Four refugees in Australia's offshore migrant camps attempt suicide

At least four refugees in Australia's offshore Pacific camps have attempted suicide since the conservative government's shock re-election Saturday, according to refugees, advocates and police.

Around 800 would-be refugees who tried reach Australia have been sent to live in severe conditions on the remote islands of Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus under a hardline policy from Canberra.

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every 3 or 4 days someone kills themselves here. it's starting to become a real problem.

Six people killed themselves in Guantanamo bay and it's still open.



Mission Acomplished

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Too bad they survived.

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Well 3 of them committed suicide after the CIA interrogated them.

Holy fuck. Imagine living rent free on a tropical island paradise and wanting to neck yourself.

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2 words my naive friend: The People

Say whatever you want about Tropical Countries and living the life of a leech, but it's all null and void if you're surrounded by primitives like yourself, especially Refugee Camps.

Why don't they just agree to return home and make the nation that they were born in a better place?

Because those types of people are a smaller minority than you think.

The reason they run is because facing a majority of lazy morons who do nothing but complain about the government in a hopeless country is like talking to a deaf person behind a 5 meter wall. Nothing gets through to them.
They always think they're right while everyone else is wrong, and then you wise up and realise "Debating with idiots is a waste of time, leave them to rot in their own piss and follow your own dreams."

Every man on this planet is on his own, and these people have chosen opportunity surrounded by new experiences they probably never dreamt of ever having. Something they never realised could've been theirs if they weren't a lonely mouse in a den of rats. When you're surrounded by your own kind in any other nation, it's like you never left.

But that's my opinion…