Egypt Will Open Giant Black Sarcophagus In Spite Of Warnings

A mysterious sarcophagus made of black granite was discovered in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria. Archaeologists unearthed the almost two meters high and three-meter long sarcophagus yet do not know who or what is inside. It was found along with a large head carved of alabaster that only added to the mystery although archaeologists think the head may offer some insight into who's remains are inside.

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That is not the head of a negroid.

It's Caesar's bastard I'm calling it now

Warnings from who? Jews not wanting people to find out more about their past?

heres the deal, similar to the moon landing, if the contents are too spicy to be shared, a "mummy" will be placed inside, etc etc, the real contents kept hidden by the secret Islamic societies. Very little new information escapes there.

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It's an ancient septic tank

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That is a very non-egyptian looking head

I second the idea it could be Caesarian
Caesars only biological son, who he sired with Cleopatra and who disappeared when Mark Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide at the age of 7

it's probably some other pussy who died in egypt


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As interesting as this is, we’ll never find out what’s actually inside. If it’s benign we’ll get some fluffed up interesting story to justify the money spent. If it’s somethin insane, it’ll be clarinets as benign.

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They're no going to listen are they?

It was buried for a reason.

They were warned.
Don't say no one told you so when they look inside and the ancient Seraphic demons fly out and make faces melt and heads explode.

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heh heh yeah, open it.

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I've seen enough movies to know how this ends: badly.


because all the other ones they opened were just asking to be opened, rite

they were, did you see the way those sluts were carved?

This, even if there is something great and profound in there they'll just release a cover story, no use trying to follow this.

Underrated post.

Unleash the demons of the underworld!

theyll open it, find something amazing, tell us its just a donkey dick and show us a picture of a donkey dick as if thats proof

Lets get this over with, I hope they don't take a long time to do it or do it and then tell nobody what's inside except for obscure local press.
Open it right now.

fuck that asshole, he deserved an exploding coffin.

Could it be Cleopatra and Mark Antony?


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I really wish necrons would wipe us out already

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Wasn't this the plot to Raiders of the Lost Ark 7?

Legit the first thing I thought of. Also funny how Bloodlines had a sequel in the form of a pretty decent novel, which actually explained that Kain did, indeed, come back. And he wasn't the cab driver.

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It was opened a week ago, you retards.