Federal judge sides with Trump administration on 'bump stocks' ban

A federal judge gave the Trump administration the green light to ban so-called "bump stocks," devices which modify semi-automatic guns to fire bullets more rapidly.

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich said in a ruling Monday evening that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has the authority to ban the devices, dismissing a challenge to the rule that is set to take effect on March 26.

The case is one of a handful of federal lawsuits filed challenging the rule unveiled by the Justice Department in December.


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I don't care about the bump stock, they're a novelty.. but I'm extremely concerned with the encroachment, their definitions, and the obvious slippery slope. So, what about belt loops.. people can hook their finger/thumb in them and replicate a bump stock.

Don't comply !!! F the ATF the law is unconstitutional and who the hell gives those liberal commies the right to tell us what we can and cannot own,piss on them stand strong resist !!!


I don't like bumpstocks, I don't own bumpstocks, but I'll fight to protect yours. Not another fucking inch.

Who cares? If you absolutely have to have a automatic weapon you'll figure out how to get one or make one or else you don't know what to do with it.

I'm shocked.

People who aren't nigger-tier brainlets who don't want to have to break the law to exercise their constitutional rights and don't want to live in an authoritarian nightmare.

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Liberal activist judges are a bunch of assholes. I'm still mad about those supreme court judges who decreed that citizens don't have the right to automatic firearms because they hadn't been invented in 1776. It's a bullshit justification borne out of a partisan motivation but they're implicitly trusted as experts who studied and know more about the constitution than you do so nobody's willing to challenge it.


Full auto weapons were banned at the height of the Chicago gangster problems in the twenties. The bumpstock was a circumvention of the law. So if you want to bitch about constitutional rights blame Al Capone.

what is a class III?

Wrong and misleading. When you tell people not to comply, you need to be clear: if you allow yourself to be captured alive, you will lose in legalsystem.gov, again.

i still have yet to see any detailed information on this from any official source. from what i can still see, the bans are on a state-by-state basis, so in what way is this a federal ban?
also, do they plan to grandfather them in? buyback program? confiscation?

Coat hanger…

The law, last time I read over it, didn't include improvised solutions like belts. Which is funny to me, since the people who could really do damage with bumpfiring know this method. And watch, as they ban bumpfire stocks, suddenly a lot more people will know about the belt method.

The ban is phrased in such a way that they could slap you with anything.

are you talking about the belt loop thing? its just called bump firing. and you dont need a belt loop, you can just do it from your shoulder. the law makes no attempt to make bump firing illegal, it just attempts to ban devices that aid in it.
it doesnt even ban 2-stage triggers.

trump says otherwise

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Laws restricting something to the point where its out of reach to the average man is the same as banning it in practice.

I'll give you a million dollars if you can explain to me a rational reason why anyone needs an automatic weapon. And no, "the bad guys have 'em" is not one. Terrorists also have nukes. Do you need to have nukes, too?

Three fold reason, 1st they are scared, 2nd they can't hit anything when the shoot, 3rd they believe TV - 200 instantly dead enemies from a 30 round magazine.

Why the fuck would someone want a bump stock anyway? All it does is give you a low quality spray and pray

It has been said many times before. It is a bill of rights, not needs. Nukes are arms and if I want to own a nuke the government has no legal right to tell me I can not own one. The bill of rights is there to tell the government what they can not legislate.

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No, Niggers kill people and people protect themselves.

Tell 14 million murdered christian Russians, murdered by bolshevc Jews, the same Jews that are trying to take away American guns that they didnt need automatic weapons.

This three times.

Criminals will have bump stocks anyways.

All gun restrictions are unconstitutional.

But hey, you let them take away your right to marry little girls.
So you'll let them take anything.

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A capability your masters: WHITE WOMEN do not want you to have.

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They say you can't own a girl child, and you support that…

Since (((lawmakers))) are shitting all over the constitution, when can we start repealing more amendments? Specifically the 13th, make slavery great again.

It's my right I dont need a fucking reason to exercise my rights, faggot. Kill yourself.