Gillette Got Woke, Goes broke

P&G reported an impairment charge of $8.0 billion in the fiscal fourth quarter, resulting in a net loss of $5.24 billion. The one-time, noncash charge was to adjust the carrying values of Gillette’s goodwill and intangible assets.

These fuckers deserve this and more. Suck product. Suck company.

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did it happen bc of the faggotry, tho? it seems like this may have already been in the cards


Nothing to do at all with hundreds of thousands of men boycotting them to the tune of $16 per month, per man, goyim.

Dollar shave club and the likes did this.

What the fuck kind of pilpul is this?


Never knew the US was so full of hipster faggots and zz top boomers.

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I shave my head with an electric razor and trim my beard with buzzer

Also i still shave my neck, i shave once a week on the weekends because I like it along the jawline and neck beard is anno6

i am laffin

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is there a compilation?

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Dr. Carver's Shaving Butter is the best, I keep it next to MyPillow

i just started using jeans and rubbing alcohol on my gillete blades after using them rather than paying even more than i do to a company like (((dollar shave club))) or who knows whats going on, i'm not gonna be reactive to some ad campaign in any way that ends up costing me more. this change has made my razor blades last much longer and ended up saving me a ton. thanks gilette.

It's a paper write down which saves the company $1billion+ in tax. It has nothing to do with actual sales or "going broke". OP is an idiot

The 8 bil impairment represents 15% of P&G's net worth. Its a major hit. Look for a divestiture in the near future

Owned by Unilever

It's a NON CASH asset, it makes no difference to anyone with a brain. It's the result of an accounting entry made during a past purchase of the company. You will note the stock is UP today, not down.

fucking wew

There's nothing wrong with the Germans being clean shaven and there's nothing wrong with us Southerners growing out our facial hair. Why would you want beautiful, European facial hair to belong only to the people least suitable to be sporting it?

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Impairments don't matter? Ok, user.

Impairments to non cash assets? Not really. Sales are up. Cash flow is up. They are doing fine. I hope you don't invest your own money, you clearly don't know how to read a financial statement.

These faggot pushing companies are the literal definition of insanity.

i feel for you user. don't worry, i have enough glory for the both of us.

This. Is. Bait.

Excellent news.

I heard there was an ad for Rio Tinto diamonds in which a man was proposing to another man. UK anons might find it profitable to short their stock.

To be honest gillette has been on a downward swing for a while now.
Younger generations are not the massive shavers that their predecessors were. So demand for their product is drying up as more men opt to grow beards.

More and more men are switching to a DE razor (Safety razor) and brush, too. It's a better quality shave for cheaper and it's a bit of a skill too, so it feels more rewarding and less like a chore.

Highly recommend every male look into it.

The only person at my work with a beard is a redditor.

It just gets annoying, and when enough people are flipping the bird to a dress code regulation that doesnt affect safety, then nobody has to follow it. So now trimmers and clippers and just gliding it over.

Any recommendations as to blades?

No Shave November, years and years ago, got it started.

Here in the UK outside the cities its starting to seem like you can tell someones age and social class by whether or not they have a beard.

The only young people I've seen without beards are those physically incapable of growing one (soyboys and outlanders) or chavs (scum)

In short here at least it seems the manly beard is making a comeback

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I've tried a lot and my vote goes to Derby Extra. Feather is better for a closer shave/coarser hair but I'd practice with Derbies until you go at least a month without a bleeder, they are very very very sharp. I've never gone back to them after the sample pack I had, my friend swears by them (after practicing with Derbies which he admits are still very good).

I got a shitload of these "voshkod" russian blades and they're pretty good, but I'd still put them below Derby.

Also you didn't ask but I highly recommend Cella shave soap. $20 for a 1kg block almost a year ago and I've still got about 2/3rds of it left. Smells nice too.

The important thing to remember is there's a huge difference between a *groomed* beard and an *unkempt* beard. If you're going to grow a beard you still need to trim it and make it look presentable. The homeless look flatters nobody.

anyone who doesn't clean shave dishonors all the dead of ww1. that's where shaving got started. you had to shave so that the gas mask had a clean and snug fit. to forget that for some sort of (((new fashion trend))) is a damn shame. might as well grow some curly locks and get your foreskin cut off so you are fully compliant with the talmud

I don't think you have the ability to grow a beard.

This is probably the biggest influence. Even though the boycott is probably doing some damage, it's not likely the biggest deal.

Safety razors are a natural way to save money in this economy; a single razor blade costs maybe 10 cents, and a reasonable safety razor costs 10 bucks. Compare this to a (((gillette))) which costs 15 bucks and 5 bucks per refill or something stupid, and you get even the average idiot springing for a good safety razor. ("Hey, I can get a cheaper shave and all it takes is learning a 10 minute skill from youtube!") Once they figure out they need soap (and a styptic pencil) they're pretty set.

The correct answer is "whatever blades your local CVS/Walgreens sells." If you're asking this question, the best thing to do is to pick up the cheap $20 shaving set and figure out if you like it.

I disagree with the use of specialized shave soap for a beginner. I'd say buy any nice block of soap and if you don't like shaving this way, you have a good block of soap. I personally just buy whatever nice smelling soap I can find, and I also use it as a body soap.

Completely ignoring the ancient tradition of facial hair in european men

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"Gillette was also a Utopian Socialist.[16] He published a book titled The Human Drift (1894)[17] which advocated that all industry should be taken over by a single corporation owned by the public, and that everyone in the US should live in a giant city called Metropolis powered by Niagara Falls. A later book, World Corporation (1910)[18] was a prospectus for a company set up to create this vision. He offered Theodore Roosevelt the presidency of the company, with a fee of one million dollars.[19] (Roosevelt declined the offer.) Gillette's last book, The People's Corporation (1924),[20] was written with Upton Sinclair and later inspired Glen H. Taylor. Gillette was initiated to the York Rite of Freemasonry[21][22][23][24], till his elevation to the highest degree of Grand Master."

You couldn't squeeze everyone in the USA into a single city without it being some manner of monstrous arcology.


Some other P&G products you need to quit buying too: Puffs tissues, Charmin toilet paper, Bounty paper towels, Pampers diapers, Dawn dishwashing liquid, Crest and Oral B dental products.

A more complete list is here:

Just start looking at who makes the stuff you buy and quit giving money to people who hate you. Cheaper and better alternatives are usually available at Wal-Mart. Not my favorite company either but better than P&G.

You sound like a fag

Now that's what I call Hebrew.


Been using a Merkur traditional safety razor with platinum coated blades for like 10 years.


LOL no mention of their giant ad campaign (or WTF that was) they were trumpeting to the heavens

the video may have been a last gasp something or other

I know I don't buy them any more. Don't even care. But not going to pay money to company that goes out of way to insult me. Plenty other toiletries brands in store.

Beautiful is not a feminine adjective. If you think it is, then I'm afraid that you're a shallow thinker. It is beautiful when a father holds his child for the first time. It is beautiful when a fireman saves someone from a burning building. Would you not agree that it is beautiful to see one of our guys delivering justice? Why don't you take a look and see what the Greeks thought about Κάλλος?

Same. I literally got a multipack of different blades for something like $20 off of ebay to see which blades I'd prefer, and I'm still going through the them.

who do you think makes walmart brands?

Nevertheless now would be a good time to shoot them an email telling them that you're boycotting their products and why

Your shit's all retarded


I actually told the GF not to get any P&G products when we were shopping. Got a shick instead.

"If it's P&G it isn't for me."

who knew dicks in your ass wouldn't sell

So "the best a ham can get", didn't pay off?

Cutthroat razor user, take it to the next level.

Astra, Russian brand, good quality and not as rigid so if you had any raised bumps on your face you won't lop them off and bleed everywhere.

I find it ironic that safety razors can cut you more than a standard razor blade in a proper holder. Straight razors aside, (((safety))) razors are anything but.

It's amazing to me how people claim the intentional loss of profit through blatant social engineering is a goal of "capitalism." That said, what the fuck even is "capitalism"? I'm so sick of this fucking buzzword from two centuries ago that was used to describe a system that doesn't even fucking exist today.

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the minute those anti-male ads came out, I knew this company was going to choose virtue signaling over making me money, and I sold my stock that day, good riddance

That's not even "get woke," that's just an unimaginative twitter obsessed faggot who bought into an artificial corporate media trend meme and thought, because the golden goose spoke it, he could make huge profits off it. Anyone who's dumb enough to believe these shills in the media still control social trends deserves to go into the gutter.

I will never understand how this can be construed as a "utopia." What is fucking wrong with these leftist faggots? It's not just how they desire to abolish our natural way of living (communities, social structures etc.), they want to destroy what gives us motivation and drive. They want to destroy competition. How is this good? How the fuck can anyone see the destruction of our natural way of living to be "utopian"? It doesn't fucking make sense to me. Just look at what happens the more removed we get from that natural way of life. Our birthrates go down, suicides go up, depression goes up etc. If we lived in this "utopia," we'd probably have a birthrate of .1, suicides in the tens of thousands, and mass dependency on medications the likes of which would make our current trends seem good. Plus alcoholism, drug use, anti-social behaviors etc. would be through the roof. We'd be like zoo animals.

Because that's what we are to (((them))).
(((They))) call us cattle for a reason.

I use a straight razor with Wilkinson Sword blades. Close shave, saves a ton of money, and it feels good. I have a double edge razor as well.

Wilkinson Sword works for me and they are priced decently too. Astra is good, Feather is super sharp-not for beginners but also good. I have some Derby Blades too, they are pretty good.

The jews don't care about money its all already (((theirs))) anyway. What the jews do care about is when the Goyim start waking up which might be behind this update or not.

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Employ stupid brand directors win stupid prizes.
My theory is that multinationals only put a woman or an ethnic in charge of a dying brand. The company gets their virtue-signaling brownie points and can up their diversity credentials in a way that does least damage to the company as a whole. You'll notice that it's never a jew that's seen as responsible for these fuck-ups, they just own the advertising companies and distributors that promote it

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Electric shaver, neets

This is about showing loyalty to the jew mafia by publicly humiliating themselves. It's about downsizing and getting their assets out of the west before the collapse. The only loser here are the working drones that will be kicked to the curb by organized jewish crime.

I use a Shavette. That and butterfly blades are making a comeback. Don't know any American brands but imports from Russia and Japan are still like 2c a razor.

Zig Forums has a lot more influence than it may think. Their auditors wouldn't have made them do that without tangible evidence of intangible impairment, the intangible here being the value of the Gillette brand name.

No wonder governments (read: elites who pull politicians' strings) want to shut down meme propagation.

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I go with the homeless look tbh.

wow i wonder why

So it was the West they managed to piss off.
sure is, excuses excuses
beards have been popular since occupy wall street
there was not a sudden surge in the popularity of beards
they pissed off a bunch of their customer base, and now are in denial over it due to verbal tricks by the very same upper level Jew management who caused the impairment of the brand name to begin with

The only upside to gillette is that its so shit that i can shave quickly against the grain using absolutely nothing. I literally just use water and nothing else to shave my face.

You think this is about money to THEM? They don't even need money anymore. It's entirely about satanic murder/rape and the blackmail system.

I'm tired of the shilling. Two months ago you faggots sold that it wasn't struggling to demoralize, now you are trying to wave this off.
Here's a fun fact: attacking the majority of people watching during the gucking superbowl when politics is the last thing they want is absolutely retarded. It's the sort of thing some future thot spoiled twelve year old does at family christmas for attention.

true it actually means
the sales are already down. this doesnt hurt their sales, this only lowers their future tax liability. in other words, deceptive (((money changing)))

white people still own money dude.

The reddest pill of them all. It's painful and reassuring to hit this particular bottom and realize you're still alive and can fight the fuckers.

Any reccomendations for actual smooth shaving razors? I used to use gillette because it was a good shave but I've boycotted them for a while. Wanna be clean shaven and I dont do well with straight or electric razors

lol. shaveniggers actually have their own shill bots.

Do you shave yourself a lot in bed?

Glad to hear that. Too bad every time they take a financial hit for shit like this (((someone))) ends up bailing them out. So in the end, it's not about losing money. They print that shit on demand. It's about creating a norm.

I didn't realize that water worked this well for shaving.

MyPillow is a pillow brand.


Yeah it's a TRS meme.

Gee thanks user.

A lot of times going """woke""" is in response to slowing sales. They figure if they go woke, that section of society will become more avid consumers of their product since fags and their orbiters are naturally the biggest consumers. Sales will still slump but they hope to maintain a stronger, more loyal consumer base. Presumably this is what Swift did after her last album slumped.

fucking nazis did it again!

Double edge razor and alum block especially in the beginning when you will most likely fuck up a lot. Youtube is your friend. Proraso brand (Italian) aftershave products are pretty good. Enjoy a close comfortable kike-free shave, faggots.

It sounds like psychological illness and trying to preserve the dead.

le based kike enoch memes


I use a trimmer to shave and it gets me by fine, when I have a function or important meeting or something, then maybe I use a razor, but it is the same razor that I've had for years.

It's not a bad idea from a business point of view.
If you have a dying brand/product then you have three choices:

The first and most preferable choice is to identify and rectify what has caused it to begin its decline.
But this choice isn't available in the majority of cases as there's simply no way around the problem or the means to deal with it are beyond the company. For Gillette the best outcome would be some manner of government mandate for men to shave. But they could never pull it off.

So you're left with two other options most of the time.

Option 1: Let it die. Not exactly preferable both because you have all this equipment and infrastructure relating to the brand/product which won't be easily repurposed most of the time.
Plus it may be a key product in your company profitability.

Option 2: Go woke. As the prior user mentioned the hope here is to obtain a smaller but much more active consumer base who will consistently purchase your products.
To some extent this could be considered brand/product life support and in the eyes of most businesses who pursue it is a temporary measure trying to wait out a trend that has caused them to enter this downturn.
In the case of Gillette this would be trying to wait out the modern western trend for beards.

A basic reasoning of it is that you need to keep your product on shelves. So that when the trend passes and people start consuming this product category in large numbers again your product is there ready to be picked up and purchased.
If your product is pulled from shelves due to never selling, you can't pull that off.
So courting a smaller but more consistent and aggressive purchasing bloc during this downturn isn't the bad move many often initially believe it to be.
Problem is pulling it off successfully. That is the tricky part.

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Good. Next steps is to spread awareness of other P&G products and remind everyone this corporation is hostile so long that they bend the knee, apologise, and fire their entire marketing department and CEO.

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And next steps after that happens is to do serious campaigning against everyone who worked at P&G maketing so that they will never ever be hired anywhere else in their life and harass them to suicide.

Dorco blades made in S Korea. Cheap, good. Razor holder, futur, made in germany. You can get a chinese clone of the futur off ebay cheap though.

Feather is the one that doesn't pull for me.

how about not, shithead.