Saudi women’s rights campaigner who has been ‘tortured and sexually harassed in prison’

A leading Saudi women’s rights campaigner who has allegedly been tortured and sexually harassed in prison stood trial on Wednesday.

Loujain al-Hathloul, who defied the kingdom’s recently overturned ban on female drivers, was arrested in May 2018 along with 10 other women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia.

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Sounds like she is the one choosing to stay in prison.
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This is what muslims actually believe.

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At least the mudshits get this kind of thing right. The West could take this page at least from their playbook.

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What kind of bullshit is this? Can anyone explain why she wasn't violently raped until she liked it? What kind of cut rate misogyny is this?

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She has been campaigning for basic rights and decency for women in a country that treats women as second class citizens.

The sooner it develops into democracy the better.

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