‘To shoot an elephant is an awesome thing to do’ says trophy hunter

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said indigenous communities should be “respected and not patronized” admitting the UK currently has no plans to ban trophy hunting imports.

Mr. Gove says it is a “delicate political balancing act”.


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I support safari/trophy hunting. It works with regulations that work with ecological limits, it provides inspected meat to villagers, it pays for anti-poaching enforcement and land preservation, and it focuses on rogue animals thereby saving resources for younger ones.

The real issue is poaching and we should fight that instead of regulated hunts. If anything, hunting in a general sense should be supported since humans are part of nature and not a separate foreign entity.

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It is. But "awesome" doesn't necessarily mean good.

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It gives the tourist a sadistic thrill.
Normal people don’t understand that type of pleasure.

Most human and animal suffering is intentional.

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