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This is a voluntary thread that users can choose to post in, if… I forgot the rest of whatever the old OP was. Honestly, I just wanted to bring this old thread back.

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Oh man are you ready for the ultimate centrist experience?

maybe I just want some 3D girls with 2D curves, I mean you're never gonna really meet a girl with tits bigger than your head so may as well make use of those photos online. And I don't want fucking morphs from deviantart.

I like sort of flat girls tbh. But not too flat, I mean at least a little bit of something.

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Those photos do influence the taste of men irl tho. Most girls think that they must look like that to be liked
which is good for guys like me who don't give a shit

I don't know if I'm different from most guys or if media and stuff has just fucked with womens perceptions of what guys like, but I really don't care very much at all about breast size. There are women with beautiful small titties and women with large ugly titties. For me the size doesn't determine if a pair of tits are nice or not.

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well by that same logic, doesn't hentai make guys expect girls to come with tentacles as standard? porn's porn, not something someone should embody in real life. The important part there is should. Although I wouldn't mind a move away from the stick-figure ideal of the past few decades towards more pudgy or thick girls, with fat being used to accent curves and body shape without delving into Burger Obesity land.

Yes. But I keep coming back. I'm addicted. The continuous drip of novelty is playing tricks with my brain.

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Do you suck her nipples regularly?

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Can people who think they can possibly commit a perfectly clean and problem free eugenics problem among millions and millions of people, able to be diagnosed as clinically retarded just by this belief alone

By allah, you will taste my shoe!
Please use hooktube next time. Might as well downvote it while I'm there, though.
Can't believe this idiot is still going. That Koch money is pretty much an endless well, so I guess that explains it.

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I think that the most beautiful woman I ever saw wasn't in some picture but in person. She was in my Social Sciences course (I changed to engineering early on), and she came from a city that had been settled by Dutchmen in the Brazilian countryside not 70 years ago. Tall, naturally slim build, t&a just the right size for great proportions, strawberry-blonde hair, light eyes and an absolutely perfect face without makeup. Looking her up now, she co-owns a documentary studio and an NGO to produce media about the Brazilian countryside from the point of view of activists. She has a Masters from the University of Barcelona, where she made a short piece about two testimonies of a bombing during the Spanish Civil War, and studied Av media stuff in Cuba. She's more of a leftist than I am.

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I get that sense too. Often people I just see in the library look better than most people in the media.

What's happening this time?

I don't see much logistical difficulty in spotting the kids with obvious disabilities.

I'm making this as a sincere question and I hope for a serious answer. I'm guessing you don't have any dick size-related issues whatsoever, am I correct?

Stop with the STEM meme. STEM is bourgeois

not him, but what is the implication of this?

Just Saiyan breh, other than widespread popular resistance, I don't see any real obstacles to enacting an eugenics program on a population of tens of millions. You-know-who did it some 80 years ago with far less technology than we have didn't he?

Let's wait a bit for him to hopefully show up and answer, I'd like to "see" his reaction in case my rationale is right.

lmao, muke on zero books

She sounds awesome, tbh. Beauty, brains & leftist(which could also be under brains category ;^)).

Probably because of being able to relate to her insecurity.

Good one, Bat'ko :)
He still posts here, right? I know him & BO(or a diff ☭TANKIE☭) had a run in where he got banned for it. But I hope he's still around. He made good cuteposts; I really liked those random singing Bat'ko pepe posts.

leftcoms gonna leftcom

Yes, but only because they are so retarded that they don't even know CRISPR is a thing.
At least be up to date with the preferred eugenics programs.

if you read the recent eugenics thread there was lots of discussion of genetic engineering

Did Pierre tru-dank really become a nazbol?

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No he's just an edgelord

wait... is theryn meyer trans?

Ben Garrison once again his lack of understanding of Marxism and his fetish for people being transformed into objects.

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*demonstrates his lack
ffs I can't type today

But the gun says marxism on it

So whenever i try to tell people online that Cuba is doing well, theres always some Cuban who goes "WELL IVE BEEN TO CUBA AND THEY'RE DOING HORRIBLY"

Do i point out that this is anecdotal evidence or do is there a better way to refute this?

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Put condoms in their pizza

Recommend some good Marxist or even lefty and anti-imperialism/anti-American rap.


What are some good leftist movies? Do the big lebowski, The Graduate, and One flew over the cuckus nest count?

I'm a burger and can't afford college should I move to Canada. Also I have a Canadian citizenship and family there.

Why are male incels so hated by contemporary society?

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Did… Did you guys… Did you guys know that Hamburger Helper had a mixtape?
Not leftist… But I hope they treat their workers right. Anyway I thought this was hilarious.
Apparently Wendy's just dropped one & while Fantano was reviewing it he mentioned the Hamburger Helper one. That hoe Wendy needs to put on the brakes.

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No i believe it was lainchan. I almost want to find the post because it was really unsettling how far he wrote to assert his political dominance.
Yea, sadly alot of people like the genre but there's just not much to discuss on the topic. Might as well just go to Zig Forums, but even there their just a bunch of ancaps. I miss when /g/ was anarchist.

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Also, at least the Helper mixtape is online for free, though… Sharing is good. :^)

I only visit /leftytrash/ for the ass tbh

Have some more, friend.

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So you said earlier that your sis was 34, how old are you? If you don't mind me asking. Made me curious. (Not that poster you're responding to, btw.)

seizing the means of reproduction right fucking now

don't mind me, just posting some boybutt to keep the thots away

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No issues whatsoever, why though?

When cyberpunk stopped being speculative fiction and became reality somewhere in the early 90s the discussions around it got weird. Cyberpunk at this point is somewhere between an aesthetic, a shared sense of unease with the inhuman corporate surveillance society we live in and a political movement that never really happened. Ends up with a lot of weird political posts and how can I make my clothes/room/cat look more cyberpunk threads. I still kind of hope something will come of it but I suspect its just the nostalgia of the last online generation before the smartphone era for times when you could still see touch raw wires.

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i remember being a kid and thinking how cool phones with touchable screens would be
was like 12 when i went to Kosovo to buy a cheap smuggled chinese phone that had those touch pencils
now phones seem just dull

Phones are amazing hardware. Multiple high res video cameras miniaturized, gps, accelerometers, gyroscope, high-speed data anywhere, cellular radio, nfc, bluetooth, rfid. Custom low power consumption processors. But what do we even use them for? I don't think you're wrong to not be excited about phones the way you used to, there's something very off about how the tech developed.

I wish phones weren't so expensive

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just pay 1cent and then pay the rest your whole life haha-ha

If these people directed their rage when this happens towards the capitalism that causes it we'd be in a fuckin utopia by now.

Welp, there goes my last respect for Doug Lain.

Marxism is the gun transformation of the people

Thank you user

The fuck is with all these Monster Energy edits recently

chaotic good: proletarian
true neutral: bourgeoisie
lawful evil: petit-bourgeoisie

tbh at least they're getting mad
the reason i've got such a pathological obsession with furries economically is they've got all this hippie dippie bullshit about why it's actually good so long as it's individuals doing the capitalism instead of corporations, where capitalism is done closely and interpersonally, and where there's some reason to accept that people complaining about prices are annoying (as they're complaining to an individual rather than a faceless corporation that could give a major product away for free.)

fuck this individualist nonsense, you can't unionise sole proprietors. join a monopoly megacorporation within national boundaries and at least we can have a tripartite agreement on wages, conditions, benefits and taxation. (but don't actually do that because it's finally dawned that when i said "social democracy is more revolutionary than communism" i actually meant it, and now i'm an accelerationist, daddy-o.) small is stupid, small is parochical, small is ugly, small is repeating what you said in another post because you're just one person and not a fucking ideas printing press. when small is free that's different, but small businesses are the enemy, the most reactionary class.

new point of study: how reactionary are furry artists, in particular those claiming to be of the left - how would they react to benevolent, rationalist, social democratic policies like the selective employment tax?
(hahaha, hahaha.) selective employment tax was a tax on workers in service industries to be used to subsidize manufacturing, in the hopes of fixing a balance of trade problem. while it's not the worst solution to that specific problem, it's still a bit of a "wait, they did what?" policy with hindsight.
how angry would they get if i started fucking with their differentials? i mean, they can hardly go on strike. (and if they did, good.) but whether they would complain impotently or accept that the government knows best, i don't know.

god i hate individualism. actually, truncate that m: i hate individuals. lots and lots of individuals… bring back the dunkirk spirit, or get me some spirits from dunkirk. (glug glug)

I mean it's gonna really happen with anything once it hits a certain size and due to the internet communities are much bigger than they used to be as everyone interested in a topic can contact each other easily. For even a "small" business the community has to be a certain size for them to make money from it.
With your furry analogy before it was this well known, aka before the internet, the chance you found others into that shit was fuckin tiny so I imagine if you did there was a real sense of comradery there. Now you could probably find a sizable community for anything and theres bound to be someone making a few quid off of it.

Ben "Bunker" Garrison has been reading his Mao.

Frankly, I wouldn't say "doing well", because everyone equates it with obvious material wealth and status. A twenty-something girl with a fake tan, wearing whatever trendy brand of clothing, wearing platform shoes higher than a Trump Tower, with shades on her forehead and an iPhoneX glued to an ear is "doing well", partially because it's obviously implied she has no problem with access to healthcare, food and other basic needs. Cubans have the latter things but no luxuries whatsoever, so by common definition, they can't possibly be "doing well" (and let's face it, they aren't really doing well either if you compare with anyone middle-class from any developed country, having completely lost their chance at industrializing back in the decades after the revolution).

Regardless, instead of using terms distorted by our worldview like "doing well", work with the most obvious contrasts where Cuba is better. Ask the person how many homeless people they saw last week, for example, or the limitations on their healthcare plan, if they even have one. Ask if their children have guaranteed tuition-free, quality education up to college. Or look on the internet for pictures of the "backside" of famous cities showing decaying buildings and shit. This second pic cold be used in a news segment about Cuba and no one would bat an eye, despite it being set in Venice. Yes, I know saying "rich cities have poor areas too" isn't the most sound of arguments, but the point is to say every damn thing you see on media can be fake.

And speaking of which, look at this fucking monstrosity: gourmantic.com/2010/10/14/the-ugly-side-of-venice/

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I've found that this thread isn't good to ask for suggestions. Here's what little I have, the booru might have more.

The most likely answer is that it's guerrilla marketing. I wish I was joking. Star Wars has been particularly suspicious in this regard, the memes spawned by the movies are so forced it's ridiculous. There'll come a point when even the internet memes, jokes, gimmicks etc. will be mostly corporate pap.

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I’d be inclined to believe you if it wasn’t for the most random of places i’ve Been seeing these (unless it just picked up steam randomly similar to the Star Wars memes becoming forced by their shitty Reddit based fan base).
Since /trash/ is one notable place I remember seeing these edits, along with random cases on here.

these are reposts, you're getting stale marxhead…

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I knew it. Like hinted at, you're looking at her problem from the wrong angle. This is a self-steem issue on her part, and one induced pretty much from birth by society. As such, it doesn't matter a iota how much you say you don't care, neither how sincerely you mean it, because it's a personal issue. She wishes she had bigger tits for her own sake, not anyone else's, and definitely not yours. She doesn't want them so she can better please men, and in this way, your constant reassurance that you don't mind is unwittingly patronizing. To be blunt, she doesn't give a shit what you think about her tits. She wants to be bustier because that how society teaches us women should be, and her "failure" in this regard is what hurts her self-steem, not any imagined or real lack of appreciation from men. If she did have big tits, then male appreciation would certainly reaffirm her higher self-steem but would not be its source. Simply having big tits would be the source, because like I said, she wants them in order to satisfy her own desire, not anyone else's – even tho, ironically, it's society at large that demands her to have big tits.

And I asked you about cock size issues because if you had any, you would have known her feeling first-hand. It's the exact same principle. Guys don't want to have bigger dicks for the sake of sexual altruism, do they?

Anyway, might as well bloviate since I'm already nipples-deep in this.

I read a long time ago some feminist theory or other that postulated a reason as to why dick size issues are so much more common among men than equivalent issues on women. The idea is that various aspects of the female are distributed in various parts of the body: femininity in the vagina, reproductivity in the uterus, sexuality in the clitoris and maternity in the breasts. As for men, masculinity, reproductivity, sexuality and paternity were all embodied by the D. Thus whatever insecurities a man might have about his one and only, they would be magnified by this overconcentration of male roles in a single organ. I know it has the twang of pop psychology, but honestly it seems to make sense. It relates to how women have had their entire bodies molded by evolution to be geared towards reproduction, while men's primary evolutionary goal boils down to just cock and balls.

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It's not relatable, you can't get dick implants or take a pill or move tissue from one part of the body to the dick.

As far as my, er, professional research goes, increasing dick size is cheaper, produces "fully natural" results and presents much fewer health risks as it doesn't involve surgery. Downsides would be that relative gainz are much lower and it takes a few months.

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This an interesting theory, sounds like it even makes sense in her situation.
You know, I mean it crossed my mind, but I'd really glad if she looked a bit more towards herself, it's been like 6 and a half years of this so I guess I understand what you mean.
Thanks for the input user

Can someone ask Anal Water to verify this?

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tl; dr: we have to unshackle ourselves from for the tyranny of sex, and eventually of all confines of the the flesh.

Does anyone have stats on the differences in Allende's Chile and Pinochet's?

im 24

Humans will one day evolve beyond the need for sexual intercourse.

Zig Forums manages to outdo its own retardation every single time.
Maybe it has to do with image boards, maybe with the delusions most Zig Forumsyps duped themselves into believing, maybe just the internet in general, but have you guys ever noticed that whenever someone on/from Zig Forums (and it's ALWAYS from Zig Forums) tries to explain a complex problem they don this mantle severity and profoundness? And I don't mean just pretentiousness, every time they make a "redpill" post they try to construct a theory on the go about the most asinine things. It really read like a reddit post.

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Do we even need stats?

Allendes Chile did well and standard of living was great while in Pinochets people were struggling to survive and anyone who didn't suck his cock was thrown out of a helicopter.

antifa furry guy, do antifa furries have a discord?
why is the nazi furry discord so easy to find but the left wing one impossible.

I hope so. Insha'Allah, all the assorted neuroticism will go with it.

No kidding. Sliding into absolute madness was the only place they could go from volkish memes on.

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i'm doing a paper i need the stats.

I was contemplating on why America in particular cares so much about sex. People like sex everywhere, but in America it's become like a status symbol. If you're a virgin you're considered lower than dirt, even if you're a good person otherwise, but if you've had sex a thousand times you're like a god. Everything in this country is based around fucking.

Man take woman. Man show off muscle to woman. Man beat woman. Man better than weak man. Man makes feel good with woman. Man make little men and little women with woman. Man is best man. Man make tribe proud.

Was America a mistake?

Take a loot at 4pol and notice that most threads are tfw no gf or mgtow threads

Was Hoxha a liberal?yes

I don't think it's the sex as such. It's that it's a culture of extreme bragging; every field you exceed at, you have to publicize it. It's why Trump is the quintessentially American president. Bragging about sex, sexuality etc. is just a form that appeals to most people, is the most easily understood by even the dullest folk.

I'm just going to moan and blogpost here because i want to and have no where better to do it.
I miss my bf. We live approx 6000km apart and traveling is borderline impossible. He lives in the countryside and he's had no access to the internet for the past month and a half so we've had next to no contact (he's been really sweet about it tho and driven out to internet cafes in the city to message me and stuff but its been two weeks since the last one) and i miss him a whole lot.

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this is what happens when you want to be a revolutionary but your only life experiences is playing videogames and your only source of information is shitposts, we need to save those poor souks


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Water is wet?
Is the pope christian?
Was the holodomor real?

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WTF did they run out of ink or something?

Was it?

'real' is a fallacious concept

that's real interesting

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antifa are the real fascists
progressives are the real traditionalists

No it wasn't, I fucked up


that communist core video collection is a false flag. All those movies range on the scale from liberal to reactionary.
Dr. Zhivago is a good movie but it is certainly not pro socialism. As far as my feet will carry me is about a Nazi you're supposed to feel sorry for. And I mean just look at the rest. Gulag? Camp 14? you really think those are going to be anything but reactionary garbage?

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fucking kek im gonna start pushing this idea for shits and giggles

wtf traps are neoreactionary.

time to go home lads

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