Bullet Pill

I agree with so much from the right.

But I'm a fuckin pedo and I don't know if I can reverse it.
I don't think it's genetic. I had a sorry excuse for an upbringing when it came to masculinity and intersecting with women.

I'm going to the gym now. Trying to drain all of the soy out.

It's a very intoxicating thing. I think I got properly jew'd on this one.

Considering the bullet, because I know I'll be forced to fall on the side that's just trying to subvert the population. I don't want to push an agenda that will harm my daughter either.

I know I'll get trolled to hell, but I've got to try

All of this tolerance is just meant to satisfy the populations impulses. It helps those in power scale the population.

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If you have a daughter and you're already a micro-dick soy boy you probably need bullet therapy, but if you're still relatively young like

Seriously though, look at the SIG threads

Were you molested as a child?

What age and gender do you prefer?
14 year old girls are not pedo.

youre in good company

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not by adults, not that I can remember.
i did have a bad babysitting experience though.
I'd black out, but I hate to "invent" anything that didn't really happen

I don't really know. It just seems like anything with a pretty or cute face.
I know I've been attracted girls younger than that though.

Don't worry. Literally everyone who likes anime is also. Just go rape a 12 year old girl and give us lots of white children. Just make sure to not fuck your offspring as well.

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lolicon is not pedo, don't molest any kids faggot

if you have raped any kids yes please shoot yourself

Have you considered just not being attracted to children?

Have you considered being an adult and taking control and not making up wild fantastical excuses for your abuse fantasies?

wow based

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Pedo is based and pilled. Just ignore the soyim that hate young girls due to their entire lives being lived under aggressive anti-male propaganda. Or take advantage of their disability to mislead them into thinking you autismpost death threats at cunny appreciators online by not ever specifically telling them you don't, if you're hwhite enough they'll never notice. It kind of rules really, you get two win conditions. On the one hand 14/88, on the other, loli wife.

I present to you one very simple, effective treatment user. Castration.

y'all posting in a slide thread
When did the quality of threads here turn to shit?

>(((in good company)))
You and all the other shills, faggot. Children are to be protected and treasured, there is nothing so pure and precious as a child, to defile them is a mortal sin and punishable by death.
OP, if you actually do love children (the non-sexual kind of love) then you will do everything in your power to protect them. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful face making you giddy, getting a hard on is something else though. Get your shit together faggot.

I used to think the same thing, though for me it was heroin, not diddling kids.
Regardless though man you got a daughter. Be a better man for her. You can in fact make yourself better just gotta expend some energy

I agree with so much from the right.
But I'm a fuckin pedo

Hi, Anderson Cooper or someone from CNN.

O Holy Martyr Ephraim, look with compassion upon my distress and, as thou didst deliver the young man from his cruel addiction, so also pray for me that our Lord and Savior, for Whom thou didst witness unto death, may deliver my soul from captivity to Satan. For I am in cruel bondage and suffering because of my weakness and sinfulness. Beseech our merciful Lord that, as He didst lead the Hebrews forth from slavery in Egypt and called His people out of Babylon, as He delivered the youth from the demon, and freed the daughter of the Canaanite woman, and healed the woman taken in adultery and restored the Samaritan woman, that He may also set me free and deliver me from the demon of addiction. I confess that I have fallen into this evil through my own slothfulness and weakness, but have mercy and pray for me, O saint and martyr of God.

O Lord, Jesus Christ, through the prayers of Thy Holy Martyr Ephraim, have mercy on me and deliver me from this cruel bondage.

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I'll never understand why someone would quietly off themselves instead of going out in a blaze of glory while taking as many evil people with you as possible.

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OP, if you actually do love children (the non-sexual kind of love) then you will do everything in your power to protect them. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful face making you giddy, getting a hard on is something else though.

Loving and protecting our wives and kids, and good wives and kids in general is exactly how we should be. I find it difficult to be motivated to do much for other races. I figure, let their people do for them.

But, white women and children? They are beautiful and I feel a natural inclination to protect the good women (married mothers with white kids) and the children, in general. I give my time and positive attention to white kids and their mothers.

It is something that white (or other races, in their societies) kids should be able to expect from living in a white society (or in their other societies.) The air of acceptance, security, and approval that is the atmosphere in which they should be living.

The various agents at work against us flood this board and the internet in general with degeneracy, child porn, etc. to try to make us feel as though the natural love and approval we feel for white married mothers and their white children make us ALL PEDOPHILES.

Jesus. They would have arrested Jesus for putting his hands on kids and blessing them, though their parents specifically brought them to him for that. Meanwhile, the Synagogue of Satan, what do you think THEY were doing to kids in their murder dungeons?

Kids naturally spark a warm, happy, protective, feeling. The pedoshills keep swamping this board with stuff designed to convince everyone who has ever smiled at a child that he's a child raping monster seeking lustful outlet for his urges.

Bait, saged.

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The fuckin' bimbo nails on that mom's hand.

tldr gimme thick southern gf now!!

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You can redeem yourself through constant hardship, and sacrifice. Every time you think about fucking kids, torture yourself some way “Exercise intensely, beat yourself up with a club, whip yourself, etc” live a life of discipline, if you can’t control your urge to masturbate, over eat, laze around, etc how can you be sure you can control the urge to molest, and rape? Build up discipline, and if and when the race war comes, sacrifice yourself in the battle for our race. Whether that sacrifice be that of your wealth, comfort, or life.

You better not fuck your daughter up, kids that are molested turn into faggots, and the rape often results in other mental illnesses that they will have for the rest of their lives, not even mentioning the trauma that occurs at the moment. If you sincerely believe you can’t control yourself, make the ultimate sacrifice. But otherwise live a life of asceticism, be a example that others could live up to, despite your horrific sexual disability.

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in all of human history men often married girls >16 under because they are at peak fertility (and attractiveness). We had to maximize are chances of producing healthy children

Here's a psychological tip: Remember that children happen after sex. The link between children and sex is that children are PRODUCED by having sex with a fertile woman. The link is so close, that it's easy to get it mixed up, but the simple fact is that you need a woman to love so that you can have sex with her, and then produce a daughter or son.

If you view it that way, you'll be able to figure it out and move on from degeneracy. Don't become a monster. The monster is the enemy. You are the knight who will protect the pure, young, innocent maiden. It is fine to have strong feelings in your heart, but do not violate your code of honor that all true National Socialist Knights have.

If you start thinking bad thoughts, just think of Hitler instead.

Stop jerking off, stop watching porn entirely, and indulge yourself in classic art and literature. Get off any pointless medication like SSRIs, get eight hours of sleep a night, and make sure every day in your life is lived with the purpose of your becoming a better man.

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Kill jews and leftists before you kill yourself. Take away the lives of those who ruined yours.
Shoot up a synagogue.
Shoot up a "geek/nerd" convention.
Go to those places, where the enemy gathers, and kill as many of them as you can before you kill yourself.


Sam "he can't keep getting away with this" Hyde thinks otherwise.

i had a pedo indian babysitter when i was a kid that would lay in bed with me and ask me if kissing her would help me sleep. I dont feel bad about it and still jerk off thinking about it.

Pic related is Angie Verona at 13. She is a CHILD that should be protected from predators that want to sexualize her.

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Heinrich I know this is you posting you discord tranny fuck.



8ch/pol/ cannot recover, the kikery has come, it's turtles all the way down now.

oy vey goy, look at this young girl who is fully developed due to massive amounts of estrogen in the food

It's disgusting as hell. The meat and dairy destroys children.

These are when she is 18. Stop lying

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Stop jacking off and start raping bitches to get pregnant. A day inside is a day lost.

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oh mumma

It isn't. Here is what you have done:
You started making children into erotic fantasy objects. Once you develop a sufficiently exciting internal sexual narrative, you tend to stick with it for a long time. This means anything that isn't this internal sexual narrative simply doesn't get you as excited as the normal one.
What you need to do is switch the narrative. I tell men into interracial pornography to try elf-orc pornography, because the underlying erotic themes are similar, and there is a color contrast between the participants (green-white). It actually works to change the underlying sexual fetish.
I haven't really thought about it in the case of pedophilia. You'd have to be more specific about the details of the sexual imagery, as it is no exactly clear to me what the underlying erotic narrative is. I've read pedophilia erotica, and it isn't always the same by any means. Sometimes the pedophile just hypersexualizes the children, in a way that simply isn't realistic to how children are. Sometimes it is innocence/purity, and they want to defile it. I'm sure there are other narratives. You need to figure out what it is exactly, and then look for the closest socially acceptable alternative narrative, and begin making the switch. Just stick with it: it won't be quite as intensely erotic to you at first, but if you give it enough time, it will displace your old sexual narrative.
Another tip is to critique the old sexual narrative. In the case of interracial pornography, men can tell themselves things like "Blacks don't actually have any bigger penises, this is a myth," or "White women don't actually like sleeping with blacks, they just do it for money or they are purity spiraling." Things like that cause the underlying narrative to be less sexually satisfying, and they think about those critiques as they masturbate to the images, and it becomes less and less intense for them.
For pedophilia, you might try telling yourself things like "The bodies of small children are actually not erotic at all, they have pill-shaped torsos, nothing like adults." I know a lot of child-erotica tends to give the child semi-adult bodily features, when this isn't the case at all. Most people find a nude prepubsecent girl/boy completely unattractive simply because of the shape of their body. Again, I don't know the exact sexual imagery associated with your underlying sexual narrative, so I don't know if this will help you, but I suspect it would help some pedophiles.

Stop fapping you faggot.

And this

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Think to yourself OP,
Do you have insecurities?
Is your attraction to children due to your insecurities, are you just attracted too purity?
There are pure girls out there. May be solvable, dont off yourself yet.

This is retarded pedofag thinking. It has been scientifically proven that while women vary, most peak in fertility during their 20s. The same can be said for nearly all large mammals. Cows have their best milk production after their second or third birth, not at puberty, as do human women

Children are sacred to our race and should be kept pure. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a degenerate and should be hung

I don't think you're lost… if you're not just trolling and are sincere then the fact you recognize the attraction is "Wrong" means you're not entirely lost.. there's so many that try to justify their attraction in one way or another and even try to shift the blame onto the child for "wanting it" you'll hardly ever come across an admitted pedophile who actually thinks the attraction they feel is "wrong" no, It's always society that's "wrong" if only they would see that love between an adult and child can be "natural and beautiful" its especially disgusting when you realize its usually pedos attracted to PREPUBESCENT children that feel that way. I'll go ahead and say now, Attraction to PREPUBESCENT CHILDREN is NOT ok. a prepubescent child that appears to "want it" is either confused or already a victim of sexual abuse.. its IMPOSSIBLE for a prepubescent child to ever "want it" knowing 100% what "it" is.. many that appear to "want it" are just don't get any attention and typically are starved for love and acceptance normally gotten from their parents.. they might desperately seek out that feeling of
love and be too young to distinguish between the parental platonic love they WANT and the Sexulized physical "love" they're likely to find.. a lot of children (prepubescent and post pubescent in this case) that go along with the abuse naively think that romantic/sexual love is the same as parental/Platonic..if your attraction is exclusively prepubescent children im afraid there isn't much to be said.. I feel truly sorry for anyone like that, I can imagine the hellish existence it must be to ONLY be attracted to prepubescent children i.e. age 1 - 10ish/12ish which of course are exactly what pedophiles are attracted to..most people however don't make a distinction between post-pubesent teenagers and pre-pubescent children and use "pedo" for any attraction to someone under "18"

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being attracted exclusively to prepubesant children with no interest in anyone older usually means you're not interested in a real "relationship" anyways.. what you want is something entirely different.. only being concerned for your own satisfaction with no thought toward the possible consequences of your actions… it is likely a power fantasy more to do with the idea of being in control and dominate over someone…and yes… kill yourself. If you're like that its just a matter of time before you find yourself in a dangerous situation and you harm a child..or just snap entirely. If you truely care about children you'd prefer to kill yourself rather than risk harming one and potentially passing on your mental affliction to them like someone undoubtedly did to you..that's sort of a rhetorical situation because if you're attracted to prepubescent children exclusively and feel like many of them actually want a sexual relationship with an adult you're too fucked in the head to even consider the attraction as wrong and so wouldn't have any issues with potentially harming a child… just being aware enough to question yourself is a good indication that you are not just a "monster" (although the question has to be legitimate not just a way to get ppl talking about pedophilia cuz ot gets you off) it's sort of like questioning whether or not you're a psycopath.. a psychopath wouldn't have any concern about being a psycopath and is unlikely to question whether they are one so anyone who is legit questioning themselves can't be one.. if you feel like you can control yourself and KNOW that acting out any fantasy involving children is WRONG then you will be ok.. accept that you're a pedophile but understand that it doesn't automatically mean you are going to harm a child and ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR PROBLEM. Do NOT put yourself in situations where you are in close proximity to UNSUPERVISED children EVER.. that's like an alcoholic trying no to drink taking a job at a liquor store.. just don't do it!

Maybe just seek psychotherapy but if you think there's even a chance you might do something to a child, kill yourself, tonight.