1,100 dead dolphins reportedly discovered on French coast this year: ‘There's never been a number

A staggering number of deceased, maimed dolphins have reportedly been found on the shores of France this year.

1,100 of the aquatic animals have already been discovered on the country’s Atlantic coast so far, The Associated Press reported Thursday. And the record-breaking figure has already managed to top that of 2018, a research official said.

"There's never been a number this high," Willy Daubin, a member of La Rochelle University's National Center for Scientific Research, said. "Already in three months, we have beaten last year's record, which was up from 2017 and even that was the highest in 40 years."


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Gee, I wonder is China is involved

Sonar can injure sea creatures, and I heard China has some new nuclear subs. Let's blame China.

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How is it China responsible for dolphins turning up dead on a French beach?


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Always invovled.

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They were probably mass murdered by other dolphins.

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When a school of dolphins is migrating, like any other species including birds, they move in synchronicity with formation to gain the most momentum in a V shape with weaker at the back, stronger at the front. When an ocean liner is in their path, they do not look up and send a message “take a right,” but rather, they collide with the vessel or each other. Just like birds falling to the ground in great numbers. Why we do not have logical minds any longer is more concerning. Big corporation and the military are destroying us and our planet’s wild life yet Going Green and Sustainabiity projects all focus on the little man and his goddam furnace, car or eating habits. Our world is just a pitiful mess, it’s enough to bring a strong man to tears. The last country on earth with enough weapons to take our sorry planet back from the glutinous rich is being bombarded with drugs to the point even the old folks are now pain-pill-junkies. The young folks are being destroyed in schools by teachers not fit to train dogs, and the adults are out shopping, new cars, new houses, new clothes, new big tits and hair color. TV is nothing but a shit show but everyone is glued to the set. The Planet Fitness gym has 15 TVs all with different channels to select from - not a moment left to ponder the sad state of affairs.


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those dolphins deserved a good life more than half of people do.

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why are migrant killing dolphins?


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Like another user said, it has been that strong sonars like the ones used by warships can cause internal injuries and bleeding in and around cetacean brains.
I remember that some time ago there was a massive beaching in Florida and latter investigation s linked the event to a submarine hunting exercise the Navy had been doing in the same area.
When nuclear subs patrol the world's oceans they use their sonar frequently so it's not crazy to assume that some mass beachings could be related to them. But without further evidence, this incident could've been any superpower's fault but the fact that its is known that sonar can harm cetaceans and chinks don't show any kind of empathy towards other intelligent forms of life can lead to some speculation.

It has been known*

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Sonar has been continuously used since the early 20th century so it's extremely idiotic to pin this on the chinese.

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more likely submarine radiation. the military have to start being held to account.

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