She rejected a man at a party. Then he shot her baby in the head

It was supposed to be a family gathering on the northeast side of Fresno, California. When reporters arrived at the putty-colored ranch house on Monday, coolers were still sitting in the front yard, and a pink-and-blue banner was tacked to the window. "Happy Birthday!" it said in looping letters.

But according to the Fresno Police Department, the weekend celebration turned tragic when a 23-year-old man couldn't take no for an answer and opened fire after a young woman rejected his advances. One of the bullets hit her 10-month-old daughter in the head, and the child has been hospitalized ever since.

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My condolences to the mother, and the entire family for this unfortunate tragedy.

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Do you think he will cry when they stick that needle in his arm?

Of course everyone who sees this on social media will likely be making sure everyone knows how sad they think this is. Look at that photo. Does anyone honestly think that woman gives a shit? Of course not. No one who gives their kid a name like 'Fayth' actually cares about their well being. She was using the kid as an accessory for snapchat. Hell, she's probably glad the poor girl's dead what with all the pity points it will score her on social media.

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I live in Fresno. This place is an absolute shithole. It's the fucking butthole of California no one gives a fuck about. Don't ever move here.

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Sometimes i miss the 90s.

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Its because of that big bad fresno county bulldog gang lol. I could not imagine living there.

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I couldn't agree more OP. The worst is on youtube, parents are using their kids as an instrument only to make money, they do not care.

My little cousin was once watching one of this videos here, and so I watched it too. What a degenerance, seeing that man dressed as a princess and regurgitating shit after shit with his kids, everyone knows it's only for the money.

No wonder testosterone is hitting its lower level. Man like that is the reason, with the mainstream always working to femize the men at every second. And the men more, and more weak becoming susceptible.

I think about our ancestors and what would they think of this. It's really despicable.

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I'm sure the father of the child is livid

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