and ignored all my own feelings and all the shit around me (and there was a ton of intolerable shit) and I worked hard, saved money, avoided vice, and looked for opportunities for a better job, a better education and a better place to live. You can do it too. It takes time though. Self murder is a mistake. You have an important role to play in your future, and not necessarily for yourself.

Pride is worthless.

Read Experience, an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Or listen here, rwe.org/wp-content/uploads/2004/12/essays2_2_emerson_64kb.mp3

My grandfather died of alzheimers. He died a slow and gradual process, forgetting everything, until he just stopped eating from the mental decay. The only individual he remembered was my grandmother. She stuck with him through the worst of it, including multiple physical incidents in health. The last time I saw my grandmother was at a Christmas festival. She was completely retracted into herself and not once reached out to socialize. She refused to eat until she passed, having a DNR. In her diary we saw every day that she was begging for god to take her so she could be with grandfather.

The last time they saw me, I was intensely struggling to maintain a job. I was a wreck, a shamble, a shallow husk of a man. I was, for all intents and purposes, a useless man. I carried on, the thought of what I was became power for me to continue. I started to focus harder on career and education, now I'm in a spot that I would have never dreamed of the few years back this occurred.

So they never saw me as a fulfilled man when they were alive. From the afterlife, however, I know that is different. I saw it in a dream. My grandparents were enjoying a day at an old-fashioned fair. The sun was bright, golden almost. I had a seat at the picnic table where they were at and told them how I've progressed. They told me that it was part of their 'heavenly experience' to see me grow.

You are not disappointing your parents unless you give up. All steps forward are steps forward. You will see, in time, that they are very proud of your progress. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?

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Suicide is just a statistic, a genocide is a historic event.
Pick your own death if you want to go through

That's heavy, man.
Not to ruin your expectations, but not everyone in life is cut out to be famous. Hollywood tricks you into thinking that.
You can't do anything you want. Just do what you can to get by. And make your own happiness in life. It'll pass. But you'll never know for sure if you kill yourself now.

Wait untill you reach peak happiness. Then consider doing it.

Sorry for your loss user, there is still plenty of time to make your parents proud.
When I was depressed and not very "awake" yet, I expiremented with LSD on hiking trips and eventually found this place and many truths including my niche in life. I'm not saying do LSD it will make you feel better, but it helped me.
As far as the future, I think we all have a couple options.
A. Find a wife that isnt too brainwashed, start a family, continue your parents bloodline, establish yourself in your community as an honorable individual.
B. Take out some high profile targets, be a martyr for the cause, be infamous in history books.
I can't wait till we can do both personally.

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Kill jews.

cannot recommend this course enough tbh user>>13541008

Just wait until election day so you can vote for Trump. Do something between now and then. After Election Day when Trump wins, if you haven't done anything then figure it out yourself



I’ve decided when my days of youth are up then I’m going to put an end to it. I’ve been miserable my entire life and no matter how much I changed, struggled and kept going on, there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing got better.

I’m tired of feeling miserable and unhappy. Job prospects are fucked, our society is fucked, our women are fucked, our countries are fucked. It’s all ruined.

I’ll never afford a house, get to have kids or a wife. So what’s the point? Every night at my job feels like hell and just moving around everyday feels like my arms and legs have cement blocks tied to them. I’m just so tired of it all. Just so tired. When my youth is spent, I’m out. I’m 26. So j guess I’ll suffer another decade at least before giving up. Thanks to whoever took the time to read this.

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I'm entertaining this post as though it were sincere and not merely attention seeking. You will receive many replies, some sympathetic saying
Others more unfeeling saying
But here is the truth regarding suicide:

Everyone dies, that's a fact. Not everyone can choose how they die. When we break it all down there is only one justifiable cause for suicide:

When you have completed everything you have sought to complete in life because life, at that stage, has no value.

You are not there. You do not even know what you want out of life - truly want, not merely fantasize about. It's easier to die in the way you choose than it is to live in the way you choose. So live. Live so that you can tell the truth to those weaker than yourself. Suffer in this life so that the next generation doesn't have too. Suffer for others, weaker than yourself, because you can handle it.

Be a good person and do what you can to help others

That is the meaning of life in an otherwise meaningless existence.

Life is meaningless. However it is sometimes amusing to watch things unfold, when the pain is not too bad. It's an incredible comedy.

Oh my problem isn’t self doubt. My country has been ruined by them. You think a job promotion is going to fix the fact my people are dying off?
Money can eat my ass, I’ve got 100k of it. I dont need more.

could you stop pretending that cuckjak reskins are worthwhile oc to post?

OP I know that exact feeling. You can still do your ancestors proud even after they’re gone.