Xiaomi demos its insane 100W Super Charge Turbo technology that charges 0-100% in 17 mins

One of the areas for innovation in current smartphone technology is charging. Over the years, more and more OEMs have refocused their efforts on not only providing better battery life, but also towards ensuring that your phone spends less time with the charger. We have witnessed the likes of OnePlus’s Dash Charge take the crown some years ago, but now the situation has changed as others have introduced newer technologies that promise to take away that crown. Meet Xiaomi’s 100W Super Charge Turbo, a fast charging technology that reportedly charges a 4,000 mAh battery 0-100% in just 17 minutes.

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How stable is it? Will the battery decay at a faster rate and unexpectedly explode in my pocket at random? I don't want to be the guinea pig on this one.

It's just smaller, parallel batteries

faster charging = more heat = faster battery degradation and higher likelihood for accidents

this, how much do you want to bet this phone and others like it will not have an easy user replaceable battery, ensuring that the battery shits out in 6 months and creating even more ridiculous planned obsolescence.

the goyim probably won't care though, they are more than happy to shell out $600 for the newest botnet every 6 months, which is why we can't have nice things

we got some fast charge vehicles at my work. you would not believe the hell maintenance goes through with how many charging cables melt in the summer

More heat can also mean more fuckery for the motherboards and screens too. I hope that the next leap in battery tech focuses on cooler batteries with more capacity, even if it means longer charge times.

it's kinda limited by physics

best bet is on reducing power consumption rather than increasing the supply


dude my phone charges from 36% to 100% in like 15 minutes. 64% is enough for anyone.

Is China selling us hand grenades in the form of cell phones now? At least a few of those batteries will go off; law of averages and all that.

Graphene batteries are the future.

Lithium batteries are basically a pouch of petroleum when it comes to explosions. It will light you up and burn you but most fireworks would remove more fingers. You know when one has a issue because the electrolyte smells like flowers.

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It's talking about the charger unit, not the phone

A phone charger is usually just a power supply. Some of the charging circuitry has to be built in to the battery.

Yes and phone chargers draw sometimes 1 amp (@5volts) or 2.4 amps or sometimes up to 3.7 for turbo charging (to use 18.5 watts).

This charger is putting out 5 volts at a 20 amp draw to make 100 watts. It might work on any phone battery.

They build the charging limitations into the charger. So 100 watts of charging capability is not possible on a $3 gas station micro USB charger. This charger is capable of more.

Well, I'm wrong. It says it's a 4000 mAh which is 4 amps. It might fuck up a modern smart phone that's not capable of recieving the power that fast

Its been possible for years to buy a power supply that gives over a niggawatt.
But the limitation will always be getting the power in to the battery.
Your battery will heat up based on the current flowing in and its own internal impedance. As it heats up the internal impedance and therefore the self heating effect will increase.
They put sensors inside the battery to prevent thermal runaway. Which will kick in regardless of what your external charger is doing.

Clearly these chinks have found a way to get more current in to the battery while dealing better with the self heating. Parallel batteries, as someone came up with earlier would do that to some extent. A beefier charger wont.

Some phones get hot anyway when you charge them from a discharged state


As current flow increases, heat increases. As heat increases impedance (resistance to current flow) also increases.

As temperature goes down, resistance (impedance) goes down; hence why cool electronics work better than hot ones. Also superconductors do not become superconductors until their temperature is brought down sufficiently cold (sometimes by pouring liquid nitrogen on them)

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You know how we used to fast charge phones in 30 secs in yr2000? We swapped the fucking battery



Don't tell me people still trust this technological disaster?

It's super cheap, but it breaks faster than a hunk of glass holding a bowling ball.

And don't get me started on the Chinese Spyware…
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