Spain - US Student Barely Survives Madrid Rape And Brutal Attack

Just as Spain is going through the brutal Laura Luelmo murder investigation (the 25-year-old Spanish teacher who was raped and murdered while out on a run, see our related coverage), a US student who has passed the last 6 months in the nation’s capital Madrid has now also revealed just how dangerous Spanish streets have become in recent times.

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Spain is a shadow of its former glory, its shit compared to Europe

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People are stupid. I tell my daughter every day to not believe a word from those idiot feminazis. This whole stupid UN migrant plan should have been ignored by the west but our stupid alt left political cucks voted it in.

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does it matter? the same shit could easily happen in America is she went into the wrong neighborhood.

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Spain has a much larger economy than Greece or Portugal. It even has a larger economy than most of the Scandinavian countries, so clearly idiot is you

Spain is European. (((Public school))) taught us that Europe is rich and safe and better than America. You think some random 25 year old thot is gonna be redpilled about migrants? All her info comes from public school and mainstream media. Now if an 8channer thought visiting Spain would be smart, then yeah, he shouldve known better.


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theres very few countries in this world where women are safer than in spain, very few, maybe japan or some place like that, Thats quite something considering whos inmediately next door to the south of spain (its not mexico, btw, i know some of you are geographycally challenged)

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No it doesn’t. The Danes and Norgies are loaded. The Swedes were always wealthy maybe Finland but I still doubt it.