New York - Black UFO Filmed Over Restricted Manhattan Air Space

Witnesses looking up at the sky were stunned to see a black object over the sky's of Manhattan, New York on July 18. The bizarre sighting was captured on video and shows a dark disc floating in restricted airspace above the city.

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Are you sure this didn't occur in New Donk City?

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Did someone throw a nigglet off a skyscraper again?

It's called a blimp

That's just a fly?




It doesn't show anything 'floating' at all. It's an insect that zips past the lens of the camera. it's only visible for ONE FRAME of the video, which is 1/28th of a second.

Major BirdDick, this is a perfect example of how you're NOT a journalist, and you have no college degrees. You're a mooch who couldn't get a real job, so you ended up working for scumbag Jim Watkins. You don't even get minimum wage from Jim, because he spends his money paying Diana for sex.

Its 'coincidental' that you and 'Kyle James' both misspelled the word 'skies'….

LOL !!

you're a fucking chump. How's your 'bonus' working out? Had any luck pawning gasoline and bullets lately?

How do they know it's black and not a silhouette of the UFO?

obviously, you haven't watched the ridiculous video, because if you had, you would realize there was no 'ufo'. it's an insect that flies directly in front of the camera, and it's not 'in the skies' (or as Major Burdock likes to spell it, 'sky's')

I have the video downloaded, and separated into individual frames. (28 fps) and the insect only appears in one frame.

it's very close to the cameraman, and not in the sky.

The fact that Major Burdock publishes ridiculous crap like this (under the name Kyle James on The Turdwater website) discredits all of his other 'news articles'.

HINT: even a 3rd grade child knows it's spelled skies, not sky's.

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aaayyyyo dis nibba no wats woke

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take your meds manlet

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My medicine is the fact that you never get any pussy, while I get laid all the time, and I get a hearty dose of my medicine every day.

what was it like to wake up completely alone again this morning?

Here's your yearly 'bonus', Kyle

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"and the award for 'inability to spell the word SKIES correctly' goes to……


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I'm sure you do bottom faggot.

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it's not surprising that you'd doubt me, since you wouldn't understand what it's like

but I've never been without a girlfriend or a wife since I was 17 years old

that's 37 years

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>obviously, you haven't watched the ridiculous video
No shit Poindexter, I was talking about the COLOR, not the UFO itself (which you don't need to watch the video for)

Hey, Kyle ?…..

Here's your next year's 'bonus'

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here's the color

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What dumb niggers are you letting volunteer here?

real job aka mutilating babies

lol… this story is corny as fuck. this is clearly a disinformation project to make people think u.f.o. stories are all bullshit.

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Major Kyle

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I find it strange that he can afford to pay Diana for sex, but you get gasoline and bullets.

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No real professional with any Talent would ever allow themselves to be manipulated so easily… Desperation is the only motivation

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I smell unkosher truths.

"And the 'Can't Spell SKIES Correctly Award' goes to….. Major Kyle!!!"

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Kyle Burdock can't spell SKIES correctly, but he's a UFO genius !!

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Why are you triggered so hard by a typo, kike?

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This site is ran by a summer child

….Even a third grade child knows there's a huge difference between a typo and illiteracy…..

Then you're less smart than a third grade child?

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'Major Burdock' was having a back and forth chat session with me in the comments section of the Goldwater, where I complain that all of the Goldwater reporters seem to be incapable of spelling anything correctly. They also make glaring typographical and grammatical errors with almost every single story they publish.

Major Burdock (Kyle) was very specific when he told me "it's impossible for the reporters at the Goldwater to make typographical errors for misspelled words because they use GRAMMARLY™, the same software used by real news organizations."

Yet since he told me that, subsequently I have seen an increase of misspelled words and improper use of grammar on the Goldwater…

And today, under the name 'Kyle' he misspelled the word SKIES on The Goldwater, and he created this thread in Zig Forums, once again misspelling the same word…

It's not a typo… A typo is when you accidentally hit the wrong key.

Major Kyle Miss spelled the same one syllable word 2 times in a row today, proving that he doesn't know how to spell the word.

Furthermore, the fact that he added an apostrophe and an S to 'sky' shows that he's confused about the proper usage of apostrophes.

Major Kyle is NOT a 3rd grader. He's an adult, and as such he should have mastered basic third grade grammar a long time ago.

It's not asking too much to require a 'journalist' to be able to spell and use punctuation correctly.

By the way, I'm using Speech-to-Text because my hand was permanently injured, and I'm unable to type…

Whenever you see a typo from me, it's because of a speech to text voice recognition misinterpretation.

Major Kyle does NOT have a permanently injured hand, nor does he use speech to text to create his threads or to create his articles on the Goldwater…..

There's no excuse for a grown man not to know how to spell one syllable words.

If an auto mechanic doesn't know how to fix cars, it's time for to find a different line of work.

If a pilot is incapable of flying an airplane, perhaps it's time to find a different job.

And when a news reporter can't spell one syllable words, they end up getting hired by Jim Watkins, and they don't even complain when they're told that their year-end bonus is going to be paid in gasoline and bullets.

After all, Jim Watkins can afford to pay Diana for sex, and let her use one of his laptops so she can pretend like she's a news reporter.

So why is he ripping off Kyle and Philip and Savannah and Lexy?….

If they wanted to purchase gasoline and bullets, they could buy it with the money they got from their bonus….

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Q: why is there no definition of the word sky's?

A: because it's not a word

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Everytime Wendy sees your editorial cartoons, she laughs so hard she almost CRY'S

Kyle, I realize that you think I don't like you, but that's not true.

I actually admire you very much, and believe it or not I respect you quite a bit…

I empathize with you, and I realized that Jim is your boss, so of course you are not inclined to voice your real opinions in public regarding the way he runs his business. You're not stupid, so of course you're not going to shoot yourself in the foot and admit that Jim Watkins is one of the most dysfunctional employers you've ever worked for…

And you don't have to say it, because I'll say it for you…

You're goddamn right he's fucking you over, Kyle. And I agree with you completely that Jim is a fat lazy piece of shit, who really focuses on himself, and never seems to have time to address the problems he creates with his lack of involvement in his own company…

He remains distant, while you and Philip are the real brains of the operation, and you're the ones who get your hands dirty, so you know good and well what problems need to be addressed in Jim's organization. But every time you try to mention it to him, he always brushes you off and give you that insincere smile.

Meanwhile, just because Diana has a vagina, he bends over backwards to cater to her every need. She doesn't do a fraction of the work that you do, yet she seems to be put high on a pedestal, while you seem to be treated like a janitor…

I agree with you. Jim truly IS a fucking piece of shit.

Next time you see him, I want you to walk straight up to that fat fuck and look him in the eyes, and you tell him you want a goddamn raise, and you're NOT talking about a gallon of gas or a goddamn Bullet!!!

*knuckle bump on your shoulder*

You're a good kid, Kyle…
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See?… You're growing inside, and it feels good…..

….and if you don't get the results you're looking for, I'll do it for you.

I'll tell that Fat Sweaty Dolly Parton titty son of a bitch that you quit….

I guarantee you there's a news organization who will pay you in transmission fluid and butt stocks

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You're kind of like a son to me, Kyle. Unlike Jim, I have your best interests in mind…

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Ladies and gentlemen, uh, we've just lost the picture, but what we've seen speaks for itself. The Corvair spacecraft has apparently been taken over, 'conquered' if you will, by a master race of giant space ants. It's difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the captive Earthmen or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the ants will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. I'd like to remind them as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

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Waste of a good GET because some autist couldn't resist sperging out.
Are you the same one that got triggered when someone called his waifu a drunk bitch?

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you're talkin' about THAT guy….

*points finger over there*

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….I give and I give…

and all I get in return

is scorn

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Before I took over your imageboard fun and games, do you think I actually gave any consideration to whether or not you would appreciate it ?….

It's my oven now…….
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To prove my point, I will go away and do anything else. You keep screeching autistically because this is the only power you will ever have in your sad life, if you want..

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So of course you're upset…..
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and so, in response to your comment : I can live with that

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Damn that alien photo blur technology.