there are people browsing this board who are not anarchists

What's you excuse? Just read the Bread book. It really is inexcusable, not being an anarchists in an age when revolutionary theory is freely accessible.

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How about you start reading actual theory and become a Communist, you damn Anarkid?

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Anarchists are too busy calling cops racist for them to spread class consciousness.

But I already have a great theory book explaining the problem with capitalism with a testable scientific model. No moralizing necessary.


Calm down, no need for the asshurt

Anarchists are usually whiny pussies

Im not fucking 17 anymore. Read marx and realise that your "lol fuck hierarchy" dreams will result in nothing but death for you from all sides.

read marx
read lenin
google how the paris commune failed
read ted kaczynski on leftists (anarchists and liberals)
read nietzche on slave/master morality

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I get my ideology from memes and can't read past a headline or title.
Mutal Aid is more comprehensive and Malatesta or Berkman have better introductions.

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This but while Nietzsche was right about most things, he was wrong about Christianity

Why, so I can be propagandized by a poorly-read straw man?

Kaczynski is spot on when it comes to radlibs and only a radlib in denial would deny that. In all seriousness though, the worst part of ISAIF is the part on leftists, people need to read it for what’s actually important — the part on technology. Good go.yim will be chomping at the bit to get their Neuralink™ porky-mind control soon enough so it’s more relevant than ever

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Industrial society and its future is an excellent read in its own right for the environmentalism, but it excels in describing lifestylism, particularly leftism as surrogate activism. When Ted negatively explains leftism, you feel hurt and react negatively back (hence "poorly-read strawman"). But that's not the point. Graduating your understanding of politics to greater than just leftwing vs. rightwing is important for self-actualization. Personally, I only started dabbling in leftist literature around 2015 because rightwingers are terrible at explaining systems of power.

The main critique of leftism Kaczynski offers is its fetishization of weakness and its feelings of inferiority:

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On the liberals, sure. He's just another dummy trying to conflate them with actual leftists however.

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Being pro-intellectual is gay

No, to stop being an anarchist you have to actually realise how stupid and naive your plan is.


I guess this is where socialist commodity production comes from.

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No, I'm implying that the term "leftist" is reserved for those actually opposed to the system.

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Here's something for those who are still not anarchists:

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Fuck off anarkiddie

Most of them went back to /trannypol/. The remaining ones are either nazbols or Zig Forumsniggers LARPing.

Proof that God works to benefit the faithful


Excuse the namefagging, that was for another board.

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