Blockbuster ‘Lucy’ Director Besson Rape Accusers Speak Up

So far, nine women in total have accused French blockbuster director Luc Besson of sexual misconduct, with accusations going from rape to sexual assault. It is quite the fall from grace for Mr Besson, who is one of the most successful European filmmakers. The director of movies like ‘Nikita’, Léon’,’ Lucy’, ‘the fifth element’, the different ‘taxi’ movies and ‘le grand bleu’ denies all allegations. For France, it is their version of the Weinstein affair.

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Fake news, Lucy wasn't a blockbuster, it was movie where scarlett handjob becomes a USB drive.

Hey, I guess raping a kid is just 'sexual misconduct' now.

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Still definitely a fan of the Lukester, just hope his funding don't dry up
Point of No Return
La Femme Nikita
Léon: The Professional
The Fifth Element
The Transporter
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

seen em and liked em

I guess Lucy2 is out, Scarlet is PC

Oh look, more whores who fucked their way into good roles changing their minds after years to 'I was literally raped!' in order to garner attention now that they can no longer whore themselves into jobs.

truth hurts

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Have you seen Lucy?

more lying whores smell blood in the water.

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Lucy busted my blocks

Your logic is sane. The reasoning is good.
But, you are missing one very important fact: She is ~50% you.

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Imagine being so emotionally frail that your husband has sex with you internalize it as rape because you didn't tell him to stop
Best part is that she acknowledges that she's a shitty, spineless person, but she lacks the will or introspection to change herself. It's not "I'm not happy because of my character flaws, I need to change" it's "I was 'victimised' because of my character flaws, pity my character flaws"

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this is now modern life.

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