Alesha MacPhail: Six-year-old girl suffered 117 'catastrophic' injuries, murder trial told

Schoolgirl Alesha MacPhail suffered 117 catastrophic injuries before being smothered to death, her murder trial has been told.

The six-year-old’s genitals were so damaged that pathologist John Williams told jurors on Thursday he had never seen anything like it before.

Her body was found in a wooded area on the Isle of Bute, where she lived, on 2 July last year.

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why was the six year old un attended? Kind of a Parenting MacPhail, amirite?

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The article is very fragmented. The girl made love to the teenager out in the woods?

Sounds like an the perpetrator was an incel whose sick fantasies finally bubbled to the surface.
He won't be missed, but unfortunately a liberal european court will let this sicko back on the streets in a few years.

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I think we will need before-and-after photos to judge for ourselves.

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