Man sets home on fire after using blowtorch to kill spiders

A man who was house-sitting for his parents set their home on fire when he used a blowtorch to kill spiders, according to authorities.

Fire fighters responded to a 911 call about a fire Tuesday night at a home in Fresno, California.

The tenant of a two-story residential house “just made a bad decision to use fire instead of insecticides to kill the spiders,” Lee Wilding, deputy fire marshal with the Fresno Fire Department, told ABC News.

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I'd make fun of him but; spiders.

that is how much fuck spiders.

Seems like a flyswatter would be better option.

no spiders can jump away from them, and then what? the spider disappears down your shirt.

what a fucking dolt

Home-made flame-throwers are really more effective and much more legal than shooting at them with a shotgun, which is what I would have done. A torch just doesn't have enough knock-down power.

If a man does this:
If a woman does this:

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why just implant a few house centipedes to your dwelling. they look horrifying but eat spiders, ants, and bed bugs

What a dumbass

I killed a spider once with a plumber's torch. The smell was bad enough to convince me never to do that again!

Are feminists even capable of saying/typing a single thing that isn't pure projection?

Don't need to say it twice, retard

Just use a can of aerosol and a lighter.
Less powerful then a blow torch but absolutely annhialates them.
Done it more than once. Went blind staring into the fire for about 10 seconds.

I'd rather stick to daddy long-legs tbh

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ebin bait

…But then how did you make that post?

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Correct response:

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My bad, my poor grammar made it seem like I said one thing when I meant another.
My vision went white then black for about 10 seconds due to staring i to the fireball caused by the aerosol can and lighter.

Because that's just introducing a new problem instead of resulting in no problems.