Texas Father Sentenced To 244 Years For Raping 38-Day-Old Daughter


The arrest affidavit says Waco police were called to a home on Delano Ave. on March 14, 2014, after getting a report of a one-month-old child suffering from physical abuse. When police arrived at the home in Waco, Medina admitted to police he had used methamphetamine two days prior.

Medina's 38-day-old daughter was taken to the hospital where doctors found the child had suffered from 24 broken ribs, a fractured femur and showed signs of having being shaken. Court documents say Medina is the child's biological father and told police he squeezes the girl's ribs and shakes her when he is mad at the child's mother.

Medina said he would squeeze the baby to his body causing her ribs to break. That wasn't all Medina did to the child, a grand jury re-indicted Medina on Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child in March. The details of the sexual assault are not being published due to the severity of the graphic assault.

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Evil fuck! There's no excuse for such horrid behavior and abuse!

on one hand he's not white on the other hand he's male so this could be a lie.

it shows a great deal of patience on his part to have waited an entire 38 days.

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No. It took 38 days to send her to the hospital.

Remember: These are the sort of people liberals want to flood America with.

38 days is when their ripe for the picking

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He won't make it a year in general population. There will coincidentally be no guards around when he gets shanked.

That's not even true for vegetables.

Learn to spell you fucking pedo


that's illegal
US is a 3rd world shithole. they torture prisoners in 3rd world countries like North Korea, China, Russia, Africa, US

in civilised countries you get to prison and that's all. no torture.

Illegal shmillegal
If you don't wanna go to prison, don't

t. Pussy European


Gee, it sure is nice living in a world with no murder!

You have a point. The legal use of force should remain the government's exclusive domain. He should be executed instead of jailed.

should or should not, he was sentenced for jail, so his only punishment should be jail, not rape/cruelty/famine
but americans are barbarians like muslims so they don't understand this. americans are not white, they don't have white sense of justice

I would think a dedicated torture program would be quite good, actually. Don't give criminals like this the release of death. Chemical burning, un-anesthetized amputations/teeth-pulling, waterboarding, sensory deprivation, bullet ants, all while doing everything to keep the sentenced alive.

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And it's a spic

what's the point of this?
how does it make world a better place?

and what if someone is fakely accused and convinced of doing such crime and then you torture innocent person?

This is religious persecution, he's just following his jewish faith.

Yes, people who are in prison for committing violent felonies tend to do illegal things.

they should be controlled to not being able to do that

We have yet to install behavioral inhibitor technology in our inmates, so such control is not yet flawless.

Dunno man, honestly it would cheaper to cut pieces off the guys body, skin him then hang him but even then it would be too fast.

Notice how they highlighted "TEXAS" not the person