NASA Reveals Beautiful "Blue Dune" Photo From Mars

NASA's statement also said the image was taken using the MRO's HiRise camera. The statement issued by NASA also described the particular blue dune saying it "is made of finer material and/or has a different composition than the surrounding." The images are dramatic and continue to capture the public's imagination, especially since the planet is experiencing a massive dust storm that has put a damper on Mars operations.

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I guarantee the blue color is fake, much like the coloring in the rest of nasa's photos.

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Uh huh, sure. Everyone's just going on and on about this. I can't go five minutes without "HOLY SHIT THE BLUE DUNE". Right. Whatever helps you justify your budget, NASA.

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It's a well known fact that nasa uses fake coloring in their photos to capture the imagination of idiots like you. oooh da pretty colors!

To what end? NASA is funded through the federal government; public opinion is irrelevant. They should be posting photoshopped pictures of dead niggers and cheeseburgers on Mars, to see if they can attract Trump's attention, instead.

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A "false color" image is does NOT mean "fake coloring", you dense motherfucker

They literally conspire to colorize these photos breh. A lone employee just doesn't do it themselves. THEY CONSPIRE to do so. It's common knowledge.

Interesting argument given that there is a verge article from a few years ago interviewing the artist that makes the cg images of the earth from space. The coloring is not the concern here.

They prolly had an intern make that in Photoshop.


Do you retards get mad about microscope slides being dyed for convenience, too?

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Conveniently released when the boss calls for more funding….

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False color: "let us color hot zones red and cold zones blue"
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Its clearly just pee from a passing orbiter.

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Most probes and satellites NASA uses doesn't take conventional pictures, unless you think three separate single color images overlapping themselves is compelling to look at.

Oh, one small caveat
Wait, then what the fuck is your purpose?

"It is photoshopped, but it has to be." - NASA CGI Artist

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Looks fake af tbh

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