Will the future of the automotive industry be boring ?

Mazda hasn't produced a sports car for years, unless we consider the MX-5 to be such. Honda has narrowed down the range of Type-R versions and gave up production of many cult models. The Toyota has gone into urban hybrids, while the Nissan has a love for SUVs and crossovers. On Mitsubishi there's no more words at all, because , Mitsubishi brand completely lost its character (the eternal war between the EVO Lancer and the STI Impreza, the first one lost with a forfeit).

Self-driving cars will swarm roads within the next couple of decades. They'll be cheaper, safer, more efficient.

Our grandchildren – heck, maybe even our children – will probably never learn to drive a car if they will live in an urban environment.

While it's fun to think about in a futurism sense, there will be little excitement where the real change happens. Autonomous vehicles will, by their
nature, be boring. For the most part they'll have utilitarian looks. They'll be quiet and electric, they'll be slow and conservative drivers. They'll
basically be a more personal version of public transport.

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i don't understand what are they thinking with this design. It's not boring, it's childish. why would you make a car look worse than a bus?

Duude. Wait’ll you see the autolux chariots with giant sound systems and self-reconfiguring autosplay interiors.

Just get the ordinary party animals into some wealth and they’ll be drawn to designs everyone will want. It’ll be the next era of swank.

Will Electrics cars become the Norm?

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it already is boring. The decline of american car culture can be seen in the lame pop culture FF movies, by FF4 customizing is gone, oh there will always be a cool sports car, but that is for the rich now.
Most old cool cars are in other countries, why barn finds are so rare and valued now.. Manufacturer only needs to make parts for 10 years, emissions, etc. has killed car culture and personality.
BHO gas mileage sanctions pushed automakers to stop making cars (that got better gas mileage than suvs) and start making more boring egg shaped suvs that all look the same in every size, and that do not have to meet same rules as cars, thus burning more gas, Brilliant BHO
Or was it actually an ulterior motive by Socialist BHO that actually wanted rich and poor to all look the same on the road, no personality, no way to tell if one vehicle cost more than another, etc.

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If you want something emissive better sign up on the biotrek track. You’ll have to still be around when we’re sure the climate is stable.

Because most of the target buyers are obsessed with childish things

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Mazda is literally doing R&D on a brand new inline six motor for the purpose of a sports car whereas Toyota just used BMW's B5 motor. Honda just released the first Civic Type R in the USA a year or two ago. The Focus RS competes with and outperforms the Subaru WRX STI.
You also focus only on japanese cars which had their prime about 20 years ago.
The current iterations of the Mustang, Camaro, Charger, and Challenger all put out over 450 horsepower and you can them for about 30k new.
The new Corvette C8 is a mid engine 500 horsepower super car fighter and it's going to fucking start at under 60k.
Dodge makes the Hellcat Redeye which puts out nearly 800 horsepower for about 80k - with a warranty.
The combustion engine will never die. There will always be a demand for it and if there is a demand for something it will get filled by free market. Electric motors are also used in ultra high performance applications like McLaren's P1 which uses not just a high revving V8 with twin turbos but also an electric motor to fill in the low end torque range. This is because electric motors are binary, they are on or off and provide instant power opposed to revving out to build it like in combustion engines. This combination gives the best of all words and allows the McLaren P1 to produce over 900 horsepower to the crank from the factory.
So OP, why are you such a fucking faggot who knows nothing about cars?

It's a fucking car, it's not meant to entertain you. It's meant to transport you from place to place.

It's a shill. If there is anything the rich hate, it's when a carpenter or plumber has ANYTHING in life, much less a supercar that, for under forty grand, can whip his "thou mustest bow down to my micropenis" Porsche or BMW that he mortgaged his soul for to Get More Pussy.

The current muscle cars have the flair, the colors, and the style of the 60's and 70's partially resurrected. GM is working towards, get this, bringing back the Chevelle SS.

The White Working Class Hero is back, and the cars he never stopped loving are back too.

Soon, the filthy vermin will be claiming it's an expression of muh White Supremacy Neo Nazi Holocaust Gas Chambers to have a fast car.

I saw this decline in car excitement for decades, and I knew it was orchestrated. First by the (((insurance companies))) attacking and killing the muscle car era the first time around, and now the Global Warming Faggots massively taxing cars with Carbon Tax to Finance World Faggotry.

But, it's not working. Muscle cars such as the 717 hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat get around 19mpg on the highway while mopping the floor with the European Faggotmobiles that Asians masturbate over.

Long live the muscle cars! I have been waiting a LONG time for true, world-dominating performance to be reborn, and here we are!

The Soy is strong in this one.

If that’s soy, it sounds hardcore.

I get both sides. Cars are fucking awesome especially when they are fast and loud but that awesomeness comes with a big price as well as a depreciation factor. Add in the 'keeping up with the Jones'" side of it and cars will keep you poor a very long time by making you forfeit other opportunities like home ownership and long term investing.

What about the race war?

Don't worry, (((they))) plan to phase out personal transportation soon enough anyway, and you will be riding an automated bus or riding an automated transcontinental train to your assigned work/living quarters.

it's good for soyboys

A more personal version of public transport sounds fine to me. I think OP underestimates personalization potential and petty luxury drives. Trust yields economy, sometimes; a world of cautious, reliable drivers has lower expenses and loses less traffic throughput than you might expect. Under many conditions, regularized road conduct actually increases throughput. Self-driving cars will save people the money and stress they spend on fender benders, and if they’re done right they’ll reduce regular maintenance expenses, too.

Plus think of the parental perspective. Dramatically risk of car crashes, in a society where car crashes will start happening just about often enough people don’t forget what they are. Ten years from now we could see a year with twelve crashes in America, and every one of them a media spectacle; this time next century, that may be the global norm.

Awful lot of people die on roads.

dramatically reduced* risk

This holy fuck this thread is full of degenerate faggots desperate for their cummies.

Lol, get a load of this incel. People really do humiliate themselves on this site.

What the fuck is that?


It all sounds really fucking boring. And so very fucking fragile. If anything happened to the internet/network, your "car" would be stuck wherever it is. Plus your car might just drive off a cliff, because, you know, "glitches" happen and knowing goyim are best dead.

Automotive culture is general was already cancerous. Reading whinging boomer fags whining about "socialist BHO" and "mileage" in this thread is revolting. You don't exist to funnel your money to oil companies, that isn't your patriotic duty. They are a utility product, nothing more.

Food is just a utility, the taste doesn't matter. Lead the way in just eating bland utilitarian food, fellow white man.

If you don't understand at this point how base desires and marketing narratives drag you into the conspicuous consumption cycle managed in totality by your enemies, there is no helping you.

I'll say this – nothing brings out the neoliberal, globohomo trash on 8ch quite like the car threads.

Houses are just utilitarian. We should all live in identical concrete soviet style apartments.

See this? This is the kind of distrust that slows tech. We need trust enough to ride rockets and we’re supposed to fear cars still. Total bullshit.

I want a ticket off this rock.

Most of America already does, except they pay through the nose for it and their walls are made of cardboard instead of concrete.

That sounds depressing and totally undesirable. I'd rather colonize outer space.

Elon Musk already showed his hand with this. Car ownership will be slowly made too expensive for normal people once self driving cars are around. My guess is they'll do a cars4gold type mass trade in government funded project to get as many used cars off the roads as possible.

As if people can't just keep using non-self-driving cars like we are right now.

If you don't like their designs, make your own car. whining about another man's shapes is utterly pathetic.

Thanks to the climate borg and their religion of adjusted statistics, we will never have fun cars again

Like I said you are going to see a multitude of programs designed to shrink the used car market as much as possible. We might even see in some countries where ownership of older cars can't be transferred, leaving only new cars which will all be self driving and owned by uber style companies. The US will go the longest with non-self driving cars and car ownership still being around, but it will get harder and harder to actually own your own car, self-driving or not.

Do you realize how many non-self-driving cars currently exist?

Not where I live or for hundreds of miles around where I live. Perhaps move out of the city? Also this entire line of argument from you is stupid anyway. The current system being jewish doesn't mean we should accept a more jewish system, and removing control from the goyim over their vehicles is incredibly jewish. Just another step toward being true cattle.

Almost as many as there are people depending on the country. And all are designed to fail. The timeline expands depending on the country but the outcome and goal remains the same: you own nothing goy.

Nobody designs a car to fail. That's fucking retarded.

Use the color-coded ID feature if you're having trouble keeping up with who is making which comments.

I know who said what, faggot.

You obviously don't since I never said a word about removing the control people have over their own vehicles. You're about to be filtered.


ESL, then? Filtered.

People talking about grandchildren seem weirdly retro to me. We’re gonna have artificial fabrication of biology. There are already rich people who want to live forever, and as the deathseeker-holdouts die off, wealth concentration will grow to further favor flesh-immortalism.

And then instead of having grandchildren, we’ll all have each other, for millennia. Maybe even millions of years. I’m cool with that.

Can't defend your position, eh? It is quite indefensible to imply that "Automotive culture is general was already cancerous. " and "They are a utility product, nothing more." doesn't mean "it's okay for the goyim to drive samey autonomous cars and have independence of transportation taken out of their hands." Your rationale was that the current system is kiked and I pointed out that the alternative the kikes are pushing is worse, and before that I pointed out how the utilitarian argument is in fact an argument of conformity. The end result of utilitarian arguments is us all eating the same bland food, wearing the same bland clothes, living in the same bland houses, riding in the same bland public transit cattle cars, and being all good goyim.
Go filter your ass out of this world.

Fuck off transjewmanist shill

Stop falling for the transportation jew, you really need is two legs and a backpack.

"Automotive culture" isn't every normie who drives a car. Think rednecks with mullets reving rusty mustangs in Walmart parking lots for 8 hours while they wait for their welfare checks.

Meme speak

That's how he's talking but not what he's talking about.

Wait, why would car factories shut down if cars were selling for more?


What do you really know about Southern Mustangs?

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Oh, well then sign me right up for autonomous faggotmobiles. You could have convinced me with some other vehicular strawman, but your redneck one will do even though I haven't encountered it to such an absurd degree in my entire life.

Found the civic shitbox faggot

Subhuman, whats up with all you trash, transhumanist, leftypol, pax-judaica lovers? You have to go back:
>>>Zig Forums

Motorcycles are where it's at in the automotive world right now.
We're in a modern golden age of bikes.

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Are they creating a bland unimaginative centralized world whilst crowing the moronic millenial mantra "diversity is strength"?
Does it stink like a never ending lake of sulphur?
Pretty much, but I have no idea who could be doing that.

There has been little to no innovation in the ICE industry for roughly 40 years. Ford is one of the few manufacturers that didn't go all-in on the ugly "Voltron shoes" optimal drag coefficient body design for fuel economy. Now they have the Eco-Boost line, and it's shitting on most of the competition. They are also expanding into the hybrid and full EV markets.

Anyway, all new vehicles are ugly as shit because the manufacturers chose to not design better engines and instead use the ugly shoe body as their main factor for fuel economy optimization.

The very concept of industry is jewish. Any person in any nation only needs a bare minimum number of assets to live well. Industry breeds excesses, and thus, breeds degeneracy.
They won't. Self driving cars can be easily hacked and made to cause "accidents". Jews and leftists will use it to kill people.
Excitement over any product is a mental illness. Products serve to suplement a function. Not to be excited about buying, owning or using it.
Anything "futuristic" is only desired because it doesn't exist yet. Once it does, it becomes mundane, That is why getting excited over a product is a mental illness. A product is meant to function, not as something to be excited about.
That is always a good thing.
Driving is not a necessity to any human being at all. Lifting is. Eating is. Creating beautiful art is. Traditional personal cars are only products that, for some time, suplemented a necessity. They aren't needed anymore.


The epitome of urbanization is the inability to leave. Good luck walking 500mi carrying your backpack you public transportation hippy.

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too many spics and niggers driving around in my area for me to consider of this option, almost got hit a couple of times walking in the parking lot or crossing the street. They just keep pushing the gas and don't break for any pedestrians , I don't live in a ghetto just middle class suburban area.

Posts an example of one of the most workmanlike soulless motorcycles ever built. If you think it's a golden age you probably quite enjoy a golden shower too.

Meanwhile the third world is rolling around on millions of 30 year old tuk tuks and Toyotas.

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Who gives a fuck? All cars will be self-driving. It will be illegal for you to drive your own car. Your car will stop working if you say anything bad about jews. Your car will drive you to the police station and lock the doors so that they can kill you if you question the jewish system. You will never do anything to stop this, nor will anyone else. Fuck off. This isn’t politics.

They won't shut down. They'll just be manufacturing cars for themselves to use for Uber style rental services or leasing them to Uber style companies. Normal consumers won't be able to afford them. Musk laid this out very plainly.

CO2 is like .05% of the atmosphere. Water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas. Increased solar activity results in colder climate, and decreased solar activity results in warmer climate. The models are accurate going back 600m years.

The sun and the water vapor control our climate regardless of anything men accomplish.

Um sorry, how is the pinnacle of German engineering and material sciences bland?
The electronics suite alone is a marvel of modern motorcycle tech.
The mad lads actually did it.

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you don't even need to admit you're a jew

You're all posting in a slide thread.

forgot to sage

Car design can be as antonymous as your skills. If you want to customize your car, learn how and do so in your free time. If you don't, why give a single fuck?

He has made it pretty plain that we have to actually remove everybody like him. There needs to be an upper wealth limit for individuals and corporations, fuck this minimum wage shit.

Have you actually ridden it and compared it to anything else in its class, I doubt it. Compare it to the all carbon Norton or any Ducati or the Ariel etc etc etc. It's boring and workmanlike and the modern electronics reduce the gap between a good rider and an average one. Get on a carbed 1000cc with no electronic aids and you'll know real fear. That was the golden age.

On the one hand, I want to say you're completely wrong and that there won't be restrictive laws on car making and ownership in our lifetime. On the other hand, they have used gun deaths to make huge gains on guns in blue states, and cars kill a lot more innocents than guns, so I can't entirely disagree with you in clown world.

Yeah fuck no.
Traction control and other electrical aids have allowed companies to stuff more powerful engines on even lighter bikes.
Any bike made past ~2005 completely blows that carbed old shit right out of the water.

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*gives 5% to 19 people with bomb collars*

When have laws ever been effective in holding your "wealth limits" throughout history?

Why should anyone listen to you?

In Canada, British Columbia: by 2040 sales of internal-combustion-engine vehicles will be illegal by 2040, according to new legislation just passed by people evidently paid a great deal of money by neodymium and lithium mine owners, most likely in China (British Columbia's new official ranguage?)

They shouldn't, thinking that evil people might one day get so much money they can ruin the rest of the planets lives whilst telling them shit's cool would never happen and it totally makes me communist to think that it could or is.

For lap times but not the feeling of being as one with your machine. Analog beats digital for soul. Always.

then get a bicycle or trike if you need to carry heavy and need to trailer, it's much easier to bike then walking. I can't bike right though due my injury.

A bike needing no electronics is also impossible to cripple with EMP.

Well for one thing it might be more pleasant to abide by wealth limits than be fashy supermen in exchange for wearing metaphorical bomb collars made up of murder-inducing blackmail material.

kek, I assume Canada also has (((laws))) against using nickel batteries instead of lithium?

The wealthy determine the wealth limits because they are the ones in control.

If it's better, then why hasn't it ever worked out? I mean, the Soviets tried, so the "never been tried" argument doesn't apply here.

Global national socialism has never been tried. I think we should try it. All we have to do is persuade people to go home.

I used to think like you but then I experienced the Tesla S acceleration and I got the soy sapped out of me.

And change the definition of many of those "homes". How will you convince America to accept Franklin's definition of white people, and the founding father's vision of a white nation?

t. (((you)))

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If there's no politician doing that and people are being prevented from becoming a politician calling for that then I guess that's the definition of a tyrannical government and the people with guns should be coming together to form a militia that marches on congress.
The problem is really mixed race people as everyone knows. That's why it has been promoted, they kind of thought it through before they made their new world order as obvious as it is now.

Pah and then you inhaled the heady fumes of a lithium fire as your government financed piece of shit refused to unlock your door without anally probing you and recognizing your iris, and only then you realized that they always intended to gas you because it's their "thing"

Electric sports car doesn't imply driving a zogbot just like driving a combustion car doesn't imply it isn't a zogbot.

The reality is, the bread and circuses are far too comfy for uncomfy plans like metaphorical bomb collars or metaphorical militia to ever exist. Heck the bread and circuses are the most effective metaphorical bomb collars in existence.

True but El on Musk is so definitely a psychotic zogbotulism that buying a Tesla is like investing in illegal settlements. The lithium mining and then recycling or disposal is totally skipped over, it's just so green and sustainable dude. And fast for for a few straight line pullaways, *sips soy milk*.

It's actually faster in curves as well, I took a 45km/h highway ramp at 100km/h because the car weights 4600 lbs. What I was thinking is that they are convincing women with this green energy bullshit (it's not even green you fucking cunts) and then they will convince the guys to hop on remotely controllable always traceable straight to google HQ with fast cars. But they're not intelligent and hate men way too much for that, they'll mostly try with the green energy shit while selling ugly as fuck electric cars that are paid straight from stealing money from the taxpayers.